SMNW Cougars: 2013 C Team

Monday, August 26

2013 C Team Roster

  • Austin Barbour
  • Benjamin Becker 
  • Tyler Brauer
  • Randy Castellon
  • Amos Gicho 
  • Sebastian Guizado
  • Brandon Harrell
  • Will Hauser
  • Preston Killingsworth
  • Ryan McGaw
  • Steven Nachtsheim
  • Sam Oberbroekling 
  • Ryan Rebori 
  • Keaton Rex 
  • Antonio Santos
  • Lucas Silva
  • Noah Simbeck
  • Tyler Tummons
  • Drew Vanderleest  
  • Jared Wolken
    Attendance Policy

    All students who participate in school activities (activities supervised by a coach or director) must be in regular full day attendance the day the activity is scheduled unless the activity is in another city and it is necessary that the student be absent.  Regular full day attendance is defined as being in school from the beginning of his/her first hour of the day and remaining until the close of his/her last hour of the day.  The building principal must approve any exceptions.  This applies to practice as well as games and performances.  The individual school may impose additional eligibility requirements.  Whenever individual activities or school regulations are more stringent than the KSHSAA rules, these policies will be published and explained by the coaches, sponsors, or building administration.


Handout: 2013 Tournament Info