SLV United Soccer: Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 17
Meeting Minutes - April 2009


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Paul Duarte, Kelly Gallegos, Martin Gonzales, Kathleen Luna, Denice Broyles, John Imre, Tim Hillis.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Kathleen stated that March $6,853.23, decided to pay Brenda the $850.00, only expense.  Had $100 registration fee come in 6,103.23.  Not all registrations are in.  Kathleen stated that there may be $600 - $800 in registrations out there.  Players should be reminded they need to pay before can play in a tournament.  Martin said there would be $1450 expense on Enrique’s team, should bring balance down to $5,400.00.  Need approval for $300 for SLV Challenge Run need 10 on  a team.  Kathleen stated fee is $300 per team for up to 3 team of 10 which will be made back which will be held on June 27, 2009.  Need to have one sponsor there at all time.  Tim makes motion to fund this, John seconded, all in favor, none opposed, passed.


EQUIPMENT:  Discussions held on purchase of uniforms.  Option 1:  Price for 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 socks and logos and numbers for $88.00.  (per Paul Duarte).  John suggested a deposit at time uniform is given.  Proposed to board whether this is a reasonable price and Soccer Stop will be official equipment provider.  The catalog states life of catalog is good until October, 2011.  Paul suggested that all uniforms including socks be ordered through Soccer Stop to keep prices down.  Paul makes a motion to have Soccer Stop be provider of uniforms.  Seconded by Kelly Gallegos.  Board votes in favor, none against.  Motion passed.


Besides Enrique is there another team who wants to acquire new uniforms.  Kelly stated possibly Titans need uniforms.  Tim stated that BA is only player committed right now as others are in track at the present time.  Martin asks if any other teams, Tim’s team has 14 that need uniforms, John’s team also needs 11 uniforms.  Martin states that another 20 uniforms will need to be ordered. John stated may be more like 15 uniforms for his and Tim’s teams.  Paul suggested 15.  Martin stated sizes also need to be taken into account.  Discussions held on what to order.  Tim asked if a sponsor would help with uniforms.  Martin stated last meeting club will pay $20.00 towards uniforms and remaining cost can be paid for by a sponsor, fundraising.  Extra uniforms will be paid by club by doing a fundraiser.  Denice stated that Motorcross in Manassa allows groups to sell stuff at his event.  She stated that they allow 3 clubs at a time to sell.  Denice will contact or provide information to us for that. 


Martin asked do we order 20, league will order $1800 plus or minus for a team that will not use this year.  In exchange will get a $2,000 break on price.  Paul states club should make the investment.  Kathleen stated that  club could make the money up to make it up.  Motion to acquire nonexistent team (20 uniforms) at this time by John Imre, Kathleen Luna seconded motion.  Vote taken – all in favor, none opposed.  Passed.


Martin suggested that Tim’s team should get the uniforms for nonexistent team as his team will need next year.  This means that parents will need to ante up money for uniforms this year and next year or to be provided by sponsors.  Martin also asked if maybe should go to John’s team projecting team sizes.  Paul stated that Tim’s size projections are more in need.  Kelly asked about Enrique’s team.   Motion that club will purchase 20 additional uniforms projecting out size of uniforms for Tim’s team for next year by Paul, seconded by John.  Vote taken – all in favor, none opposed.  Passed.


John asked about how to do numbering system for jerseys.  He suggested numbering 1-99 and not having double numbers and players keep number no matter what team they are on.  Number 1 and #16 are taken out of sequence.  Paul said they will take sizing at an indoor meet of all players. 


Enrique has not ordered the uniforms mentioned in previous meeting.  He just got a quote but did not order.  Paul stated that there is a $2,000 credit to use for other uniform accessories or equipment to be used up at retail prices.  Kathleen asked for sample sizes of shirts so that we can have the players just try the jersey on instead of sizing. 


Paul stated that Tim and John have put in their requested for equipment needed.  Other teams are okay with the equipment they have.  Tim asked that added equipment needed for home game, corner flags, ref flags.  Paul will put on list.  Paul states have one large tent.  Tim and John asked about goalie gloves.  John will ask Soccerstop about gloves maybe to give a discount.



Tim stated got snowed out last weekend.  Tournament ha not been rescheduled yet.  John stated that he has Vipers and Force in Durango this weekend, in Monte following weekend.  Salida after that then Monte Vista then Salida again.  Two younger teams are scheduled until April or May, dates are on website.  John stated that he wants to send the 98 team and 2000 Vipers team to Salida.  Martin asked if we are in a position to hold a 3V3 team.  Kathleen stated we are in a position to hold the tournament with help from the Optimist Club.  Tim stated that Saturday’s event went well.  They had 130 kids attend.  Event lasted about 2 hours.  He got 12 of Adams State girls to help.  Tim stated the coaching clinic went well.  Paul stated that USU made their field smaller and created consternation for teams.  Tim stated that goal is to have the players make more goals.  Discussion held on Parks and Recreation teams and games.  Options discussed on how to help Parks and Rec with their soccer program.  Paul suggested indoor soccer at Plachy Hall.  Denice stated that most complaints are due to cold weather.  Martin asked how the club can help.  Denice stated that an email be sent to players with pamphlets regarding what to teach a player per age.  John stated that the club needs to show up and have the parents start showing up at those games to help out.  Martin said we need to encourage parents to volunteer.  Martin stated the club does not have enough members or coaches to handle.  Tim will get copy of pamphlet to give to board members.  Martin will communicate with upset parents.  John said he has a potential coach for a U10 boys team.  John suggested that the competitive parents he talked to should be tapped into as a resource for the club.  He would like to have those boys not have to pay the registration fee.  To get covered by insurance of Boys and Girls club the kids can pay $5.00 and fill out a Boys and Girls Club registration fee.  John asked for t-shirts.  John makes a motion to have the kids pay the $5.00, register with the Boys and Girls Club and purchase t-shirts as well as the fee for the tournament on May 16th.  Tim asked about age groups.  Problem with 3v3 tournament and dates.  Now looking for tournament in June.  Tim stated in June Parks and Rec is getting into baseball and softball.  Kathleen stated there is May 30th  to have the tournament.  Martin suggests invite teams from Parks and Rec and time consuming.  John suggested perhaps the fall season.  Paul suggested tying into Tom’s camp which is in July.  Discussion held and consensus to hold tournament in fall is agreed on.  Martin asks when in the fall to hold the tournament.  Paul suggests middle of the fall season on a Saturday and coordinate with Brian to have one Saturday for the tournament instead of a regular game.  Martin suggests selling outside the Parks and Recreation teams.  Board agrees to invite other teams but sell as a Rec tournament.  Board agrees to middle of fall season as a United sponsored tournament and open it up to other teams with fees to pay referees.  Martha to remind Board members in August to start working on tournament to be scheduled late September early October. 


