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It’s time to order your Snake River Classic tournament t-shirt! Since we won’t have the ability to sell shirts at our tournament venues on March 7 and 8, we’re accepting pre-orders for our tournament t-shirts until 7PM on Monday, March 2. The shirts only cost $10 and will be white, short-sleeve shirts with the cool tournament logo.

Please complete this ORDER FORM before 7PM on Monday. You must submit this order form to purchase a shirt and pay with cash or check when you pick up your shirt at the tournament.

Send any questions to

Looking forward to seeing you next week! 


March 7th

  • SRJ Classic 12-1, 12-2, 13-1, 13-2, 14-2, 14-3

March 8th

  • SRJ Classic 15-1, 15-2, 16-2
  • Treaty Rock 16-1

Parents, we would love for you to post the team's progress throughout the tourney on the SRJ FaceBook Page 


Here is the practice schedule for this week. Keep in mind that these schools generously donate the use of their facilities. School events always takes priority over our club. Schools are usually good about giving us advance notice of conflicts, but there are times when you may not find out the gym is unavailable until you arrive. Please be gracious and understanding when this happens. When you drop off your daughter, make sure the gym is available for practice before you leave. We will always give you as much notice as possible when we find out about scheduling conflicts and will try to find an alternative location, if available.


  • 12-1 Tue and Thu 7-8:30 @ Lincoln Middle School 
  • 12-2 Tue and Thu 7-8:30 @ Lincoln Middle School 
  •  13-1 Mon and Wed 7-9 @ LHS 
  •  13-2 Tue and Thu 7-9 @ LHS 
  •  14-1 Tue 7-9 @ Highland, Thu 7-9 @ CHS 
  •  14-2 Tue and Thu 7-9 @ LHS 
  •  14-3 Tue 7-9 @ LHS and Wed 7-9 @ CHS 
  •  15-1 Tue and Thu 7-9 @ CHS 
  •  15-2 Mon and Wed 7-9 @ CHS 
  •  16-1 Mon 7:30-9:00 and Wed 7-8:45 @ Highland 
  •  16-2 Tue and Thu 7-9 @ CHS

Thank you! Please let your coach (or Keo or Kimberly) know if you have any questions.  


On behalf of the Executive Board of Snake River Juniors, we send our thoughts and prayers to the Fong family. Judy was the founder of SRJ over twenty years ago and her continuous love and passion for the sport of volleyball have impacted the sports careers and, more importantly, the lives of countless young girls and adults in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Thank you, will be missed!

In lieu of flowers or cards, please consider donating to Judy's project of choice, the rebuilding of Emerich Park (Castle Park at McGhee Elementary), a fund sponsored by the Lewiston Independent Foundation for Education. Please go to for more information. 



For questions or concerns, please contact:

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