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Bob Legere
Sackville Minor Baseball
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WPW (Westphal Port Wallace) will be hosting a “Come Try Baseball Day”. Our goal is increase the
number of young players who play organized baseball.
The WPW executive would like to invite all other minor baseball associations to join us in
this exciting event.
The event is scheduled for Saturday May 10th
 with a rain date of Sunday May 11th. The event will be
held at Greenough/Conrad field.
Our goal is to hold an organized event centred around “circuit” activities so the kids are kept moving and
busy. Nova Scotia Selects, Arrows and Dry members will be on the field to help with the kids. Members
of the Dartmouth women selects team will also be on the field to encourage registration of young girls
to our programs.
The WPW executive has committed to contributing to this event by:
? Organizing the event
? Free BBQ for kids
? PA system
? Paying for both fields for a total of 10 hours of field time
Securing local members of members of Dartmouth baseball: Dartmouth Dry, Dartmouth Jr Dry,
and Bantam/Midget Arrows players to help with the kids during the day.
? Providing baseball gloves for kids who do not have any
? T-Shirts for kids supplied by Toronto Blue Jays
? Prizes for kids
If you would like to participate in the “Come Try Baseball” Day, please contact Bob Goudy at





General Camp Registration Form



Participant’s Name:


Year of Birth:


Medical Conditions:


Community Name

Home Phone Number:


Emergency Contact & Number


Parent or Guardian Name(s):


Email Address:






Clinic runs for a 7 week period from March 17, 2014 to April 30, 2014 at a cost of $185 per child.

Please Note: Approx. 20 people per group. Please circle the session you wish to register in

MOSQUITO (2003-2005): Monday 6-8pm BANTAM (1999-2000): Monday 8-10pm

PEE WEE (2001-2002): Tuesday 68 p.m. MIDGET (1996-1998): Tuesday 810 p.m.

 Clinic held at Old Staples Location in Downsview Shopping Plaza, 800 Sackville Drive in Sackville. Up near the Canadian Tire


Payment Information:


Payment can be made via Cheque, or Money Order (made payable to All Star Baseball Camp) or by cash. Receipts will be provided during the camp.


Registration Information:


Registration is first come, first serve basis. Please complete the Registration form and email it back to Note: Payment will confirm your space in the camp and not just registration form itself. Post dated cheques to the camp start date are acceptable.

Payment can be sent to in care of All-Star Baseball Camp at 40 Meadowbrook Drive, Bedford, B4A 1P9





410 – 35 Legacy Court, Lower Sackville, NS, B4C 0A5


Kent will be holding a Spring Baseball camp for those going to and those in Rookie / Mosquito and Pee Wee / Bantam at the Sackville Heights Junior High School on Friday nights.

The purpose of the camp is to provide the fundamentals of the game /Pre-season conditioning and more importantly having fun. Each session is 1.5 hours long and we will do 1 skill set, agility and cardio exercises and we always end the session with a fun wiffle ball game.

Please forward players name, which session attending, parents names and phone numbers.

The cost is $60.00 for 5 sessions (22 players per division) and the camps have been filling up quicker every year. Due to problems in the past, your child is not registered until payment is received. I just want to ensure all kids have a chance to participate in the camp. Cheques are to be written out to All Seasons Baseball Camp and sent to the mailing address above. You can also send an Interac E-transfer as well to:

The sessions are as follows:

Rookie/Mosquito–March 21,28 April 4,11,25 – 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm – first 22 paid only

Pee Wee/Bantam– March 21,28 April 4,11,25 – 8: pm to 9:30 pm – first 22 paid only

NOTE:  If the school is closed due to storms or other reasons then the gym session is also canceled. If there is an in service the gym is still open. Visit the camp website for updates on sessions in case of closures.

MAKE UP DATES:  The following dates are make up dates due to cancellation

May 2,9

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me any time and I look forward to this years camps.



