South Baltimore Little League: Divisions

Tuesday, March 6

Division for the 2012 Season:


Boys and Girls ages 4 and 5 - Must be 4 by April 30, 2012.  This division is for all 4 year olds and new 5 year old players.

T-Ball / Coach Pitch:

Boys and Girls ages 5 and 6.  This division is for returning 5 year olds and all 6 year old players

National League / Minors:

Boys and Girls ages 7 and 8.  This division is player pitch with some modifications

American League / Majors:

Boys and Girls ages 9 - 12.  This division is the first stage of competitive baseball

Junior Division:

Boys and Girls ages 13 and 14 - This division is competitive baseball and is a travel divison

Senior Division:

Boys ages 15 & up - This division is competitive baseball and is a travel division

***** For all of the above divisions your age is determined by the age that you will be on April 30, 2012



Girls ages 7 and up.  Playing age is the age that the player was on December 31, 2011.

Softball will be offered if we can get enough interested girls to register.