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We use a service called Demosphere to keep track of our baseball schedules and (for the older players) the standings.  You will want to bookmark these links!!

To access the schedules, use this link:  SCHEDULES

To access the standings (for Minors, M60, M70 and Babe Ruth only), use this link: STANDINGS  

After a rain-out, the schedules should be updated within 48-72 hours with the date, time and location of your make-up game.  You are responsible for checking the site.

If you have any difficulties, please let us know at

NOTE: T-Ball and Rookie teams have no names yet. We are still forming teams and assigning names! 

2014 Summer Baseball Tryouts


Summer travel baseball tryouts begin this weekend for ages 11 and 12, and for other age groups later in April and early May.  Players interested in playing summer travel baseball should attend the tryouts for their respective age groups at the dates, times, and locations noted on the Summer Travel Baseball page. 

The age is based on the player’s age as of April 30, 2014. 

There are two tryout dates for each age group.  Every player should make every effort to attend BOTH tryout sessions. 

2014 Spring Break Baseball Camp

With the snow melted and April upon us, it is finally time to play some ball! With the tough winter months that we all endured, it was impossible to be anywhere near a baseball diamond. Coach Henry's Spring Break Baseball Camp will help players get back into game form as the spring season is now here. Below are the details. 

Coach Henry's Spring Break Baseball Camp

Date: April 21st-April 24th (Monday thru Thursday)
Time: 9AM-2PM
Players: 6-12 years of age
Location: Meadowlands Park Fields and Baird Center
5 Mead Street, South Orange, NJ
Cost: $200 for Week or $60 per day

Coach Chris Henry along with current and former high school and college players will demonstrate and teach a variety of drills for all levels, along with live gameplay each day! During the sessions, we will go over Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Dynamic Speed Training, Mental Skills Training and Situational Play. Games will be played at the end of each day. Players will be grouped according to age and ability.

Download the handout for the registration form. You may e-mail the form back to Chris Henry as well. Below is also a link to the website:

Act quickly, as enrollment is beginning to fill fast!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.

Handout: 2014 Spring Break Camp


What do I do with this iron-on patch??


Each player will receive an iron-on Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth patch. It should be attached to the LEFT sleeve of his/her uniform. The patch is too thick for heat from an iron to go through the patch to melt the glue; so you must iron from the inside.

Here are some simple instructions:

1. Set iron to highest (cotton) setting. Do not use water or steam.

2. Turn the shirt inside out. (Tip: use a safety pin to attach the patch in the correct position BEFORE turning the uniform inside out).

3. Position the patch on the outside of the left sleeve (which is now on the inside) so that the glue is facing up. Make sure you will end up with the patch in the desired place when you turn it right side out! (Also make sure the patch will not be upside down. Been there, done that.) 

4. Cover with a thin cloth such as a cloth diaper or dishtowel.

5. Press firmly with the iron on the inside of the sleeve (which is now on the outside) for a FULL minute.

6. Let the shirt cool. Make sure all the edges have stuck to the shirt.


Is my game or practice rained out?

If the weather or field conditions are in question, there are 2 ways you can be informed:

1)     Call the code-a-phone at 973-762-0748. If there is no announcement for the current day, activities are on as scheduled.

2)     Set up a “twitter” account to receive notifications. To do so, go to, create a free account, and follow  “SOrangeRec”.  Again, if you receive NO notice, all activities are on as scheduled.

You can also get updates sent to your cell phone without a Twitter account.  Just send a text message that says "Follow SOrangeRec" (without the quotes) to 40404 and you will start receiving tweets from us on your device. 
As a rule we ONLY POST CHANGES in the schedule on the code-a-phone or via Twitter. We will NOT post affirmative messages (i.e. “Games WILL be played). Therefore, if the message you hear on the code-a-phone is from a prior date, the current day’s activities will proceed as scheduled.

The Recreation Department will try to post weather-related cancellations/changes as early as possible for weeknight games. However, it is not always possible or desirable to call games early in the day. The right kind of weather and some maintenance work can sometimes significantly alter the outlook. Fields that look unplayable at noon may be ready to play on by late in the day.

On weekends, we make every effort to post any changes in the schedule by 8:30 am or as necessary if conditions change throughout the day.
The league will reschedule any games that are canceled due to bad weather or poor field conditions. The Demosphere schedule will be updated accordingly so please be sure to check regularly for updates and changes to the schedules.

