Smyrna Little Wrestlers: What to expect at Tournaments

What to expect at Tournaments...

Throughout the season you will have the opportunity to participate in many tournaments.  While they are not mandatory they are recommended.  This is where your hard work is put to the true test!

Tournaments can be very intimidating for the first year wrestler and parent.  The noise, people, rules and procedures can be confusing.  Although this article cannot cover all that will happen at a tournament, it will give you the basics.  Keep in mind that all tournaments ARE NOT created equally.  

To enter a tournament you must first fill out a entry form.  These will be located at the front desk or posted here on our website.  We will keep them available and updated as they come in.  Fill out the form completely and return with your entry fee to the address listed on the form.  Make sure your information is correct!  Most tournaments do not allow any changes and no refunds are given.  

Tournaments "can" be an all day affair and you should plan accordingly.  Bring with you a copy of the wrestlers birth certificate, and a notebook.  On rare occasions, you may have to prove the age of a wrestler.  The notebook will be used to copy bracket sheets.  Along with keeping a history of yourself and your opponents, you will also use it for seeding information as the season progresses.  

The night before a tournament weigh yourself and eat accordingly.  Are you close to your weight?  Are weight changes allowed?  DON'T GUESS!  

Get to bed early!!!  Most weigh-ins are from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.  Don't be late!!!  Do not eat or drink when you get up.  You will have time for breakfast after you weigh in.  Make sure you have all the "required" gear ready to go.  Is head gear mandatory???  Double check!  

Once you are at the tournament location check yourself in a the front table and proceed to the weigh in.  Normally this will be in a locker room.  Remove any unnecessary items like coats, hats, shoes, etc...  Step slowly on the scale and remain still.  If you made weight, you will have your division and weight class marked on your hand.  You are now free to get breakfast!  If you must leave, make sure you return before wrestling is to begin. 

Thirty minutes before wrestling will start we will warm up with light exercises and drilling as a team.  Take this opportunity to write down your wrestlers bracket sheet.  These will be located in a hallway or cafeteria. 

Before the tournament starts the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance will be broadcast in the gym.  At this time ALL SMYRNA LITTLE WRESTLERS will rise and honor our American Flag.  Important announcements may follow... listen closely.  Did divisions change?  Match numbers or names?

When your name or number is called, find a coach.  This is your responsibility.  He will take you to get checked in at the head table and go with you to your assigned mat. 

Matches may be before you.  So, take this time to stretch and focus.  Do not sit or lay down!  Keep moving!!!  Make no eye contact with your opponent.  This is your match not his!  When your name is called you will report to the score table and state your name and receive a red or green ankle band.  Bring this to your coach and he will put it on for you and send you to the center of the mat.  Once you and your opponent are at the center of the mat, you will be sportsmen and shake hands, the ref will check the scoring table and time keeper.  

The whistle is blown............

The next 3 minutes are yours!!  Your coach will remain in your corner giving you directions.  Listen closely to him and remember he's not shouting at you, he's shouting FOR YOU! 

After the match, win or lose, you will shake your opponents hand and his coaches.  Return to your coach for a quick review of the match and get ready for the next round!