Smyrna Little Wrestlers: Gear and Safety


At practice, the only gear that is needed are clean shoes (wrestling shoes are preferred) that you bring in to change into, shorts or sweat pants and a T-shirt. 

   Do not wear shoes from outside on the mats.  This will help protect our expensive mats and reduce the risk  of "RINGWORM", a wrestlers worst nightmare. 

   Clothing should not be baggy.  Fingers can become entangled and broken.  T-shirts are to be snug or tucked in at all times. 

   Belts, necklaces, watches and rings of ANY kind are prohibited.  These items will be checked on a regular basis. 

   Deodorant is highly recommended and encouraged.  Fingernails are to be kept trim and neat.  You will not wrestle with long fingernails. 

   Smyrna Little Wrestlers has a donation box with items you may use.  These are on a first come, first served basis.  Ask a Team Mom or Coach about what may be available.  As always... donations are greatly appreciated!