Pitch, Hit and Run Competition


SOM Baseball will again host the local PITCH HIT & RUN, the official skills competition of Major League Baseball.  The competition is open to players ages 7-14 (as of July 17, 2014).  Local winners advance to sectional competitions which culminate in the National Competition held during MLB All Star Week. Details are available in the attached. The local competition will be held: 

Sunday, April 27
8:30 am - 12:00 noon
Meadowland Park, Fields 1-4
(Rain Date: May 4)

REGISTRATION:  To register, you MUST complete the attached application and return it to the Baird:

1)     By U.S. Mail to 5 Mead Street, South Orange
2)     Email the completed form to
3)     Fax the form to (973) 378-7833

VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist with the local competition. If you are able/willing, please contact Rob Lax at

QUESTIONS about the competition can be sent to

In 2011, local phenom Marlowe Iorio won the PHR Competition at Yankee Stadium!
Handout: Pitch Hit Run Form

Group Batting Practice Offered


Group batting practice/instruction for SOM Baseball players will be offered at The Baird with instructor Chris Henry. All sessions are one hour. The fee is $10 per session. Enrollment will be limited to 12 players per session.

Registration begins January 2nd at The Baird and online at Players can register for individual or multiple sessions.  

TUESDAY session times are as follows:

Age 9* (Minors), 5:00-6:00 pm
Ages 10-11* (Majors 60), 6:15-7:15 pm
Ages 12-15* (M70/Babe Ruth), 7:30-8:30 pm

SATURDAY session times are as follows:

Age 9* (Minors), 2:00-3:00 pm
Ages 10-12* (Majors 60 & M70), 3:15-4:15 pm

*All ages as of April 30, 2014 (Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth eligibility date)

Handout: 2014 Group BP Sessions

Coming this Summer: Cougar Baseball Camp


It's back!! Cougar Baseball Camp with Coach Joe Fischetti and Coach Chris Henry and his staff of former and current high school and collegiate players.   

This popular summer camp is offered during the weeks of June 30-July 3 (4 days), July 7-11, and July 14-18.

This camp, for ages 6-14, will not only focus on the basic fundamentals of baseball, but instill the methods to improve and hone a player’s skills. Each camper will be exposed to the following:

• Proper mechanics of throwing a baseball
• Defensive techniques
• Fundamentals of the swing
• Mental Aspect of the “Game”
• Baserunning techniques
• Pitching, Catching, and/or Position Player Fundamentals
• Sportsmanship and Rules

Every player will be analyzed and evaluated during instruction and games.

Please see the handout for more details and a registration form.

Handout: 2014 Summer Camp

Coaching and Volunteer Opportunities


The success of the South Orange Maplewood Baseball Program rests with the many volunteers who help out in a variety of ways. Adult volunteers are needed for all teams to serve as coaches, assistant coaches and team managers as well as scorekeepers and summer baseball coaches (descriptions can be found in the handout). If you are willing and able, please sign up when you register your child! The necessary volunteer form (for coaches and ANY volunteer) can be downloaded from the link below.  Coaches need to ALSO fill out the Consent to Background Check, also available at the link below.

PARENT OF A NEW PLAYER? Don’t let inexperience keep you off the field. MANY VOLUNTEERS are needed in coaching and supporting roles for our T-Ball and Rookie Leagues (the more the merrier)! SOM Baseball will offer coaches’ training and instruction to support all our new and returning coaches.

If you have any questions, please come to one of the registration sessions - coaches will be on hand to describe the program in detail.

HEAD COACH – The Head Coach has the primary responsibility of dealing with players and parents.  He/she has final decision in all baseball matters. Coaching volunteers are required to attend the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic (one time only) or complete the comparable coaches' certification course offered online by the Babe Ruth organization.  The Rutgers’ course will be offered at the Baird in South Orange on Wednesday, March 19 from 7-10 pm for all new coaches.

ASSISTANT COACH – An Assistant Coach has the responsibility of helping the Head Coach. Coaching volunteers are required to attend the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic (one time only) or complete the comparable coaches' certification course offered online by the Babe Ruth organization.  The Rutgers’ course will be offered in South Orange in March (date TBD) for all new coaches.


Handout: 2014 Coaching and Volunteer Form

Cadet and Advanced Umpires Wanted


BE AN UMPIRE!!  SOM Baseball needs umpires.  If you are at least 13 years old as of April 30, 2014 you are eligible to umpire League games upon successful completion of our Umpire Training course.  The course will be held for cadet umpires [0-2 years experience] on Saturday mornings, 9:30am - 12:30pm at the Baird, beginning February 1, 2014 and continuing on the 8th, 22nd and March 1.  The course [16 hours of training] cost is $5.

