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01-22-18 05:23 AM
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Bulldog Wrestling Club
Wilmington, Delaware
  Season Information  

Monday, January 16
Tournament Forms Updated

Tournament forms and information have been updated.  Please see the 'Handouts' OR 'Links' sections for updated tournament listings. Please notify a coach prior to registering for a tournament.  

Upcoming tournaments include:

   Aston Bandits - 1/22

Media Wrangletown - 2/5 

Delaware Kids States (including Middle School) - 2/5

Haverford True Novice - 2/12 

Polytech Novice Tournament - 2/12 

ICWL League Novice Tournament - 2/19

ICWL League Open Tournament - 2/26

Sunday, December 18
Match Schedule Updated
The season match schedule has been updated.  Please see the 'Matches' link and/or the calendar for match schedule and details.  All matches include expected start time, location, and the teams we are wrestling.  

Saturday, November 12
Practice Schedule

Practice schedule has been updated!  

The practice schedule for this season has been updated. Please see the 'Practices' or 'Calendar' sections on the left.  You can also find upcoming practices on the bottom of our home page (below).

Bulldogs K-3 = wrestlers in grades K through 3

Bulldogs 4-8 = wrestlers in grades 4 through 8

Note that these groupings may change dependent on group size and coach observations. Parents will be notified via email of any changes.


Gear & Safety

If your child has a condition that requires special care, please be sure to advise coaches of this condition.  If your child is asthmatic or has severe allergies, please provide a "spare" inhaler or epipen that are clearly labeled with the child's name that can be kept with the medical aid kit throughout the season.  These items will be returned at the end of the season.

If your child is a diabetic, please provide a "care package" of juice and/or preferred snack that is clearly labeled that can be kept with the medical aid kit in the event of an emergency.  This will be returned at the end of the season as well.

Parents are required to be present at all practices in case of emergencies.  Practice is not a daycare or a drop-off point. 

At practice, the only gear that is needed are clean shoes (wrestling shoes preferred) that you bring in and change into, shorts/sweat pants and a T-shirt.

Do not wear shoes from outside on the mats.  This will help protect expensive mats and reduce the risk of RINGWORM and other BACTERIA - a wrestler's worse nightmare.

Clothing should not be baggy.  Fingers can become entangled and broken.  T-shirts are to be snug or tucked in at all times.

Belts, necklaces, watches and rings of ANY kind are prohibited.  These items will be checked on a regular basis.

Deodorant is recommended and encouraged if you feel your wrestler needs it.  Fingernails are to be kept trim and neat.  You will not wrestle with long fingernails.

Singlets will be provided for our league matches

We will be using Brandywine's wrestling room.  Our goal is to take care of this room as if it were our own.

Thank You!

Saturday, April 23
2016 Banquet Slideshow

Bulldog Youth Wrestling
Bulldog Youth Wrestling

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