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South Orange-Maplewood Baseball

About South Orange-Maplewood Baseball

South Orange Maplewood Baseball is a volunteer organization formed to assist the Departments of Recreation in a providing rewarding baseball experience for community children. The goal of SOM Baseball is to encourage participation, teach fundamentals, promote teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play and to foster a love of the game of baseball.

South Orange Maplewood Baseball is operated under the banner of the national Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth organization and is open to South Orange and Maplewood children ages 5 to 15 as of April 30. Also eligible are students who attend school within the boundaries of Maplewood and South Orange. SOM Baseball includes a spring recreation league for all interested children meeting the eligibility guidelines as well as a summer travel program with teams selected through competitive tryouts. 

Volunteer members of the SOM Baseball Committee work year-round on various functional subcommittees (listed below) to bring a quality baseball program to the community. New volunteers are always welcome and needed. Pick an area of interest and reach out to the committee chair if you would like to participate.


SOM Baseball registration for the spring recreation season starts in January. Details will be posted here in December. 

Baseball Committee Opportunities

Baseball Committee Opportunities

The South Orange Maplewood Baseball Organization is divided into several subcommittees which meet year-round, working with the Recreation Departments, constantly reviewing and improving the baseball program.  New volunteers are always needed.  Please pick an area (or areas) where you would like to participate and contact the committee chair to find out when/where they will be meeting.  ACT NOW!!  Your kids thank you for your help!    

REGISTRATION AND PUBLICITY: Responsible for organizing registration, keeping track of registration names and forms, placing articles in News Record, Gaslight, web site, getting flyers to schools. Contact Mark Calveric.

UMPIRES: Responsible for recruitment, training and scheduling of umpires. Contact Matt Greenblatt.

COACHES: Team assignment, qualifications and training. Contact Doug Sasfai.
  T-Ball and Rookie League Commissioner: Contact Mark Hall.

COACHES’ TRAINING: Responsible for planning and scheduling of training and instructional clinics/seminars for development of players and coaches. Contact Chris Nomura and Chris Henry.

PLAYER EVALUATIONS/DRAFT: Responsible for designing the tryouts and subsequent drafts for the Minors, Majors and Babe Ruth divisions and the team formation for the younger divisions. Contact Lou Lombardi and Dave Maitlin.

GAME AND FACILITY SCHEDULES: Responsible for preparing the master schedule for the fields and facilities and scheduling make up games. Contact Patti Coleman.

RULES: Responsible for reviewing and publicizing league rules and working to resolve any conflicts that arise. Contact Ed Matthews.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Responsible for addressing Code of Conduct issues, sportmanship issues and team/player and coach conflicts. Contact Bob Hugel.

FACILITIES: Responsible for working with public works and the recreation department to improve the facilities. Also organize Parent work weekends. Contact Mike Pierre.

FUNDRAISING: Contact Jerry Donaty.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Contact Rob Chibbaro.

SUMMER PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Responsible for Summer League calendar, teams, coaches, etc. Contact Matt Lefferts.


Hitting Clinics with Coach Henry


Hitting Clinics Offered at The Baird

Small group batting practice/instruction for SOM Baseball players will be offered in the batting cages at the Baird with Coach Chris Henry. This program is for players in grades 3-6 and begins the week of November 12. Clinics will focus on developing the complete hitter in covering stance and load, power position, approach and contact point to release as well as follow through, strike zone awareness and hitting to all fields. Details are attached.

Registration begins November 1st at the Baird and online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The South Orange Department of Recreation has a NEW REGISTRATION WEBSITE HERE. There are no extra fees associated with online registration but a NEW ACCOUNT must be created for both new and returning customers.

See handout for Schedule and Registration Form.

Handout: 2018 Hitting Clinics


Send Us an Email

Please click here to send an email to South Orange Maplewood Baseball.

2018 Playoff Schedule & Results

The playoff schedule and results for Babe Ruth, M70, M60, and Minors are posted below.

Babe Ruth Seeds: 

1. Wilber's Painting
2. Springfield
3. Taylor Oil Co.
4. Bass Family Chiropractic
5. Couto DeFranco, CPAs
6. FTI Consulting

Playoffs Date Time   Game # Field Winner
Babe Ruth            
Round 1 Wednesday, June 6 5:30 pm seed 3 vs seed 6 101 Cameron Taylor Oil
  Wednesday, June 6  8:00 pm seed 4 vs seed 5 102  Cameron Bass Family Chiropractic


Round 2 Friday, June 8 5:30 pm seed 2 vs winner of #101 (Taylor Oil) 103 Cameron Springfield
  Friday, June 8 8:00 pm seed 1 vs winner of #102 (Bass Family Chiropractic) 104  Cameron Bass Family Chiropractic


Round 3 

Tuesday, June 12

7:00 pm
8:00 pm
winner of #103 (Springfield) vs winner of #104 (Bass Family Chiropractic) 105 Cameron BASS FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC

