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HOME OF THE BULLDOGS           Proudly Established in November 2006

Wrestling prepares a person to fight the game of life. The wrestler is the one athlete that must meet his opponent and do battle completely on his own; No one can substitute: no time outs are possible. He has no one to check, screen, block, or assist him in any way; There is no one to blame for his mistakes. When he wins, he must show quiet pride and modesty. When he loses, the responsibility is his. Wrestling is a true sport. In other sports, when contact is made, they blow the whistle to stop the action; In wrestling, when contact is made, we're just getting started. No other sport requires more sacrifice than wrestling. The Wrestler, through hard work and commitment, offers more of his character than can ever be explained. It is something he carries with him through life... Through every trial, test, and tribulation. Source: Unknown

Tuesday, February 4
And the names just keep coming in.......

I have two more Wrestlers that I am very proud to mention that competed in tournaments and placed. We are very proud at the Bulldog Wrestling Club, of all of our Wrestlers and their placements this season. Please keep emailing me the names and placements of all Wrestlers, so that I may get your Wrestler listed on our website.  We want to be sure that they are recognized at our upcoming end of season banquet. Please email to:


Kennett Novice Tournament

Douglas M......1st place


Camp Barnes Classic

Ethan Gray.....2nd place


Cavalier Open

Ethan Gray.....4th place 

media tourn
Sunday, February 2
HUGE weekend for the Bulldogs!!!

To say that this weekend was a HUGE one for the Bulldogs, would be an understatement!!! The Bulldogs, had a REALLY BIG weekend. It started on Saturday, with our regular meet at Strath Haven. The Bulldogs, had alot of tough matches but gave it their all and fought all the way until the end.  Great job Bulldogs, we are VERY proud!

On Saturday, we also had 7 of our young Bulldog Wrestlers travel to  the Delaware Kids States at Sussex Tech.  We are very proud to report that ALL of the Wrestlers, who went placed in the TOP 6!!! Congratulations, to everyone!!!

Today....Sunday....was also a very BIG day for the Bulldogs!! The Bulldogs, had 20 of its older Wrestlers compete in the Delaware Kids States at Sussex Tech. They all wrestled in the older division, of Kids States. We are all so proud of them. The Bulldogs represented well and several of our Wrestlers placed. And, that's not everything......we still had 7 Wrestlers who competed in the Media Tournament today and several of those Wrestlers placed at that tournament as well!

We could not be MORE PROUD of our club!!! Please see list below to see the names of Wrestlers who placed and their placement. As always, if I missed anyone I apologize. Please email me right away at:, so that I may add your Wrestlers name to the list.  We really are looking forward to a full week of practice this week, to prepare for Saturday's meet! Make it a good week everyone!!! 


Media Tournament, February 2, 2014

CJ......3rd place

Frank....3rd place

Dominic......4th place

Connor.......4th place


Delaware Kids States/Younger Division, February 1, 2014

Malcolm R.....1st place 

Frank B..........3rd place

CJ  C...............3rd place

Buzz W...........3rd place

Dominic L........4th place

Jack R.............5th place

Phil C................6th place 


Delaware Kids States/Older Division, February 2, 2014

Luke H.....1st place

Dalton......2nd place

CJ F.........2nd place

Vinnie M.....2nd place

Bill S.........3rd place

Ethan G.....3rd place

Wyatt M....3rd place

Justin M....4th place

Cole M........5th place

Elias............5th place

John G.......6th place 


I am still missing alot of names, from our Wrestlers who competed and placed on Saturday, February 1st in the Kids States Delaware Competition. It is very important that you email me your childs placement as soon as possible, so that I can get their name listed and placement on our website. We also like to have their name, so that we are able to recognize them at the year end banquet. Please email your childs name and placement to:







Thursday, January 30
VERY Proud of our Bulldogs!!!!

I am VERY proud of our Bulldog Wrestlers.  I just wanted to be sure to recognize a few of our other Bulldog Wrestlers, who have placed in tournaments throughout the season!!! Great job!!!! And again, if anyone has a Wrestler who has placed and you have not already informed Coach Marcozzi or Samantha Clark, please email us and let us know. We want to make sure that all Wrestlers, who placed are recognized at our end of season banquet. Thank you! 


Kennett Open Tournament, December 

Wyatt McMullen....Second Place


Camp Barnes Tournament,

Wyatt McMullen....Third Place


Quakertown-Shane Leister Tournament

Frank Borzio....3rd Place


Kennett-Blue Demon Round Robin Tournament, December 15th

Frank Borzio....Second Place


Way to go Bulldog's! We are proud!  





Wednesday, January 29
Tournaments just updated!!!!

