Smyrna Little Wrestlers: Styles of Wrestling


Wrestling has evolved into 3 distinct styles, Greco Roman, Freestyle and Folkstyle.  Each has it's own rules, regulations and scoring systems.  Greco Roman and Freestyle are more internationally known and are the choice for the Olympic Games.  

Folkstyle is the most popular form of wrestling in the United States.  It is also known as Scholastic wrestling.  

Smyrna Little Wrestlers main focus will be Folkstyle wrestling.  However, we will try to incorporate Greco and Freestyle so you can become a more complete wrestler. 

Greco Roman - Limited to use and attack only above the waist.

Freestyle - A close relative of Folkstyle but with a more complex scoring system.

Folkstyle - Pin the shoulders of your opponent to the mat for 2 seconds using your whole body.