Denice needs the rules for the coaches because is not included in the pamphlet.  She requests they be there on Saturday.


John did a coaches clinic for Monte Vista Parks and Recreation.




Kelly suggested a newsletter to keep members, parents informed, highlight team achievements.  She suggested an electronic newsletter.  Paul suggested a quarterly newsletter.  Martin suggests first one be done before May 16th.  Martin asked Paul to write an article on changes.  John asked for a sponsor’s coupon.  John asked for someone to take pictures at games.  Will need at least 130 copies.   Congratulations to Kelly on speaking to ASC to get assistance with what the club needs. 


Enrique only has two parents to drive kids to Durango.  Asks if can use the Parks and Recreation van but it may be too late.  Kelly states that she has parents that can take his kids if going to same place.  John’s van is full for this weekend but will let him know if can help.  Enrique has old uniforms to give Paul. 


Next meeting to be held on May 21, 2009.

Saturday, December 13
Meeting Minutes - Dec 2008
Board Meeting held 12/11/2008:
Members present were:  Martin Gonzales, Kathleen Luna, Loren Broyles,  , Kelly Gallegos,   Tim Hillis and Brenda Malouff.
Financial :
Kathleen stated November $8,981.91, ending balance as of November 31, 2008 is  $8,l58.83.  Expenses stated.  Fundraising for Titans was $2,400 which is separate from the $8,981.91.  Dues paid to date of $1,300 will be included in December’s bank statement.   Kathleen stated that out of the  $7,000 they will be short $2,557.00 with all players dues that will be paid.  Expenses total is $773.21 paid out for Titans.   
Force 98 Girl's Team Update:  
I'm attaching the Force 98 Girls team roster and the status of each player. I've been trying to contact MM's parents with no success in getting registration dues or returned jersey. I'm turning her over to the board to take care of this how it's seen fit. Keep in mind that this young lady has traveled with the team and participated in a tournament without any payment for this season at all. I believe ALs, DB's and BB's parent's have contacted Kathleen and arranged some type of payment. Not all paid players have registration forms turned in. I'm getting EN's this week and have LO forms along with a $65 payment. We will need to follow up on who has turned in forms and who has them.  

John’s team will start in January on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. for any age group but exclusive to girls.  The middle school auxillary gym will be used.

Martin brought before the board what to do with kids that play but don’t pay.  Tim suggested that maybe a payment plan beginning with $25.00 be done.  Martha and Kathy will correlate who needs to pay and followup.  

Boys U-12:  Enrique stated that 2 kids have paid in full and the remainder of the agreement that since the team raised the majority of what was raised three will get the rest to make the $50.00.  He has 8 kids on the team.  Enrique stated that he has tried to recruit but not able to get more to join.  Enrique will have an open gym for kids from 6-8 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for any age kid 10 and up.  Evans Elementary Gym will be used for this.  Enrique’s team raised $5,000 and the agreement was that ½ be applied to his kids who will pay $50.00.  Tim stated that one of the practices was cancelled but will be there in the future.  Enrique will be gone beginning on 12/19 for two weeks.  There will be practice next week.  Otherwise, there will be no practice for the balance of December after the l9th.  

Indoor League:  
I'm attaching a copy of a medical release/waiver that we are using for the indoor league. It's a simple copy of the Alamosa Parks and Recreation dept version. It's being used currently, so I'm just attaching it for the Board to see.  
Martin asked why using different medical release.  Brenda stated it was the same, however, another release had to be filled out.  Kathleen stated that it was for non-players.  Brenda stated that the forms were being used to sort into teams.  Enrique stated that the other reason was because it was open to kids not necessarily registered through the club.  Tim stated that Parks and Rec is not liable.  Martin asked who the release is beneficial for.  Martin stated that if it is the same one Parks and Rec is not released.  Tim stated that Parks and Rec didn’t ask for a release.  Martin suggested that we should have one release only.  He suggested that adjustments could be made when necessary.  Martha will remind Martin tomorrow by email that he needs to alter medical release.  
The indoor league began last Friday night and went fairly smooth for the first night even though we had lines of parents filling out forms and volunteers putting teams together. I'm happy to report that many parents helped out in our efforts to make this an enjoyable event. Parent volunteers helped with administration, answering questions and even putting our new goals together. Please forward a big "Thank you!" to them. Special thanks to Kim Williams (ASC vet player) and Tim Hillis for "reffing". We are dynamically putting teams together weekly for this month and some of next month because it's predicted that we will see different faces week to week. However, some parents, coaches and myself are pondering a way to end the indoor league with a tournament and shot at the Winter Cup. So far, we're thinking about talking with the players and parents about them developing teams and enter into a two week tournament. We are open to suggestions.  
Indoor league open to all boys and girls ages 7-15 on Friday nights from 6-9 at the rec center.  Tim stated that it lasted until 9:30 and that they had to wait until Basketball was done.  Tim will divide the kids up into teams to compete for trophy and will be coed teams.  Tim also stated that it was pretty competitive last year.  

Enrique has been hard at work in bringing in adult teams for the indoor leage for the 9-11pm time slots. So far there's a handful of teams and this will begin Friday the 12th. If Enrique is at the meeting ask him to give a brief explanation of what we're trying to accomplish by having the adult league. I have attached a copy of the shirt logo that Enrique and I are contemplating for use as a reward/trophy.  

