Smyrna Little Wrestlers: History


  The history of wrestling can be traced back many thousands of years.  Although wrestling was one of the original competitions in the Olympic Games, it's first recorded match wasn't until 708 B.C. 

   One of the best known wrestlers of the 19th century was President Abraham Lincoln.  Long, lean and mean "Ol' Honest Abe" was a force to be reconed with!

   In 1972 Smyrna High School wrestling coach Buddy Lloyd started the Smyrna Little Wrestlers as a feeder program for the Middle and High schools.  Practicing on Saturday mornings in the cold natatorium on mats hard as rocks, the tradition began. 

   Much has changed since those humble beginnings.  The natatorium has been completely renovated, Saturdays are reserved for tournaments, and new faces fill the shoes of coaches.  But one thing still remains true... Dedicated volunteers committed to keeping the Smyrna Wrestling Tradition ALIVE!!!