Smyrna Little Wrestlers: Letter to Parents


   Wrestling is one of the most demanding sports your child may ever participate in.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally, they will need the support of their biggest fan... YOU!

   We understand that schedules are very hectic these days.  However, we do require you to be present at all practices in case of emergencies.  We are not a "daycare" or a "drop off" point. 

   No one knows a child better than their parents.  If your wrestler is sick, sore, contagious, or infected, please keep them home.  The mat is no place to be when they are sick. 

   Before starting any physical or nutritional program, consult a physician first.  They will be able to design a program to fit your child's individual needs.  Extreme "weight cutting" is forbidden!

   Keep in mind we are all volunteers.  We have jobs, homes and families also.  At times it may be impossible for some coaches to make every practice or tournament.  Rest assured that someone will always be available. 

   Smyrna Little Wrestlers hopes that this website will be informative and helpful.  Should you ever have a question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.  We thank you for letting us be part of your children's lives and we welcome you and your family to our...