Enrique stated there are at least 3 teams interested in playing.  John put out flyers with fees but they did agree to pay $30.00 per team.  Games are 40 minute games.  These will be Friday nights after the indoor kids are done around 9:00 to 11:00.  Dominoe’s will provide coupons for referees to donate time.  
Coach Tom Cliff from ASC Women's soccer has provided a list of players volunteering to referee our indoor program as well. I'll be meeting with him about this soon, but expect a couple for this coming Friday.
Titans 94 Girl's Team:
I will post the contents of a recent email sent to all involved:
Brenda gave two more dues to Kathy tonight.  BJA needs money and health insurance.  Kelly will help get her insurance through CHC.  Brenda requested from the board that a scholarship be given to BJA.  Tim stated she has been with the club and agrees to give her a scholarship to go to Florida.  Brenda asks for $100.00.  Board members are in agreement and there are no objections.  Agreement is made that if the child can come up with $50.00 after spring.  

Brenda stated that Ben Oswald will be here this weekend.  Kids are excited to participate.  The camp will be held at the Boys and Girls Indoor on Friday and at the Rex Gym on Saturday.  Friday’s camp will be 6-8 and on Saturday will be from 8-10 a.m.  Brenda stated Titans will be there at 5:30 p.m.  Ben is being paid $125 plus room and board according to Brenda.  Martin expressed concerns about payment obligations.  In the future he suggested that there be a more structured process for future payment requests.  Motion made by Kathleen to pay to Ben Oswald and Tim Hillis seconded the motion.  No objections made, consensus given and motion is granted.  Brenda stated that everything is situated.  Brenda stated for next fundraiser there will be guessing game to amount of candy in jar.  A raffle license was not able to be procured.  Jar will be set up in front of Walmart or one of the stores downtown outside.  Another time the jar will be shown  at the Basketball game and at the indoor games.  If all tickets are sold there is a potential to make $2500.00.  Kathleen will ask if it can be placed at the bank also.  Martin suggested that a picture be taken and put on website.  Enrique asked what happens if fall short.  Brenda stated that parents have paid and they will be reimbursed after the last fundraiser.  If the fundraising falls short then the amount obtained will be divided among the parents.  Martin asked if she has turned in her volunteer agreement and clearance with Girls and Boys Club.  She needs to go in immediately so that she’s covered prior to trip.  She needs a criminal background check done immediately.  

Kelly stated that the U-9 girls (Vipers) have paid all their dues.  The girls are on a break right now.  Some of the girls are participating on Fridays but otherwise will be out until Spring.  

Tracie not here to give report.  

Just a friendly reminder that Ben Oswald will be holding a 3v3 team camp for the Titans 94 Girls team in preperation for their upcoming 3v3 Championship in Orlando. The camp is this coming Friday and Saturday, December 12-13. Ben and the team will be using the Boys & Girls Club indoor gym Friday night, 6-8 pm and will be using a team of players from the U14 Boys and Matrix 96 U13 Girl's team to apply what they've learned in a scrimmage. Please have these teams at the facility at 7:00 pm and ready to scrimmage when needed. Please have your scrimmage players show courtesy by not wandering around, making comments or become a distraction during this camp.
Martin Gonzales has volunteered to provide room and board for Coach Oswald Friday night.  
Coach Frank Novotny was able to get Adams State College to provide a facility for Saturday morning, 8-10 pm at the Rex Gym. Again, the U14 Boys and Matrix 96 teams will provide players to scrimmage the Titans that morning. Again, please show courtesy during the Titans 94 training and our generous facility providers.  
We ask that your team shows up 1/2 hour early. We want to thank all who volunteered and are participating to help the Titans in their journey.  
We have recieved approval to use the Ortega Middle School Auxillary gym on Wednesday and Friday nights, 6-9 pm throughout this winter and into March. I give great thanks to Paul Crowther for helping us out with this, since there are many Alamosa School Dist sports teams using the facility. With this I ask the board to put together a small informal thankful gesture or token. This approval just came last week and so far the Matrix 96 team will be using the gym on Wednesdays 6:00-7:30 and the Titans 94 may be using it on Wednesdays 7:30-9:00. I haven't talked to Coach Dave from the Vipers 00 team yet about using the gym for Friday nights and will be loosely scheduling Force 98 for Friday nights in February-March. Enrique will be using the Evans Elementary School gym on Tues & Thurs this winter, but if he's feeling cramped there, we will make arrangements to have a sort of "musical chairs" practice for all of our club teams to get a chance to use the larger OMS gym. I will take time to talk to the coaches more about this on Friday if time allows. I realize that Friday nights are bad for practices right now especially with the indoor league going on, but I had to take what we could and feel that once the indoor league is over and we begin to prepare for spring games and tourneys that we will benefit.
I think this just about sums up what I've been up to lately.  

New Business:  
Kathleen stated that there are new rules and regulations that they requested the board to sign.  Martin asked if the board has any objections to review their new rules and charges.  Changes include that fundraising be approved by their board, background checks to be paid by club, portion of grants to go the Boys and Girls Club and travel.  Kathleen will email their requests.  Tim requested that he be allowed to review this also.  Kathleen will email copies to all board.  Martin will go in and sign.  
Tim stated that the Boys and Girls Club membership is really down.  Staff stated that their numbers are way down and that Monte Vista and La Jara clubs are closed.  He stated that their numbers are down from about 230 kids to 10 kids.  Tim stated there is 75% less this year.  Kathleen stated that as of January 1st if we don’t have forms in with payment they will probably kick us out.  All forms are available on website.  Copies will be given to kids at the indoor games.  
Board Elections:  
Kathy tallied the votes.  Chairs are tied, Secretary will be Kelly unless she wins the tie on the chair, Kelly will remain Secretary.  Martin will continue as Chair and At Large is Larry Jack.

Coaching issues:  
No coaching issues presented at this time.   Martin still trying to find a venue for D license.
Tim stated that this indoor playing time is for fun but would request more parental involvement with the club.  Martin will give Martha a mass mailing list to send to all parents.  
New Business:
Tim stated that SLV Federal hands out $2500 to organizations.  He asked that each account gets a vote to donate the money to.  Mr. Hillis wants permission to put the Club on the list for next year.  Each vote gets about $9.00 donated to the club.  There are no objections and Tim will followup on getting SLV United on the list for donations.  Kathy and Tim will talk to them on Tuesday.
John said that managers are the ones that vote at Safeway not the employees.  But we have not heard what they have decided.
Meeting adjourned and next meeting to be held on January 15th.  