 I'm holding a baseball camp spanning over a 12 week period at the Sackville Heights Community Center for Peewee and Bantam age players. The program will start on February 2 running until May 4 with a couple of weeks off during that time. Sessions will run from  6-7:30 covering a number of different topics along with baseball conditioning. The cost is $250.  The goal of this camp is to work on the physical and mental side of the game to ensure your in mid-season form at the start of the season rather than peaking at the end of the year. To register or if anyone has any questions or would like more details please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 223-2074 or email me at

There will be a Girls Winter Training Camp (ages 12-16) held in Dartmouth starting February 9 through April 13th.  Please see the BNS web page for further details.


Please join us on Monday evenings, at the Sackville Leisure Center, where Riverview Community Center Association run their weekly bingo. The proceeds from the bingo go toward the maintenance and upkeep of the Les Mayo Ballfields, which are used by Sackville Minor Baseball. Without Riverviews' support Sackville Minor Baseball would not be able to operate. Tell your family and friends(over the age of 12) to join us Monday nights in support of the children.

If you have any questions you can contact us at  or call 865-5586

Absolutely NO PETS are allowed on the property at the Les Mayo ballfields.

If there has been rain anytime within a 24 hour period before scheduled games they might be cancelled due to field conditions. Call 865-5586,after 1PM for 3PM games, after 4PM for 6PM games, and after 7PM for 8:45PM games , for information on game cancellations due to weather or field conditions. You can also check the home page of this website.


We have Rep teams in every  division. We invite you to go to a game now and then so you have an idea of whether you would like to try out for a Rep team in upcoming years. Tri County Rep teams are a combination of players from Sackville, LWF and Bedford Minor Baseball Associations.   

Mosquito AAA    Rick Sampson  Tuesday  6pm    WJCC  

Mosquito AA     Wednesday   6pm    WJCC     

PeeWee AAA     Jerry White    Monday 6pm     Joan Lenihan     

PeeWee AA        Dwayne White Tuesday 6pm    Les Mayo D4     

Bantam AAA       Greg Trueman  Wednesday 6pm     Robert Lenihan   

Bantam AA        Ewan Kelly   Tuesday 6pm     Robert Lenihan      

Midget AAA       Kevin Armsworthy     Tuesday 7pm    Weir     

Midget AA        

Midget A Acadians Sunday/Thursday  Waverly/Lenihan    

Midget A Rangers   Sunday/Thursday   Waverly/Lenihan  

Midget A Chiefs   Sunday/Thursday    Waverly/Lenihan 

Junior AAA            Thursday 7pm     Weir    

Intermediate      Sunday 4pm      Waverly      


Congratulations to our Tri County Rangers PeeWee AAA team for winning Gold in their Bedford Days Tournament after beating Dartmouth 11-1 in the championship game.

Congratulations to our Tri County Bantam AAA team for winning Silver in their Bedford Days Tournament after being defeated by Halifax in the championship game.

Congratulations to our Sackville Rookie Orioles team who participated in the LWF Garfield McGuire Rookie tournament. The Orioles was one of 10 teams involved in the annual tournament and the players and coaches did a wonderful job all weekend playing in the heat. The Orioles won the championship game 8-7 in the bottom of the 7th inning. It was a great ball game but most importantly the kids had a blast. When leaving the field the conversation wasn't about winning but how the team just spent over 12hrs at the ball park and all they did was play ball and swim. It will be a weekend they will never forget

Congratulations to our Tri County Rangers Mosquito AA who participated in the 34th Bob Donahoe Memorial Tournament in NB and walked away with the silver medal.

Congratulations to our Tri County Junior AAA Rangers (Team Nova Scotia) who rebounded from a semi final loss to British Columbia and put it all together to defeat Quebec  7 - 1 and win the Bronze Medal at Canadian Nationals.   Our entire Sackville and Tri County Associations extend congratulations to all our players and incredible coaching staff for a gutsy and hard earned Bronze Medal. It's Nova Scotia's first medal at this level in 10 years.  