Umpiring is a paid position. Successful completion of the Umpire Training course adds a $5 per game bonus to the individual umpire's base rate and a preference in game assignment.  


An advanced class will be held this year for returning umpires who meet the following eligibility requirements:

· You must be in High School

· You must have successfully completed the 2012 and 2013 Umpire Clinics

· Have prior experience umpiring in the “Major League” Division

The Advanced class will be held Monday nights, 7:30 - 9pm, beginning February 3rd and continuing on the 10th, 24th, and March 3.  

All Advanced or Cadet Umpires who attended in 2013 must attend again in 2014 to receive the preference and the additional $5/game.


Advance registration is being accepted for both classes at The Baird (download the registration form). The class fee is $5. 

Questions - please contact Chip Nolet by email.

Handout: 2014 Umpires Wanted Flyer

Special Rules for Pitchers Playing on Other Teams

Parents - we have a local rule specifically addressing when a player may pitch for another team and their SOM Baseball team.

The local rule states:

High School and Middle School Pitchers: No player on a high school team may pitch in the Babe Ruth League at any time during the regular season or the playoffs. Whether a player will be on a high school team must be specified at the time of the draft, and may not be changed during the course of the season. A player who leaves his or her high school team remains ineligible to pitch in the Babe Ruth League for the duration of the season. Players on middle school teams, private teams or teams in other leagues who wish to pitch must submit a signed agreement to the Chairperson of the Rules Committee, in the form designated by the Rules Committee, stating that the player, the player’s coaches (both for the South Orange / Maplewood Cal Ripken League and for any other team for which the player is pitching), and the player’s parents all agree that the player’s total pitch counts, for all teams, shall not exceed the limitations set forth in these Local Rules. 

If you believe your child is eligible to pitch for two teams, please complete the correct form in the Handout below and submit it to Ed Matthews.  

Handout: 2014 Pitching Agreements

Baseball Committee Opportunities

The South Orange Maplewood Baseball Organization is divided into several subcommittees which meet year-round, working with the Recreation Departments, constantly reviewing and improving the baseball program.  New volunteers are always needed.  Please pick an area (or areas) where you would like to participate and contact the committee chair by email or telephone to find out when/where they will be meeting.  ACT NOW!!  Your kids thank you for your help!    

REGISTRATION AND PUBLICITY: Responsible for organizing registration, keeping track of registration names and forms, placing articles in News Record, Gaslight, web site, getting flyers to schools. Contact Les LeAndre at (973) 763-2948.

UMPIRES: Responsible for recruitment, training and scheduling of umpires. Contact Chip Nolet at

COACHES: Team assignment, qualifications and training:  
  T-Ball and Rookie Leagues: Matt Lefferts at or (973) 275-1333. 
      Minor, Major and Babe Ruth Leagues:   Doug Sasfai at or (973) 275-0914.

PLAYER & COACHES’ TRAINING: Responsible for planning and scheduling of training and instructional clinics/seminars for development of players and coaches. Contact Chris Nomura at

TRYOUTS AND TEAM SELECTION: Responsible for designing the tryouts and subsequent drafts for the Minors, Majors and Babe Ruth divisions and the team formation for the younger divisions. Contact Chris Coreschi.

GAME AND FACILITY SCHEDULES: Responsible for preparing the master schedule for the fields and facilities and scheduling make up games. Contact Patti Coleman at (973) 378-7754 x 2237 or

RULES: Responsible for reviewing and publicizing league rules and working to resolve any conflicts that arise. Contact Ed Matthews at 973-714-9399 or Ed Matthews.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Responsible for addressing Code of Conduct issues, sportmanship issues and team/player and coach conflicts. Contact Bob Hugel.

FACILITY MAINTENANCE: Responsible for working with public works and the recreation department to improve the facilities. Also organize Parent work weekends. Contact Bill Fitzsimmons at (973) 378-2517 or or Mike Pierre at

FUNDRAISING: Co-Chairs: Dan Fleetwood (917-292-8028) and Chris Henry.

PARADE: Contact Scott Lewis.

SUMMER PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Responsible for Summer League calendar, teams, coaches, etc. Contact Bill Krais.


Please click here to send an email to South Orange Maplewood Baseball.

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 4/27 star National Pitch, Hit & Run Competition 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM TBA
Sat 5/3 star OPENING DAY: T-Ball and Rookies All Day
Tue 5/13 star Team Photos All Day
Wed 5/14 star Team Photos All Day
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