Thursday, November 20
Meeting Minutes - Nov 2008

Board Meeting held 11/20/2008: 

Members present were:  Martin Gonzales, Kathleen Luna, Brenda Malouff, Dave Gallegos, Kelly Gallegos, John Imre, Tim Hillis, Julie Faucette, Tracy Pitts, Alicia Berlinger. 



Kathy sent out the financial statement via email.  Kathleen gave report on income and expenses.  Ending balance of $8,891.81.  Titans fundraiser totals $1,338.00.    Brenda gives report on Titans income on fundraising.  Brenda states she has $1,000 but some of girls have money and have tickets out and still needs to collect.  Brenda states that will produce about $2500 or more.  Brenda hopes proceeds from auction will bring in more.  Most of parents have purchased tickets.  Brenda states that coach needs money for room and airfare, no parent is willing to put money upfront for this.  Martin suggested pulling money out and consensus given that money will be pulled out to pay for air fare.  Brenda gave report on lodging as follows:  They have block of rooms set aside but each family will have to call in and arrange within a week.  Consensus to pay for coach’s lodging is given.  Titans are still $3,000 shy.  Brenda is still working on raffle license from elks and knights of Columbus.  Brenda states she has enough without raffle to cover expenses for coach and registration for team.  Julie Faucette stated that there are magazine subscription fundraisers that can be done.  Brenda stated that the families will cover their child’s expenses and whatever was raised would be divided among the player less the expenses for the registration and coach.  Kathleen stated that her figure is total of $6000.  The parents portion would be about $250.00.  Martin asks the board if they want to do fundraisers after the fact.  Brenda stated that if she doesn’t know about the license for a raffle within 10 days then may be advisable to move on.  Kathleen stated she may be able to get one pretty quickly.  Martin suggests that Kathleen go ahead and get the license.  Kathleen will contact Ducks Unlimited for a raffle license. Martin stated that any extra money from the raffle will go to the club.  Kathleen stated that the girls need to pay their dues which would raise almost $1,000.  In order to get insured, etc., the child will need to pay the dues.  Brenda will get the tickets printed with the SLV United and Boys and Girls Club as sponsors also. 

John stated that Regina is collecting for hoodies and shirts and was combined with chile dinner.  Kathleen requests that $137.00 be paid to Ski Balls.  Board approves the payment to Ski Balls. 

Kathleen also requested that Aspen Embroidery be paid $17.00.  John will call Aspen about this and will be put before the board at a later date.


Martin proposes that each coach submit a list within 2 weeks of what they will need.  Kathleen believes that equipment may have been purchased.  Tim stated Paul bought balls and Kathleen stated he spent about $500.;  Board agrees that they should submit list within 2 weeks.


Team Schedules:  Tim stated still waiting for school approval to use gyms.  Tracy stated that they need to report to the junior high and charging her $300 for preseason practices.  Outside people will be charged $50 per night for use.  John stated that rec center won’t charge anything.  Martin asks that they submit schedules and locals to Martha to put on website and in minutes.  John asked that an agreement be done with rec center that soccer will help with soccer next spring in exchange for use of facilities.  Martin and John will work on agreement. 

New Business

Brenda states that Titans have only 2 players who can play at Winter Domino’s Cup .  The age cutoff needs to be revised to 1994. 

Tracy stated that Safeway gives $3000 to organization so Tracy’s roommate put in name of SLV United. 

John stated that since they have 5 hours at rec center are thinking of holding adult soccer games started to get their kids interested in soccer.  The hours are scheduled for Friday nights, December 26th, and January 2nd are off.  The first night is December 5th and last night is January 30th.  John stated that Ben Oswald stated he has teams that would come down to play.  John needs liberty to make adjustments with hours to facilitate schedules.  Martin suggests that John be in charge of that venue and time and to extent that somebody has conflict of time then the board will decide on what to do with conflict.  Dominos will sponsor and pay for shirts and donate pizza to refs.  Kathleen will contact Eric Giles for printing shirts.

John stated that Ben Oswald wants to get a regional team together.  Martin stated that he has talked to him previously but Martin will followup with him.

Board Elections

Kathy received money and two boys and girls memberships and that’s about it.  Kathy suggested that a meeting be held and people at meeting cast their ballots.  Martin suggested that it be announced that elections will be held at next board meeting.  John will put on website to print and bring ballot to next meeting.  Board meeting will be held on December 11, 2008.  This will be the last meeting of the year and elections will henceforth be held on the last meeting of the year.  Ballots can turn in ballots ahead of time and be counted. 

Coaching issues

John talked to Ben Oswald would like to have an E license this winter.  Mr. Oswald will try and put a class together to get this done in Salida. 

Meeting adjourned and next meeting to be held on December 11, 2008.