 Congratulations to out Tri County Rangers PeeWee AAA team for winning the Eastern Championship.


Sackville Orioles 


Sackville Giants 


LWF Warriors


Chebucto Blue Jays





Sackville Orioles


Sackville Giants


LWF Warriors


Conrose Tigers




Sackville Minor Baseball recognizes two people each year for the great jobs they have done.                                                                             

Dwayne White was chosen for our 2013 Volunteer of the Year. Even though Dwayne has not been with Sackville Minor Baseball for long, he is one of those coaches you would like to keep forever. Dwayne is all about what is best for his players. He teaches them about the game but more important he shows them respect and how to be a team player. The past 2 years Dwayne's Mosquito house team has made it to the playoff championship game and in 2013 they took the championship trophy.   CONGRATULATIONS DWAYNE WHITE!
Glen MacQuarrie was chosen for our 2012 Behind the Scenes Volunteer. Glen has been around for many years. He has coached both house and Rep at different levels. He has also coached our Acadian Little League team the past several years and lead them to a gold medal game for the first time in thirty years. Glen also volunteers at our bingo every Monday night. He is a member of Riverview Community Centre Association , who maintain our ballfields.   CONGRATULATIONS GLEN MACQUARRIE! 

Sackville Minor Baseball would like to thank all our coaches and other volunteers. We appreciate all the time and effort that everyone has put forth to make our 2012 baseball season a success. Thank-you very much and we hope to see you next season.


Paul Burgess is the UIC for the Sackville/Bedford area       The supplier for all BNSUD umpires attire is Pro Image. The link to their website is below.  

SMB umpire rates for the 2014 season are as follows:

House and Rep:   Rookie   $20                                                                    

                           Mosquito $30         $25
                           PeeWee   $30         $25
                           Bantam    $40         $35
                           Midget    $50      $40                                                                                                                         

                           Junior     $55         $45                        

 Our 2014 umpires clinic will be held on

MAY 10TH - 9 AM - 4 PM.  Registration will be at 8:30 AM. Please bring a lunch.

Location - Bedford Hammonds Plains Community Center - Innovation Drive Bedford - next to CPA

For more info about umpiring or clinics in other areas check


Baseball is a team sport that teaches children coordination, dicipline, how to win or lose gracefully, how to play together, plus many more things. Unfortunately, sometimes certain circumstances prevent children from participating in baseball. Kidsport is an organization that helps families with the financial aspect of registering their child for baseball. (there are certain qualifications and deadlines) So if finances are preventing your child from playing baseball please contact Kidsport at or email


Zero Tolerance Policy” should read: “Ensuring a fair, safe, healthy and fun game environment is our top priority.” Sackville Minor Baseball Association has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for arguing judgement calls, umpire abuse or call-related displays of poor sportsmanship. The Zero Tolerance Policy of Umpire Abuse highlights the special circumstances for youth players as umpires. One of the founding principles of Sackville Minor Baseball is positive coaching, this includes umpires that work on all fields. Youth/adult umpires should only be talked to positively and constructively. Coaches will not challenge judgement calls made by the umpires. It is acceptable to question the interpretation of a rule, but only in a courteous non-confrontational manner.

Umpire Abuse as Defined in this Policy – umpire abuse at its simplest is defined as any deliberate action that makes an umpire feel physically threatened, verbally intimidated or emotionally humiliated. Disrespectfully objecting to calls, yelling at, publicly calling, constantly disagreeing with an umpire by action or verbally can be deemed umpire abuse. Coaches should always show decorum, respect and observe all game rules whenever questioning an umpire about a call.

Judgement Calls - a judgement call is a decision made by an official in a competition using their own opinion of what they have seen. An umpire's judgement call is final. Most calls are based on the judgement of the umpire ie. You may see it one way and the umpire may see it differently. Missed calls are going to happen in every game, that's baseball. Judgement calls include; balls & strikes, safe/ out calls on bases (force and tag), catch/ no catch calls, fair/foul, etc. For reference only - non-judgement calls include; interference, base runners hit by batted balls, etc.

