Snake River Juniors Volleyball: Welcome


$1-$2 Open Gym fee for coaches

Happy 2015, SRJers! Starting this week, we’ve secured gyms for JANUARY to allow each age group weekly practices.


  • 13s: Every Thursday at Heights 7-8:30 
  • 14s: 1/10 at JJH 4-6, 1/13 at LMS 7-9, 1/24 at JJH 1-3, 1/27 at LMS 7-9PM 
  • 15s: Every Friday at Highland 7-8:30 
  • 16s: Every Wednesday at Highland 7-8:30 
  •  (12s will start the first week of February) 

The format of these pre-season practices will be a bit more structured than the open gyms we’ve done to date but these are still not formal practices since they are optional. Be aware that we may still be mixing teams together and some practices may be run by another team's coach.

Since it is still considered pre-season until basketball season finishes and we are granted access to sufficient courts to allow every team their own court twice per week, the board suggests that players please donate $1-$2 per practice to provide a small compensation for the coaches' time. This is the earliest we've started regular practices and club dues only pay for coaches starting in mid-February.

Thank you! Please let your coach (or Keo or Kimberly) know if you have any questions.  


On behalf of the Executive Board of Snake River Juniors, we send our thoughts and prayers to the Fong family. Judy was the founder of SRJ over twenty years ago and her continuous love and passion for the sport of volleyball have impacted the sports careers and, more importantly, the lives of countless young girls and adults in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Thank you, will be missed!

In lieu of flowers or cards, please consider donating to Judy's project of choice, the rebuilding of Emerich Park (Castle Park at McGhee Elementary), a fund sponsored by the Lewiston Independent Foundation for Education. Please go to for more information. 



For questions or concerns, please contact:

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