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In this section you will find tools to help you prep for practices and game day and understand your responsibilities as an SMYBB coach.

Background Screening Process for Coaches and Assistant Coaches:

If you are a new coach/assistant coach, you must complete the background screening process prior to conducting any practices.  Please contact Lara Kahler ( to gain access to the online background screening tool. 

Rules and Regulations

Handout: Rules and Regulations

Coach's Guide for Practices and Games
Handout: Drills, Defensive Stategies and Game Plays

Middle School Site Maps
Handout: Middle School Site Maps

Coach's Responsibilities


Pre-Season Orientation Program
Coaches Evaluations
Tips on Getting Started
Practice and Game Tips 

Every coach is to be a positive role model and should strive to project an image to parents, officials, opposing coaches, and players that demonstrates the highest moral ethics and sportsmanship during all SMYBB activities.


Pre-Season Orientation Program

All coaches must attend an SMYBB preseason coaching clinic for the purpose of reviewing league philosophy, rules and regulations and understanding the scope of the coaching commitment. 



Head coaches must be 21 years or older and approved by the Division Representative(s) prior to the start of the season.  All coaches and assistant coaches must turn in a Coaches Application form and go through a background screening process.  The SMYBB Board reserves the right to deny any person(s) from coaching as they deem necessary for the betterment of the league.


Coaches Evaluations

Each coach will be evaluated at the conclusion of the regular season.  Evaluations will be made on the coach’s ability to work with young people, attendance at required league meetings, timely response in submitting SMYBB forms, basic knowledge of basketball, general attitude and demeanor around the team, etc.  This information will be confidentially maintained by the Board for use in development of additional orientation materials, as well as consideration in approving coaches for subsequent seasons.


Tips on Getting Started

After receipt of your team roster your volunteer coaching responsibilities begin:

  • Call players to inform them of meetings and practices.  All players should be contacted within a week of receiving your rosters.
  • Recruit an assistant coach.
  • Recruit a team parent that can help with communication, uniform distribution and team party planning
  • Conduct a team meeting before or during your first practice and inform players and parents what your expectations are. Please pass on to the parents that this is a RECREATIONAL league and our main objective is for the kids to have fun.    


Team Practice

  • Each coach will select a designated weekly time slot at one of the SMYBB gymnasiums
  • SMYBB will make 1-hour slots available to each team at Corky Smith or local middle school 
  • Gym slots will be available on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • SMYBB also has use permits for the outdoor courts at several elementary and middle schools in the San Marcos School District.  Please check the website for the latest approved practice locations
  • Practice frequency/length is really dependent on your time, the availability of your players and their age.  The league recommends practicing with your team 1/week. 
  • You are responsible for all players.  Don’t ever leave a player unattended on the court.
  • You should have the following items on hand for all practices and games
  • Registration forms with medical release information
  • First aid kit
  • Schedule for next practice/game 


Practice Tips
  • Be prepared 
    • Tell each kid to bring a basketball (PW = 27.5”, C Boys and A/B/C Girls = 28.5”, A/B Boys= 29”)
    • Know what you’re going to work on
      • Teach the skill(s)
      • Do some fun drills to develop that skill (without defense, then add defense)
      • Put the skill into game situations with some 3 v 3 play.  Note that if all you do is 5 v 5 scrimmages, your stronger players will be the ones to touch the ball and develop most while your weaker players will not get as many touches and therefore are unlikely to develop.   
  • Know your kids ages/capabilities
    • Don’t get too complicated (especially with the younger groups)
    • Simple litmus test - if you have to tell kids repeatedly where to be and what to do next, your play is probably too complicated for this age group!
  • Do not have kids standing in lines
    • Drills should be designed so that every kid has a ball in their hands the majority of the practice and/or there is very little wait time. The more touches on the ball, the more the kids will develop.
    • Kids get bored easily - waiting in line will give them plenty of reasons to get distracted and goof off. 

Game Tips

  • Players should be at the courts at least 15 minutes before their scheduled game time
  • Make sure the lineup card is correctly completed for the scorekeeper. The game cannot begin until a lineup card from both teams has been turned in.
  • Practice positive sideline coaching. The kids are watching you for guidance and yelling at the opposing coach, the referees or your players is not what we want them to learn.
  • Do not over coach.
    • If you tell them where to be and what to do every time they touch the ball, they’ll never develop the split second decision making it takes to be a strong player.
    • Allow kids to make mistakes and learn from them.  That’s how they develop!
  • Give all your kids a chance to get involved in the game.  It’s no fun to be the one that never touches the ball or takes a shot.  This is a RECREATIONAL basketball league and your job is to coach and develop ALL the kids on your team and really make them feel like they are part of the team.
    • Rotate your ball handlers
    • Set up a kid that’s not your typical scorer to be the first option on an out of bounds play
    • Make sure your offense is designed for good ball distribution vs setting up your #1 

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