Tuesday, October 21
Meeting Minutes - Oct 2008
Board Meeting held 10/16/2008: Members present were John I, Regina I, Tim H, Jeanene ?, Dave G, Brenda Malouff, Paul Duarte, Kathleen Luna.Financial:  Kathleen gave financial report.  See attached monthly statement.  John sent out another notice to parents to send in their registration.  Kathleen reported that $400.00 has been paid.  Kathleen said Holly will send message with children that payments are due.   Aspen Embroidery sent in bill with shirts for Copa. Paul will look into Aspen’s bill for logo on shirts.  Paul further stated that it appeared that the cost was $25.00 per uniform for heat press on uniforms and will negotiate on price when next sets are done. The price may be too high and will negotiate for 24 uniforms.  Paul stated that the problem is that while price may be reasonable for  silk screen turns at about $66.00 per uniform which is reasonable, however,  heat press process may be too expensive.  Motion was made to pay Aspen Embroidery by Paul and John seconded motion.  Regina asked when will we know how much will be needed for trip to Florida.  Donations from the raffle plus the dues from the Titans are due.  November 30th is the deadline for the dues.  Kathleen stated that scholarships for trip may be awarded but she needs to sit down with members to see who to help.  Update on fundraising:  Brenda stated that the raffle has been very frustrating.  Brenda stated her husband has been attempting to contact Elks.  Elks does not want a raffle but rather a drawing.  Brenda has concerns because Elks wants to hold on Bingo night but they are requesting that tickets be sold outside of Bingo.  Elks is requesting information before Tuesday, their next board meeting so they can bring it up at the meeting.  Brenda stated that a license is needed to do a raffle.  Discussion held on how to proceed with raffle.   There is legal question of whether a license is needed for a drawing in lieu of a raffle.  Kathleen stated that Rachel used Ducks Unlimited’s license to hold a raffle and that the Catholic Church has a license.  Kathleen will talk to president of Ducks Unlimited to see if we can use their license.  Kathleen said that Dennis and Alicia on parish board.  Kathleen will contact Dennis about talking to the church regarding their license.  Brenda said that the raffle will be held around November 20th to allow time for tickets to be printed and sold.  Kathleen noted that $7,000 needs to be raised and if $4,000 is raided from the raffle then the team will still be short $3,500.  Paul stated that the it was previously decided that club fundraisers to be done as one entity not individually as teams.  John suggests that a bunch of fundraisers be approved this time due to the time constraints in raising money for the team to go to Florida.  Regina reiterated that a bunch of fundraisers should be done as soon as possible to help the Titans to go to Florida right away due to time constraint.  Motion is made to have a chile dinner to help the Titans with their goal.  Seconded by Kathleen.  Vote taken, all in favor, none opposed.  Motion passed.  Additional discussions held on fundraising and the rules of board and Boys and Girls Club rules.  Brenda will contact Sacred Heart to arrange a date for the dinner.  Brenda will email the members with the date and the amount of chile to be taken in for dinner.  Finalized that the chile dinner will be scheduled, Kathleen will contact Ducks Unlimited to use their license for raffle.   Equipment:  Kathleen said that last time decision was made to get a card with two names but Kathleen will be only one with card because Paul is not on signature card.  Paul will use Kathleen’s card with receipts to be provided to Kathleen.  Tim stated that he looked into cones at Eurosport.  The price is dropped when more are purchased.  Tim stated it would cost about $35.00 to replace cones.  Tim will hand down cones he has to Dave.  Paul will bring list of equipment needed.  Paul stated that a new color is being requested by the boys and John stated he found gray colored jerseys for same price, very similar to existing jerseys.   Paul also stated that Enrique has ability to get a good deal on socks for $3.50 a pair for white socks.   John stated that he has asked parents to buy socks at Carlucci’s.  The first pair will be given to the kids but additional socks should be bought by the parents.  This may save money in the end.  Tim asked if a decision was going to be made on uniform change from blue to white.  Once prices are finalized then the board will take a vote on the uniform.   John stated that the equipment list will need to be collected.  Brenda stated her team does not have anything and will need equipment.  Team schedules for winter:  John stated that according to Tracy’s proposal, she will have indoor sessions every Monday night from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  (see proposal to be put on website).  Paul asks if the club name is on this the proposal then is the club liable or responsible for injuries.  Tim stated that his concern is that if the injury is high school then school is responsible, does the same apply to the club.  Kathleen stated that Traci’s proposal is coming in as SLV United and should not come in as SLV United.  Regina suggested that before proposal is sent out we should review the liability of the club association with the proposal.  John stated that wording on Tracy’s proposal states that junior high girls have been contacting Enrique and Traci regarding the team.  Enrique and Traci are keeping a list of interested members but they are not affiliated with SLV United at this point.  Brenda stated in last meeting that Tracy stated that the team will be a high school team.  Tim stated that there is open gym scheduled for November 3rd and 17th for the Boys and Girls Club.  John stated that November 3rd, 17th, December 1st, 15th he will be doing open sessions at the Boys and Girls Club for the Boys and Girls Club.  John also mentioned that this was scheduled with Justin at the Boys and Girls Club.  Dave stated there were scheduling conflicts last year.  John stated the teams will be more for fun and exposure to soccer.  Regina asked for approval to make flyers.  John suggested that it should be just Boys and Girls Club.  These sessions will be an open gym for all participants for Boys and Girls Club members.  John agreed with Regina that a flyer should be made stating that SLV United and Boys and Girls Club are holding the open gym sessions noted above.  John stated that Shawnee and Jim know that the auxiliary gym at the OMS is to be open.  Coaches will need to get together to work out schedules with parks and rec.  Tim stated that when Richard Simmons was here parks and rec took control of gyms after 6:00 p.m..  Tim said he is not sure if that still works since Richard Simmons left.  Paul stated the system is still in place but may be a little more difficult to work with.  Paul stated that the facilities director is working on electronic scheduling of gyms.  John stated he wanted to start on November 1st but the recreation department was not sure what they would have by then.  Paul said they are trying to work that out but no time frame on when their system will be up and running at this time.  Brenda stated that the Evans gym is coordinated with the janitor.  Paul will call to see what the status is.  Paul will have them call John on scheduling of open gym sessions.  Tim stated that the schools are involved somehow.  John brought up the indoor Futsal League to be addressed.  He proposed an indoor coed league for club and non-club members.  Paul asks if something happens is SLV United responsible.  John wants to be able to open up soccer for boys and girls mostly for boys right now and by doing a coed indoor league this may get it accomplished.  Members would be for ages 7-14.  Kathleen stated there may be a problem as with Tracy’s proposal.  Brenda asks about fees and registration.  John stated that club members would be covered with registration fee.  John wants to provide T-shirts instead of jerseys.  The league will take place in December and January on Friday nights.  This is proposed to be the 2nd annual Domino’s club.  Paul recommends that non-club players pay the membership fee to Boys and Girls Club so that the Boys and Girls Club be responsible.  Kathleen suggests that an additional fee less the cost of the t-shirt and the membership fee be paid in the amount of $35.00.  Regina suggests that the Boys and Girls Club be contacted for approval regarding the liability.  These games would take place at the rec center.  John asked how players would be insured under parks and rec.  Paul stated that one signs away liability when they become a member.  Tim suggested that we should look into a release of liability by the club.  Questions were raised whether we can have members release the club from liability.  Kathleen will speak to Mary to see if a member have to go to one of the board meetings to request approval.  John suggests fee goes to t-shirts and membership fees only.  Kathleen suggested an administration fee.  John suggests U10 and under and U11 and older.  Kathleen suggests U8 and up.  Paul states 7, 8, and 9 year olds in that division, 10 and under and 11 and up.  Discussion held on age and division set up of teams.  Motion to accept proposal for indoor Futsal League made by Paul, Tim seconds motion.  However, this would be pending Boys and Girls Club decision on whether members are covered by insurance under their club. Vote taken and all in favor, none opposed. Kathleen requests that we get forms by kids that they have signed up as members of the Boys and Girls Club.  These forms are to accompany SLV United registration.  The forms are included in the packet when they register to be done yearly.  Enrique was absent but informed Martin that he will email his plan  It is relayed that the 8 U9 boys team will practice on Mondays and Fridays.  Indoor practice will be held from 6:00 to 7:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays at Evans gym. Martin stated that older players will not be allowed in to prevent problems.  It was suggested that 7-9 year olds be allowed in as well as 10 year olds.  New Business:  Paul stated that there was a parks and rec meeting last night and they wanted to say thank you to SLV united for help with games.  They requested that any information from people for suggestions on how to make these events run better would be appreciated.  Parks and Rec requested suggestions please be passed on to them.  Discussions ensued regarding team designations.  Tim stated that at the end of the season a coach will rate a child 1-5 so that the following year the rating will determine the team designation.  Tim requests that the rating be done.  Brenda voiced concerns about the rating.  Paul stated that there is really not an equitable way to rate so he suggested designation by age.   Paul stated there were 250 kids in the fall.  Spring may result in 350 to 400 kids turn out.  Discussion was held on team designation with kids of different abilities. Paul requests that coaches get to games earlier to help parks and rec organize the games.  Paul stated it is the club’s hope that more coaches be recruited.  Tim stated that he applauds the book that parks and rec provided to coaches.  Regina stated Boys and Girls Club are having a family night tomorrow night 10/17 beginning at 5:00 p.m.  Board Elections:  Paul suggests that future meetings be more structured with executive meetings and votes taken on policy and other issues.  However, Paul further stated that executive meetings be open to the public.  Tim requests that each player who paid his/her registration fee receive a ballot.  The ballot consists of Martin and Kelly as Chair, Larry Jack, and Alicia Berlinger - at large, Kelley Gallegos and Melissa Garringer as Secretary.   Tim requested information on how ballots will be done.  Regina stated that ballot is with registration packet to be turned in on or before November 30th.  Ballot is available online at the website.  One vote per paid player.  Coaching issues Dave (coach of vipers) gave report.  Dave stated that he needs scrimmages to have his players play against.  Jeanene (assistant coach)  gave report on vipers also.    John scheduled a game on 10/25 – Dave cannot go but Jeanene can attend in Salida.  Tim gave report on Matrix team.   Tim reported on Enrigue’s team who was absent.  John gave report on team Force.   Brenda gave report on Titans.  Next meeting will be held November 20, 2008 at 7:30 p.m.  Meeting adjourned. 

