Snake River Juniors Volleyball: Important News

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SNAKE RIVER JUNIORS 2015-2016 UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS: (Available on team store at discounted prices)

  • NAVY BLUE Spandex – (Brand is optional) 
  • BLACK knee pads – (Brand optional) 
  • WHITE socks – (Brand optional) 
  • Shoes – Black, White or Gray (With navy blue, is ok) – no neon colors please 
  • Jersey – SRJ staff will order your jersey with the size you provide. Jersey’s will be handed out prior to your first tournament and the jersey will be yours to keep at the end of the year (the cost of the jersey is included in your fees). 



  1. Clothing is at a 40% discount and gear is at a 30% discount. 
  2. Some teams may decide to all get the same shoe, or all get warm ups, backpack, etc. Discuss this with your team prior to ordering. 
  3. Store opens TONIGHT 11/19/15 and closes on 12/3/15 at 11 pm. 
  4. You will only have 2 weeks to order on the team store. Once it is closed, IT IS CLOSED. No exceptions will be made. 
  5. Items can go out of stock (or back order) quickly, so make sure you place your order soon. 
  6. Orders can be picked up at Rules and Scoring in February.


COMMITMENT NIGHT ~ November 19th
Congratulations to all the girls who have made an SRJ Team!  You will now need to upgrade your USVA Membership (directions below) and attend Commitment Night where you will meet your coach and teammates.
Prior to Commitment Night you will need to complete the following steps:
  1. Upgrade your USVA Membership.  Go to
  2. Log in to Webpoint
  3. Upgrade to full membership & pay the USVA Membership ($55)
  4. Be sure to select "Snake River Juniors" from the drop down menu 
When:  Thursday, Nov. 19th
Where:  LCSC's Activity Center 
  • U12 & U14 @ 6:00-7:00 pm
  • U16 & U18 @ 7:30-8:30 pm
You will be expected to:
  • Pay 1/2 of your player's fees that night.
  • Sign the Membership Agreement and Photo Release Form (available on the "Forms" section of website)
  • Let your coach know what practice nights work for you ... a Mon/Wed Schedule or Tue/Thurs Schedule.  Practices typically run 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Let your coach know of any weekends in late February, March and April that you are not available to play in tournaments

U12 & U14 TEAMS


Coach:  Paige Schlader

  • Dickeson, Julia
  • Eggleston, Nicole
  • Halstead, Megan
  • Hildreth, Brooklyn
  • Moran, Morgan
  • Stoddard, Hannah
  • Thompson, Peytin
  • Wagner-Uhling, Ellie
  • Wallace, Hailey
  • Woodbury, Trisnani


Coach:  Ryan Platt

  • Behrens, Dayton
  • Bostrom, Emily
  • Brigham, Gracie
  • Dominy, Paige
  • Elliot, Saryn
  • Falkenstein-Barker, Addison
  • Fuecht, Amelia
  • Hall, Lindsey
  • Hastings, Sammy
  • Johnson, Alicia
  • Martin, Sydney 


Coach:  Kelly Harwick 

  • Bisbee, Shaylee
  • Hinkley, Madison
  • O'Connor, Sara
  • Reynolds, Anna
  • Richardson, Cait
  • Sewell, Jayden
  • Taylor, Paxton
  • Teichmer, Kendall
  • Wells, Hally
  • Wilkins, Jordyn 


Coach:  Whitney Gay 

  • Arringdale, Hailey
  • Dahl, Amya
  • Esh, Kelsey
  • Johnson, Gabby
  • McRoberts, Sydney
  • Ogden, Ruth
  • Paradis, Grace
  • Ristau, Lana
  • Ruark, McKenzie
  • Sinner, Hailey 


Coach:  Kelly Eads

  • Bohnee, Lucy
  • Brown, Avery
  • Dancy, Riley
  • Dominy, Ashley
  • Foley, Mercedes
  • Foster, Parker
  • Hudson, Maddy
  • Lacy, Ari
  • Literal, Avery
  • Peters, Gracie


Coach:  Jalisa Jose

  • Arneson, Daytona
  • Arnot, Cassidy
  • Auer, Lauryn
  • Bramlet, Alexis
  • Calkins, Bryanna
  • Estlund, Kylee
  • Higbee, Kaitlyn
  • Hunter, Sophia
  • Kelly, Madigan
  • Ponozzo, Amelia
  • Sangster, Alyssa
  • Watson, Alysa 

U16 & U18 Teams
Coach:  Tim Stone 
  • Bachman, Ashlee
  • Carpenter, Mikiah
  • Collins, Kassie
  • Peterson, Clara
  • Ready, Veronica
  • Sparano, Nicole
  • Stapleton, Hannah
  • Thomas, Cooper
  • White, Kaleigh
  • Winter, Hannah
Coach:  Treneisha Doyle
  • Badertscher, Kassidy
  • Bausch, Bailey
  • Eke, Maya
  • Krogh, Krystyna
  • Light, Megan
  • McRoberts, Lydia
  • Miller, Ste'vee
  • Morgan, Allison
  • Thompson, Madison 

Coach:  Latoya-Harris Alexander
  • Cope, Harley
  • Dickeson, Jordan
  • Erbst, Hailey
  • Isley, Kaitlyn
  • Kuykendahl, Shay
  • Lien, Hannah
  • Murphy, Maddy
  • Snyder, Kayla
  • Stoddard, Madison
  • Whitney, Taylor
  • Woods, Meg


Coach:  Kennadie Clute

  • Auer, Abby
  • Eggleston, Molly
  • Fullerton, Joslyn
  • Higbee, Madison
  • Huminsky, Bethany
  • Johnson, Amber
  • Phillips, Jenna
  • Seideman, Alexis
  • Sewell, Sydney
  • Zagelow, Ashlynn

2015-2016 Club Fees
  • $450 U14-1, U16-1, U18-1 Teams 6 Tournaments
  • $350 U14-2, U16-2, U18-2 Teams 5 Tournaments
  • $300 U14-3, U16-3, U18-3 Teams 4 Tournaments
  • $275 All U12 Teams 4 Tournaments
* Fees cover tournament and coaching costs to attend the number of tournaments listed
* Costs to attend additional tournaments will be billed separately from the membership fees listed above
Evergreen Volleyball Association Fees:
(Tryout and USVA Membership fees are payable online to Evergreen Region) 
  • $5 Tryout Membership
  • $55 USVA Volleyball Membership 

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