Smyrna Little Wrestlers: Common Questions

Common Questions & Answers

1.  How long is the wrestling season?
The regular season will last until the state finals in February. After that we will have open mats for the wrestlers who want to compete in the Jr. Olympics.

2.  Where can we purchase wrestling gear?  Basic needs can be found at the Dover mall, Play It Again Sports, and Dicks Sporting Goods in Christiana. 

3.  Are mouth pieces required?
Not unless you have been instructed to do so by your child’s dentist or doctor.
4.  What are the “ear muffs” for? 
Head gear, as it is more commonly known, is worn to protect the ears. Over time, with constant pounding, the cartilage layers in the ear will begin to bleed and result in Auricular Hematoma better known as cauliflower ear.     

5.  My child has asthma, Can he wrestle?  This question should be answered by your pediatrician. Keep in mind that there are no “time outs” in wrestling. If your child requires a inhaler please inform a coach.

6.  What is the maximum weight for the unlimited weight class?
There are a few wrestling clubs that do put a limit.                         
7.  Does the Smyrna Little Wrestlers have a website? 
Go to and follow the links on the main page.
8.  Where can we go for more information?  Unfortunately your local book store will not have a wide selection for you to choose from. The best place to find information is on the internet.  www.Wrestlingsbest.comhas over 5000 links. Everything from history, health, news, clubs, moves and more. Two other great links are www.wvmat.comand

For wrestling gear, try one of these three online companies:         

9. I think my child has ringworm. What should we do?
If you suspect your child has ringworm inform a coach right away, since this is contagious!  Some over the counter medications are Lamisil, Lotrimin, and Desenex. 

10. Will there be practice on school closings or holidays?  
Announcements will be made at practice or posted on our website.