Thursday, September 25
Meeting Minutes - Sep 2008


Meeting called by:


Type of meeting:   Board meeting  9/25/08
Note taker: Martha A



Attendees:   Tracie PittsKathy LunaMartin GonzalesJohn ImreRegina ImreTim HillisAlicia BerlingerMr. and Mrs. QueenKim Queen
1- financial Issues:  a)  Enrique – donation:     b)  Kathy Luna – Through the end of the month as of 8/31/2008 was $5,659.76;  Butterbraids $1,134, pizza $73.46 all expenses, $300 donation from college and butterbraids $2096.25, balance of $7,147.55.  Butterbraids is gross figure, actual income was $1,261.00.  Pizza obligation party – youth 15 girls for when they got back from 3V3.  Authorization not approved for future parties.  MAG strongly objects to unilateral authorization for such expenditures.  Kathy will send report to maa every month.  Expenses for September is for Copa del Sol tournament which was authorized at last minute.  Expenses to be paid is $85 x 4 teams.   Mr. Hillis stated that he would like to see more planning for such events. MAG  motions to board approval is needed for all expenditures, Kathy seconded motion.  All  in favor – approved. Enrique brings $1,000 from anonymous donor – Immigrant Resource Center.  Money to go toward project – inclusion of less fortunate kids to reach out to immigrant community and incorporate into club.Kathy has a business VISA check card available from the bank to use for expenditures.  Did go to Boys and Girls Club meeting and some situations that we do here need to be approved by them.  Business card requires 3 signatures by the Boys and Girls Club.  No more than 3 cards are to be used.  Advantage is that member does not have to use own VISA card can use club card.  Paul is in charge of purchasing equipment and would be in charge of rooms and lodging for any team.  Or Kathy can be in charge of card.  Kathy agrees to have card.  Consensus on Kathy and Paul be card holders and be authorized to use the card.   As Kathy is treasurer she should have card.  Everyone else to operate as reimbursement basis.  Consensus on previous statement, noone disagrees.   Kathy states that Boys and Girls Club dumped volleyball because they weren’t following rules.  Board brought up at meeting that they are okay with soccer.  As far as bus they will charge .58.5 cents per mile plus bus driver expense.  They don’t have problem borrowing buses and van and they would request advance notice.  They also requested to inform them who picking up key and who dropping off key.  Kathy will be the middleman and will talk with the Board.  The board did not approve the grants on Monday and has to go back for approval.  The fundraiser working with her the Bacon Family, TWC fouindation, youth foundation, coors, western union and women’s sport and El Pomar foundation.  Board thanked the soccer team for their efforts.  Funds from bikathon $905.00 turned in.  The board noted that they want the financial portion of the agreement be adhered to.  More funds from bikathon expected in the amount of  $500.00   Brenda Malouff:  The balance of the trip to Florida:  Another fundraiser coming up – a raffle for the pig; purchase of tickets in two weeks will be due and parents are to purchase and reimburse later to determine the dedication of the parents to the venture.  Ms. Malouff states that 7 girls are going and fundraising is being done by the ability to sell and is tough for 7 girls versus more.  Wanted to do another fundraiser but she got the feeling that community is being asked to often.  MAG stated that we know who will donate and need to broaden the donation pool.  Ms. Malouff asks for suggestions on how to proceed.  Suggestions:  Decide fewer fundraisers and then go for it.  A pig, cord of wood and Steve from Schwans will be donating 3 different packages for raffle prizes.  Using Elk’s license to sell these tickets.  Suggestions made to sell tickets for $10.00 per ticket.  MAG stated that team and team manager to make determination.  Ms. Malouff will have tickets available within 2 weeks, raffle will be end of October, tentatively.  Ms. Malouff will manage the raffle.  Once she gets the tickets together she will deliver tickets to teams to sell.  Mr. Hillis stated that this is club raising and every team should participate.  Mr. Hillis reiterated that any fundraising needs to be done as a club.  MAG stated that $10.00 x 400 tickets or 70-80 tickets as a team.  Tracie stated that the chili fundraising went well.  The contact person for the golf circuit is Bud Osmund and Mike Goodart he will sell at his business.  Also go to Southside liquors and ask them to sell they will help sell.  Suggestion given that business will cooperate in selling ticket by placing a sign with tickets available for sale.  Tracie stated that Lloyd Engen will place an ad in the newspaper if asked to do so.   John asked where and when tickets will be picked up.  Ms. Malouff will get a hold of the coaches.     
2- team issues: a) Alicia- rosters issue:  Alicia stated that her daughter Sarah and in June it was decided that teams would be together.  Sarah did start on roster with Tim’s team and went to tournament in Colo. Springs.  On September 4th Paul told her Sarah would have to be moved down.  Alicia stated communication problems still are a problem.  Paul stated that coaches decision to move kids around and not necessarily involve the parents input.  Alicia stated that the rules/provisions state that kids should remain on initial teams so that parents know where and when kids will be playing.  Alicia requested that parents be involved in decisions involving their kids and the team placement and brought up legal ramifications.  Alicia requests that communication between teams, kids and website correspond.  MAG states that a decision to change child be rescinded.  Alicia stated that her daughter should be where she starts.  MAG stated that decision stands as agreed on.  MAG states that when dealing with minor a parent needs to be notified.  How do we accomplish what we need to do in the future, create own methodology or adopt CYSA determination.  MAG brings up to the board should we adopt CYSA determination or not.  Kathy suggests that we should study and then vote.  Is it the board’s intention to adopt CYSA rules so should we adopt the CYSA rules now.  