Guidelines for disciplinary action range from an oral and/or written reprimand for verbal abuse to expulsion from Sackville Minor Baseball for flagrant or repeat offenders. The details are outlined in the policy below.

Purpose of the Policy This policy has been implemented to eliminate umpire abuse, both physical and verbal, and to discourage public dissent of an umpire on all fields. Even though public dissent may not be considered abuse, it is not in keeping with Sackville Minor Baseball principles of positive coaching and good sportsmanship and therefore will not be tolerated.

It is never acceptable to verbally abuse an umpire in any situation. There are appropriate avenues for coaches and spectators to share concerns about the quality of officiating. The local area Umpire-in-Chief ( is welcome to hear any constructive comments on umpires. Any criticism or critique relating to the performance of a youth umpire should be communicated to the youth umpire only by the Umpire-in-Chief.

Youth umpires are an integral part of the Sackville Minor Baseball program. This includes development of all youth umpires. All Sackville Minor Baseball guidelines and policies on providing a Safe, Fair and Fun environment for players also apply to our umpires. Only Positive, Instructive, and Encouraging comments are allowed to be directed at both players and umpires. Verbal abuse of umpires is as unacceptable as verbal abuse of youth players. The purpose of this policy is to make clear that abuse (as defined in this policy) of any umpire is unacceptable, and to adopt basic standard sanctions for improper conduct based on a “three-strikes-you’re-out” framework.

This policy is not intended to imply that the umpire is always right and the adult spectator/coach is always wrong. We must simply remember that just as youth players will make mistakes during play, adult/youth umpires will also make mistakes in officiating, particularly in the younger divisions where they are learning how to umpire. Please remember, young umpires receive minimal instruction before being sent out to officiate. Also, please keep in mind that they do not attend practices nor do they have a coach on the field to guide them from game to game. Given that the rules of baseball are numerous and in any given game many difficult scenarios could unfold, it is in all of our best interests to judge officials fairly and with reasonable expectations. After all, we cannot play this game without these courageous individuals.

Disciplinary Guidelines The penalties for any confirmed case of umpire abuse by coach/adult team member and/or parent/spectator on all fields will be;

  • 1st Incident - Disciplinary Committee reprimand orally and/or in writing.

  • 2nd Incident - 3 game suspension for a coach/adult team member; 3 games for parent/spectator regardless of past history, coaching experience or program involvement. This suspension will be IN ADDITION to any suspension due to an ejection from a game.

  • 3rd Incident - Season ending ban for any offending person. (Includes attendance at remaining games on all fields)

Ejected coaches are not permitted to remain on the surrounding field areas, including grandstands, and must vacate all field areas in a timely manner.

In addition, if a coach confronts an umpire after a game in order to continue verbally abusing an official, the penalties will include a 3 game suspension for the 1st incident and 6 games for the 2nd.

Any incident that involves physical abuse by bodily threatening, shoving, bumping or harming a youth will result in an immediate indefinite suspension and notification of proper authorities. A manager or coach wishing to be reinstated must appear before the Disciplinary Committee for a hearing.

The Sackville Minor Baseball Executive Board will enforce any and all disciplinary action. The Disciplinary Committee will consist of the residing President along with a minimum of 2 additional members of the current Executive. The Umpire Coordinator will follow-up to ensure the offending spectator or coach is not in attendance of any of the games during his/her suspension.

All Sackville Minor Baseball Association members are bound to report any incident of abuse of umpires to the Sackville Board within 24 hours of the incident occurring (if possible).

The Disciplinary Committee, upon investigating the incident and after hearing from all parties, shall implement any appropriate penalties before the next game (if possible). The offending persons, board members, and the Umpire Coordinator shall be notified of any disciplinary action.


Team and individual pictures this season will be taken by Scott Oldford Photography. You will be able to check your proofs on line after pictures are taken at    Contact info

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