Snake River Juniors Volleyball: Snake River Tournament

Monday, February 24
Saturday March 8th U12- Pomeroy Washington Jr/High School 1090 Pataha Street (99347)
3 courts- Pools sent to all club directors and confirmed. 8am start time. Please see rules below
  Saturday March 8th U14- Genesee Idaho High School 330 W Ash Street (83832)
4 Courts- Pools sent to all club directors and confirmed. 8am start time. Please see rules below.
***** Spring ahead move your clocks forward and don't be late Sunday morning at 8 am*******
Sunday March 9th U16- Genesee High School, 330 W Ash Street  Idaho(83832)
2 pools of 5 teams on 4 courts (the team not playing on each court will be reffing on 2 courts. This will require 4 flaggers,2 libero trackers and 2 score keepers and 1 up ref. We will provide an extra up ref)
pool seeding will be coming from region soon.........

Snake River Jr Volleyball Tourney 3/8-3/9 @ Pomeroy and Genesee


1) WATER ONLY will be allowed in the playing areas, including scoring tables.

2) You are welcome to eat in the team area, but in return, we ask that you pick up after yourself.

Food must be kept out of the playing area, including scoring tables. ABSOLUTELY NO GUM


3) Coolers must be kept in the team area, and will not be allowed in the bleachers.

4) No electric appliances of any kind will be allowed in either facility.

5) Bouncing or “peppering” balls is not allowed in the hallways or team areas. We ask that team

CHAPERONES help enforce this request.

6) Please stay within the gyms and team areas at both schools. Persons found outside of these areas will be asked to leave the facility and the tournament. Again, we ask that CHAPERONES help enforce this.

7) No pets are allowed in the buildings.

8) Small children must be accompanied at all times. This rule will be STRICTLY enforced.

9) Please keep your team area clean during the tournament, and leave it clean at the end of the day.

10) In order to allow adequate room for the server, please do not sit on the bottom row of bleachers.

11) Plenty of bleacher seating is available in both facilities.

12) TEAM AREAS: The team area will not have tables. We encourage you to bring chairs and tables for your team, as that facility is lacking these items.

14) Concessions will not be available.  


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