Jim, Regina, Kathy agrees, no disagreement to and now therefore adopts rules as rules of procedure the CYSA rules and incorporate into our organization as rules of procedure, rules of team development, etc.  Discussion held to specific rules and whether can follow the rules.  Discussion on playing up, not down is acceptable.  As of September 25, 2008 the CYSA rules will be adhered to from now on.  Alicia stated that she does not want to retract the previous action.  The website will designate if not already that the SLV United club will adhere to the CYSA rules.  For the future the CYSA rules will be adhered to and roster will follow the rCYSA rules as stated or will state jon the website.    b)  Tracie Pitts – team development:  Tracie states that the high school team consists of 20-30 girls that club picked and she wants input into picking the team members.  Her concerns are that the kids are quitting before they reach high school age.  Mrs. Queen stated that the kids need to be engaged at an earlier age so that they follow through at the high school level.  MAG stated that we may be missing some of the kids that not reaching all kids appropriately.  Question is how do we recach the kids that were dropping or missing to the extent that Tim or Enrique as a coach running team if we are following procedures and they are coaching that is their team fundamentally, is it not?  How they coach is their decision is it not?  Does any coach disagree, no.  Those that are not appropriate for a particular coach how do wwe reach them, do we start another team, keep on reserve, called wreck, that is where child has to go.  Mr. Tillis stated that we provide competitive team, child chose not to play and had nothing to do with being switched around and another avenue.  Mr. Ingren stated that child did not like other players.  MAG stated that child may drop for different reasons and may not always tell coaches what the real reason to pull a kid.  Are there others that are able to be reached by making another team.  Tracie stated that there is an open gym on Monday and is not mandatory for Jr. High and High School age, 6th grade and up to participate.  Tracie has a list of potential players for high school team.  Enrique stated that posters in school invited kids to participate in a team.  A list was obtained of girls who wanted to continue with soccer.  Tracie would like to start with open gym and develop a team for the future.  The open gym team will consist of high school girls and junior high schools.  Suggestion made to add another team to the SLV United U-14 team.  An attempt will be made to see which kids will be dedicated for future team.  Discussion held.  Open gym will be held for practice during Monday to work with High School girls to get the kids to know each other.  Tracie stated that a future varsity team be a club team after varsity games are over.  Tracie will agree to coach the summer kids.  MAG stated that when it gets to the point of identifying a possible team there has be a long term coach assigned to the team.  If there is a dedicated set as of January start looking for a coach for U-15 or U-14-15.  It is agreed that open gym will be opened up and in January will look at this further to see what develops.  There may be a potential conflict as to coaching time and player affiliation with either club or high school but the child needs to decide at that point.  If there are enough players may need to do a club team during high school season.  Open Gym is to be held on Mondays starting first Monday of October 6:30 – 8:30 in auxillary gym at OMS.  Will be under auspices of SLV United and High School.    c)  Equipment purchases: Equipment purchases:  Authorized but not happened yet.  Enrique turned in request for equipment.  Coaches should get a hold of Paul for purchase requests as soon as possible.   Tracie needs cones, doesn’t know who has them.  Anna Comar has the cones, we need to get them.  MAG states he had 300-400 of them, all colored orange.  Mr. Hillis will get the soft ones and will get those to Tracie.  MAG stated that Paul may have them.  MAG will look for them.      
 2a - boys teams:   Enrique stated that  there are 7 boys to compete – U-12, deadline for registration deadline is tomorrow.  Motion made that $85.00 to be taken out to pay no objections made and expense is authorized.  If boys do not commit will get the money back.  Enrique has been attempting to contact Copa del Sol personnel.  Kathy gave website and phone number to Enrique.  Enrique is given check for $85.00.  Juan has committed to help coach.  MAG will substitute as coach if Juan does not show but requests 2 days notice.______________________________________________________________________________________________________2b - girls teams:  Tim states that Copa del Sol on 11th, 4 girls team to participate.  (two) by Tim, One by John and one by Dave and (one – boys) by Enrique to be taken to the tournament. 
3- coaches issues:    MAG states he needs volunteer forms to Boys and Girls club.  Kathy states that membership form needs to be filled out and turned in with registration.  Kathy needs to know who is previous member so that membership dues will not be done twice.  Tax exempt statement given to Paul, Kathy and coaches.  Regina makes motion made to coaches motel rooms be paid for Friday night.  Seconded by John.  Passed by consensus.  MAG motions that coaches turn in Boys and Girls Club volunteer application within two weeks or they will cease to be coach.  Seconded by Regina.  Passed by consensus.  Mr. Hillis asked if they needs to be done every year and Kathy stated that it probably needs to be done every year but will ask Boys and Girls Club for clarification. MAG stated cannot find a D licensing clinic with any kind of reason to be postponed until next Spring.   New Business:  Roster is requested.  Kathy stated that Optimist Club will donate but in return needs a member at the cost of $93.00.  Kathy needs to let them know within next 10 days.  They will give $500 every year.  Kathy stated that they would help us with soccer tournament if needed.  Tim will volunteer for Optimist Club.   Kathy will hear from Kawanis for donation in next two weeks.   Enrique stated that Boys soccer playing in middle school this Saturday at l0:00 in the morning.  Next meeting will be held  October 16, 2008 at 7:30 p.m.    



