San Mateo Mania: Welcome

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  • MANIA: An excessively intense enthusiasm, interest or desire; a craze.

    Welcome to the San Mateo Mania 95 & Mania 94 teams' website!  For the 2012/2013 playing season these teams will be Girls U17 & U18. The Mania teams play in the CCSL playing league and are based in San Mateo, California.  We are members of the San Mateo Soccer Club and their  playing league is the Redwood Junior Soccer League. The Mania 94 team first formed for the 2005 Spring season.  The Mania 95 team first formed for the 2006 Spring Season.  Please check back often to see the latest happenings with our teams! 

  • Head Coach: Scott Fitch
  • Assistant Coach/Team Manager: Kimberly Fitch  
  • Mania 94 Assistant Manager: Monica Smith   
  •  Mania 95 Assistant Manager:  Lori Musso 


Monday, June 18
Mania 94 & Mania 95 Teams Tryouts!

Currently, we don't have any formal tryout sessions scheduled for the Mania teams, but. . .
we are always looking for players for both the Mania 95 (GU17)(8/1/95-7/31/96) and Mania 94 (GU18)(8/1/94-7/31/95) teams.   Would also welcome players that are younger, talented and are capable of playing up in age.

If you are interested in trying out you can do so by attending a practice session or two.  Please contact Kimberly Fitch at or 868-5250 or 242-1002.

Handout: Registration & Release Forms