2018 BR Champions

 M70 Seeds: 

1. Beacon Jewelers of Maplewood
2. Bunny's
3. Taylor Oil Co.
4. adMarketplace

Playoffs Date Time   Game # Field Winner
Round 1

Wednesday, June 6

6:30 pm

seed 1 vs. seed 4  201  Meadowlands 3 Beacon Jewelers
  Wednesday, June 6 6:00 pm seed 2 vs. seed 3  202  Meadowlands 1 Taylor Oil
Round 2 Friday, June 8 6:30 pm winner of #201 (Beacon Jewelers) vs winner of #202 (Taylor Oil  203  Meadowlands 3 BEACON JEWELERS

2018 M70 Champions

M60 Seeds: 

1. Village Service Center
3. Burger King Maplewood
4. adMarketplace
5. Village Barbers
6. More Cowbell
7. Maplewood Rotary
8. United Energy Consultants
9. Clyde Analytics
10. Pollock Properties

Playoffs Date Time   Game # Field Winner
Round 1

Thursday, June 7 

6:00 pm  seed 8 vs seed 9 301 Meadowlands 1 Clyde Analytics
  Thursday, June 7 6:00 pm seed 7 vs seed 10 302 Meadowlands 2 Pollock Properties
Round 2 Saturday, June 9 9:30 am seed 1 vs winner of #301 (Clyde Analytics 303 Meadowlands 1 Village Service Center
  Saturday, June 9 12:00 pm seed 2 vs winner of #302 (Pollock Properties) 304 Meadowlands 1 WBGO
  Saturday, June 9 2:30 pm seed 3 vs seed 6  305 Meadowlands 1 Burger King
  Saturday, June 9 9:30 am seed 4 vs seed 5 306 Meadowlands 2 Village Barbers
Round 3

Tuesday, June 12

6:00 pm
6:15 pm
winner of #303 (Village Service Center) vs winner of #306 (Village Barbers) 307

Meadowlands 2

Village Barbers

Tuesday, June 12

6:00 pm winner of #304 (WBGO) vs winner of #305 (Burger King) 308

Meadowlands 4

Burger King
Round 4 Friday, June 15 6:30 pm winner of #307 (Village Barbers) vs winner of #308 (Burger King) 309 Meadowlands 3  BURGER KING

2018 M60 Champs - Burger King


Minor Seeds: 

1. Maplewood Tree Experts
2. Gerald L. Gonsalves Family Dentistry
3. Village Trattoria
4. Northern NJ Eye Institute
5. South Orange Chiropractic
6. Modern Auto Body
7. Roman Gourmet
8. D&J Landscape
9. Rena Spangler: Making it Home

Playoffs Date Time   Game # Field Winner
Round 1

Thursday, June 7 

6:00 pm  seed 8 vs seed 9 401 Meadowlands 4 Rena Spangler
Round 2 Saturday, June 9 9:30 am seed 1 vs winner of #401 (Rena Spangler) 402 Meadowlands 4 Maplewood Tree Experts
  Saturday, June 9 12:00 pm seed 2 vs seed 7 403 Meadowlands 4 Dr. Gonsalves
  Saturday, June 9 2:30 pm seed 3 vs seed 6  404 Meadowlands 4 Modern Auto Body
  Saturday, June 9 12:00 pm seed 4 vs seed 5 405 Meadowlands 2 Northern NJ Eye Institute
Round 3

Wednesday, June 13 and Thursday, June 14 (continuation)

6:00 pm winner of #402 (Maplewood Tree Experts) vs winner of #405 (Northern NJ Eye Institute) 406

Meadowlands 2

Maplewood Tree Experts

Wednesday, June 13

6:00 pm winner of #403 (Dr. Gonsalves) vs winner of #404 (Modern Auto Body) 407

Meadowlands 4

Dr. Gonsalves
Round 4 Friday, June 15 6:00 pm winner of #406 (Maplewood Tree Experts) vs winner of #407 (Dr. Gonsalves 408 Meadowlands 4  DR. GONSALVES

2018 Minors Champions 

2018 Pitch Hit & Run Results!


2018 Results of 14th Annual Pitch Hit & Run Competition

Congratulations to all the winners! A special thanks to the Columbia High School Baseball Program and the support of Coach Whalen and their players for helping run the event!

7/8 Year Olds
Overall Winner: Riley Sanders
Hitting Winner: Henry Leonard 
Running Winner: Riley Sanders

9/10 Year Olds
Overall Winner: Gavin Lubomski 
Pitching Winners: Sam Bastardo, Marcus Heinnickel, Nathan Linzer, Gavin Lubomski, and Miles Simon 
Hitting Winner: Gavin Lubomski 
Running Winner: Sam Bastardo

11/12 Year Olds
Overall Winner: Trent Jenks
Pitching Winner: Gerald Browne 
Hitting Winner: Trent Jenks
Running Winner: Trent Jenks 

South Orange Maplewood Baseball
South Orange Maplewood Baseball

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