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Wednesday, December 14
Welcome AP European History Class of 2011-2012

Welcome AP European History Class of 2011-2012

Unit V Reading Log:
Ch. 17
11/28- Kagan- pp. 550-558
11/29- Kagan- pp. 558-563/Sherman- pp. 93-94
11/30- Kagan- pp. 564-571/Sherman- pp. 95-98
12/1- Kagan- pp. 571-580/Sherman- pp. 98-100

12/2- Kagan, pp. 580-591/Sherman- pp. 100-103
Ch. 18
12/5- Kagan, pp. 592-598/Sherman- pp. 109-111
12/6- Kagan, pp. 599-607/Sherman- pp. 111-113
12/7- Kagan, pp. 607-612/Sherman- pp. 113-115
12/8- Kagan, pp. 612-620/Sherman- pp. 116-120
12/9- Non Student Day
12/12- Kagan, pp. 620-625/Sherman-pp. 123-125
Ch. 19
12/13- Kagan, pp. 626-640/Sherman- pp. 127-133
12/14- Kagan, pp. 640-648/Sherman- pp. 133-135
12/15- Kagan, pp. 648-655/Sherman- pp. 103-106
12/16- Unit V Exam

Unit V Review Sheet

Ch. 17

Newton & Locke (influence on Enlightenment)

fundmental principles of Enlightenment thinking

An Essay on Human Understanding- “Tabla Rasa”

France as a major center for Enlightenment

reason for admiration of Britain

know the meaning of quotes by philosophes

‘’man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains”

A Vindication of the Rights of Women

The Persian Letters

The Encyclopedie

philosophes view of Christianity

Baron d’Holbach

“Jewish Socrates”

On Crimes and Punishments

Churches view of Enlightenment

social condition for a virtuous life



“Invisible Hand”

Montesquieu's political views & views on women

Rousseau's philosophy

Philosophe’s view of women

Rousseau's criticism of the Enlightenment

Joseph II's views on religion

Enlightened Absolutism

Frederick the Great- how does he embody enlightened absolutism

Catherine the Great & Joseph II motivation for “enlightened reforms”

Country w/ the greatest diversity and problems

History of the Russian Empire under Peter the Great

5 Guiding Themes of the Enlightenment

Neoclassical Art- works of Jacques Louis David

Rococo Art



Ch. 18

provincial parlements spoke on behalf of what group

Necker’s land tax

1st Estate

2nd Estate

3rd Estate


reason for the Estates General

ways the aristocracy attempted to limit the influence of the 3rd Estate

What were the only way to raise new taxes according to the Estates General

French monarchy's greatest problem

resistence of the noblity to taxation

clergy (whom do they support)

National Assembly

Abbe Sieyes' pamphlet

Parlement of Paris ruling on voting @EG

The Great Fear

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

fall of the Bastille

Govt. wanted by National Const. Ass.

Tennis Court Oath

composition of the National Assembly

cahiers de doleances

cahiers presented at the EG

royal council's voting reccommendation

form of govt. pursued by the National Const. Ass.

Chapelier Law

Roman Catholic Church’s attitude toward the Revolution



Girondists in 1792

Civil Constitution of the Clergy

Who favored war with Austria in 1792

September Massacre

sansculottes/ what type of govt. did they favor

Edmund Burke’s view of the French Rev.

Citizen Capet- reason for his execution (what was the charge?)


The Mountain

The Gironde

levee en masse

what countries were at war with France in 1793

Reign of Terror (how many dead?)

motivation of Robespierre's downfall

core value of the “republic of virtue”

know Robespierre’s ideology

Reason for the guillotine

Know thed basis of “The Law of 22 Prairial”

Results of the Thermidorian Reaction

“Bands of Jesus” or White Terror

What group benefited the most from the French Rev.


Ch. 19

Treaty of Campo Formio

British naval commander who destroyed French fleet at Abukir

“What is the Third Estate?” author

what revolutionary policies garnered the most opposition

How was Napoleon made Emperor of France?

What did the Organic Articles of 1802 establish

"confidence from below, power from above"

coup of 1797

chief danger to the Directory

Napoleon's strategy for unifying France

Napoleon's suppression of opposition

Concordat of 1801

Peace of Amiens

Napoleonic Victories:





Napoleonic Defeats:



Nations (Leipzig)


Significance ofTrafalgar

Napoleonic Code

Napoleon greatest weapon for conquest

Confederation of the Rhine

Peninsular War

“The Third of May”

dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire

The extent of the Continental System

Treaty of Tilsit- what agreement was made?

By 1812, what country was no longer a part of the Continental System

purpose of Napoleon's marriage to Austria archduchess

reason for Spanish rebellion

Napoleon's defeat in Russia (1812)

scorched-earth policy

Romantic Movement (reaction to)

the Hundred Days


Elba and St. Helena

Rousseau's Emile

Battle of Nations

Grand or last Coalition against Nap. (what countries)

Congress of Vienna goals



criticizism of the Congress of Vienna


Immanuel Kant

The Critique of Pure Reason

Central features of Romanticism

How did Napoleon urge his brother to rule in Westphalia?

Treaty of Chaumont- what did it do?

Congress of Vienna

What country gained control of No. Italy following the Congress

From what period did the Romantics draw their inspiration

What work by Rousseau laid out how to live the “good life?”

What author used the terms “Romantic” and “Gothic” interchangeably?

What group had a key influence on the development of Methodism?

Who was the most important German philosopher of the Romantic era?