Do you know that we have a section on our website that lists all upcoming tournaments in the area for your Wrestler? Well, WE DO!!!! You can find the listing along with the entry form and more detailed information by clicking on the HANDOUTS tab and then scrolling down towards the bottom of the page and clicking on TOURNAMENTS. This will bring you to an updated list of all tournaments. Please check them out. I just updated our tournament section, this evening and three new upcoming tournaments were added. 

Entering a tournament is completely volunteer and you do not have to enter them. However, Coach Mottola; does recommend entering tournaments because the more mat time your Wrestler has, the more they will improve. If you have any questions regarding if a tournament is right for your child or not, please do not hesitate to ask your child's Coach.    

Tuesday, January 28
Bulldogs, finish STRONG at several recent tournaments!

I would like to recognize several of our Bulldog Wrestlers, for fighting hard and placing in several tournaments that were held over the past few weeks. If we missed anyone we apologize, please email Samantha Clark at: or Coach Marcozzi at:, to let us know of your Wrestler's placement. We do keep a record of this information, so please let us know if you have not already done so.


January 19th, Kennett Novice Tournament 

Logan Clark: First Place, 108 lbs. Junior Division 


January 26th, Cavaliers Tournament 

Luke Harasika: First Place, 98lbs.

Jack Harasika: Second Place

Max Kelleher: First Place

Mason McMullen: Second Place

Wyatt McMullen: Second Place

Ethan Huffman: First Place

Trevor Huffman: First Place

Jack Rossi: First Place

Tristan Satterfield: Second Place


Camp Barnes Tournament

Trevor Shakespeare: Third Place (102) 


GREAT JOB BULLDOGS!  We are very proud! Again, I apologize if I have missed anyone. If so, please contact me at the email address listed above and let me know asap. It is very important that we know of the placement, as we do keep a record of it. Thank you! 



Sunday, January 5
Housekeeping Items...VERY IMPORTANT...

A few housekeeping items that have come up. It is very important to have all wrestlers arrive at matches on time. If you do not arrive in a timely manner and do not call to let us know you will not be there your wrestler will not be able to wrestle that day. The match coordinators make adjustments to matches in the morning based on who is checked in by a certain time in the morning. That is why we ask you to arrive 30-45 min before the match starts. We have always had great attendance & on time arrivals and would like to continue this practice. If you are running late or don’t feel you can travel due to weather conditions we ask that you call or send a text message. If your wrestlers is sick or injured please be sure to notify us asap to let us know. We had several no shows with no notification. The no shows and late arrivals cause a lot of issues and as a result our wrestlers may miss out on a match during the day. We do our best to match everyone up on Thursday night to give all our wrestlers at least two matches with potential for more. A significant amount of work by all teams goes into Thursday night match ups and again on Saturdays. When wrestlers don’t show up we have to re-adjust carefully thought out matches on the fly. The more notice we have the better. A few of our wrestlers were on the other end of this as the other teams had no shows. If your wrestler loses a match during Sat due to a last minute scratch (often times injury or illness) we will do our best to get them another match, but it can’t always be done. The officials and gym are all time sensitive.


It is not always an easy job to find matches for each wrestler. When matching them up it is done by weight, age, skill level, and years of experience. This process was created by the ICWL league to keep the wrestling even at all levels. During our middle school match ups, grades 6-8, we do our best to keep skill level, age, and weight in the best interest for our wrestlers but the league takes on the philosophy of if they are in middle school and they are going head to head they are going to look at age & weight within 5lb or so then skill level last. In middle school and high school you never know how good your opponent will be - you just wrestle them because they are in your weight class. The Bulldog coaches do our best to match up carefully at all levels and try to keep all our wrestlers safe so they can learn the sport and have fun.

Friday, December 6
Wrestling Tournaments

Please check out the Handouts section and the link section for registration to tounaments.  These are great ways to continue to wrestle before the season starts.  These are volunteer and gives the wrestler more experiece on the mat.

Tuesday, November 5
Practice schedule

Practice will start the week of Nov. 18th. 

Monday, the 18th, will be the first practice for the K-4th grades. 

K-2 will be 6:15-7:15 and grades 3 and 4 will be 7:15 to 8:30.  This group is on Monday and Wednesday nights.

5th to 8th grades will be on tuesday and thursday nights from 6:15-8:15.   This group's first pratice is on Tuesday, November 19th.

Practices will be subject to change and we will notify you by email and this website.

Wednesday, December 30
Click HERE for Photo Albums of Mat Men in Action! Password protected previously emailed.

Bulldog Youth Wrestling
Bulldog Youth Wrestling

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