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Welcome to the Snake River Juniors Volleyball Club!

The mission of Snake River Juniors Volleyball Club (SRJ) is to foster the growth and development of youth volleyball in and around the Lewis-Clark Valley.  Visit the Important News page for updates. 

A NOTE FROM SRJ President, Michael Collins:

Dear Parents, Guardians and/or Volleyball Players,

You recently received an email with our new SRJ Volleyball information brochure for this year. As the new president and on behalf of the SRJ board of directors, I wanted to communicate a few things to you regarding SRJ and some of the changes you may be aware of through the brochure and/or other avenues.

First, I should tell you that I am not specifically a volleyball guy. I have not coached volleyball in over 20 years and my connection to it has to do primarily with my daughter and my friend Judy Fong. Even though I am not a “vb guy”, I AM a pro sports guy and pro kids guy and believe that sports have a distinct value and can be positive influences in kid’s lives, no matter what the sport, age, gender or level of play. My main motivation for being involved is to see this program grow and develop to give these girls a chance to participate and develop as volleyball players and learn much of the discipline sport requires and I hope that we can also see these lessons apply towards other things in their lives. Our board is made up of people who feel much the same way.

Some of the things we are trying to do within the club is create more transparency within the program and make it a positive thing for everyone involved. Many of the changes you may have already seen and will continue to see in the future are focused on that endeavor. I can’t say we are going to get everything right, but are working hard to make things better and appreciate your support and feedback. And we definitely hope that your child will choose to continue and/or start with the SRJ program.

One of the biggest changes you will notice is the fee structure. In the past, there was a set club fee for all teams that covered 4 single day tournaments with the option for teams to add a 5th single day tournament for an additional $25. Some teams were requesting the opportunity to play in more and/or bigger multi-day tournaments so additional fees for those teams were calculated and billed at the end of the season when all of the actual costs for the additional tournaments attended were known. This seemed to create confusion and frustration when families received their bills. What we have done is set club fees by team level for a set number of tournaments and we have tried to determine the costs for those tournaments based on historical tournament fee data while factoring in all club expenses to determine what club fees should be UPFRONT. This should eliminate most, if not all, of the additional billing during or at the end of the season. Additionally, we hope that this will also make the club more financially stable and allow us to prepare a better vision of the future. There does exist the possibility that the tournaments we had assumed would be part of these fees can change, which is beyond our control and we will work as closely and fairly with those situations as they arise and will do our best to communicate with all of you as that occurs.

I would also add that in calculating tournaments this way we decided that ALL TEAMS would compete at regionals, regardless of whether or not they were a “1”, “2”, …. Having an opportunity to compete in a big, important tournament is great for many reasons and we wanted to be sure all had the chance to experience it.

We have also adjusted our team structure so that all teams are set up in even numbered years (IE – 12s, 14s, 16s,…). This should allow a better complimentary compilation of teams with players of similar talent to each other. We did decide that if there was a good group of gals in a potential odd year category (13s, 15s…) that we would leave potential decisions about that with our coaches and coaching coordinator. So that option is available, but will be determined if and/or when it is suitable.

Another change is that we are working to insure that teams have at least 10 players each. We want to eliminate as much “cutting” as possible to give every girl a chance to learn and play with a team. However, we know that not all will be ready and are going to promote the Warrior Club Volleyball to help those that need more development to prepare them for club volleyball in the future.

Our vision for the future is a very positive one. We know there will be speed bumps along the way, but we hope you will continue to ride with us as we move ahead to the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our board members.

Respectfully, Michael Collins, President SRJ Volleyball


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