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Smif University Presents: First Annual "Fab 5" Basketball League

Our first annual “Fab 5” summer basketball league begins Saturday June 6, 2015 at the Everett Recreation Center, 5 minutes outside of Boston, MA.  Games will take place every Saturday from 10am-2pm and Wednesday nights 8-10pm.  All teams are assigned an NCAA team name and placed in a conference to compete in. (ex. Gtown/BigEast Duke/ACC) ALL games will be video recorded and ALL statistics will be updated weekly. Top players of the league have a chance to make the “fab 5” team and play in an all-star game mid season. Those same players will also compete for MVP and other awards throughout the season.  Team costs are $500 and Player Costs $75 with a ref fee of $40 a game. (if team has 10 players, its $50 per player and $4 a game to pay refs) DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS MAY 19, 2015.
"Fab 5" League Features:
- Jerseys
- Video Recorded games
- Action Photos 
- Player/Team Statistics (ALL STATS) 
- MVP and other award races
- All-Star events (All-Star game, Dunk contest, 3 point shoot out) 
- Concession and raffles

Gym Location:
Everett Recreation Center
47 Elm Street
Everett, MA 02149 
For Sign-ups or more information contact Jarren Smif at or call/text (617) 849-2727

Saturday, March 7
Registration Open for "Fab 5" League

Registration is now open for our first annual "Fab 5" basketball League hosted by JarreN SMif. 

Team Costs: $500

Individual Costs: $75

For players signing up individually, they willl be entered into the league as a free agent and assigned to a team before the season begins.  Athletes have a one time option to leave their assigned team and join another upon request.


to register contact Jarren SMif at or 6178492727 with:

Full Roster

jersey #'s

coach/captain and contact info. (email and phone #)