SLV UNITED 4/10/20087:45 PMSycare/Alamosa



Meeting called by:


Type of meeting:


Note taker:









financial Issues














Action items: Person responsible: Deadline:










team issues














Action items: Person responsible: Deadline:










boys teams














Action items: Person responsible: Deadline:










coaches issues










Sunday, July 27
Meeting Minutes - July 2008
 July 17, 2008Board meeting agenda


1.                      Donations/ Fund Raiser/ Money to Boys & Girls Club %- Money raised during the year by any team will be put in the general club fund. This fund is used to buy equipment for teams, pay for uniforms, gas for vans, hotel rooms for coaches, coaches licenses  and other administrative items.The board decided to pay boys and girls club 5% of any grants that are awarded to SLV United Club. This will be to help cover costs of using the Boys and Girls Club vans and facilities throughout the year. Grants are being worked on by Kathleen for 2008-2009.  

2.                       Receipts/Request for money- Kathleen need a receipt to be turned in when money is being requested to be reimbursed. All receipts and player packets with yearly dues need to also be turned in to Kathleen.  

3.                      Yearly Dues- August 1st SLV United will start collecting yearly player fees of $100 per player. The board agreed to allow four payments of $25.00 to whoever needed the extra time to pay the dues. If dues are not paid in full by November 30,2008 players will not be eligible to play in games.                       

4.                      File & Paper work for 200-2009 procedure- Martha Archuleta was hired to organize and keep track of all SLV United paperwork. She will be responsible for making sure each player has completed all paperwork correctly and that is scanned into our database.  

5.                      Tax Exempt hotel rooms for coaches/can club afford to pay coaches hotel rooms? The board has agreed to pay for all head coaches hotel rooms on all board approved games/tournaments effective immediately.   

6.                      tax exempt for equipment- The head coach of each team is responsible for getting a copy of the Boys and Girls Club tax exempt form in order to purchase equipment.

7.                      budget and schedule coaches clincs/licenses- SLV United will pay for head coaches licenses each year. 

8.                      person in charge of t-shirts/hoodies etc. Any team wanted to buy SLV United appearal must be approved by the board before items are ordered. Please contact the Board Secretary prior to board meeting so that the presentation can be put on board agenda. 

9.                      Gift package for Lloyd at valley courier- approved to pay $50 to Kathleen for Bronco tickets to give to Loyd as a gift. Martin is to follow up with Rapids ticket. 

10.                   Term of board members- Board currently has three board positions open: Chair, Secretary and one At large member. If you would like to be considered for a position please contact Regina at and a ballot will be put together. Voting will begin at next board meeting on Aug 14th at 7:30 pm. All parents who have turned in their player packets will be eligible to vote at that time.  

11.                   are new uniforms going to be ordered this year/ (same , different, when?)- SLV United uniforms will stay the same and will be ordered as needed for players that have paid their dues. If you need uniforms please let your Paul Duarte know as he is the equipment/uniform manager. 

12.                 who should attend board meetings- SLV United board meetings are open to everyone.


Thursday, June 19
Meeting Minutes - June 2008


Meeting Minutes


I.     Call to order

m. gonzales called to order the regular meeting of the SLV United Board at 7:45pm on 6-19-08 in SyCare Offices 609 Main St, Alamosa, CO .

II.     Roll call

Kelly  & David Gallegos

Kathy Luna

Martin Gonzales

John Imre

Regina Imre

Paul Duarte  (not present – fireman duties)

Tim Hillis (not present – family emergency)

Enrique Guerrero

III.     Open issues

a)     Financial Report:  emailed by Kathy last week. NO CHANGES

b)     Fund raising Issues

1)     Enrique – dinner  -- See article – tickets to be handed out by Enrique --  27th @ Sacred Heart -- @ 6pm ---

2)     Pitts – ButterBraids  -- Tracie has received docs and will distribute next week..  (must sell at least 500 to avoid having to go to Denver to pick them up)

c)     Team issues

1)     Enrique:  18 – U15 boys (4 under U13) ads in paper and word going out.   Venues --  organizers Enrique and martin

2)     U-8 & U9 boys are coming – Organizer martin 

3)     Tracie:  June 10 – 16-18 girls - U18  Venues ??? organizers : tracie and Alicia  ---- to play with Enrique team on Tuesday coming

4)     Matrix 96 -- ages being shared until 8-1-08 – EACH TEAM TO BE WITH 2 AGE GROUP YEARS… PARENTS TO BE DISCUSSED AS TO WHY.

5)     Force 98 -- -- ages being shared until 8-1-08 – EACH TEAM TO BE WITH 2 AGE GROUP YEARS… PARENTS TO BE DISCUSSED AS TO WHY.

6)     Titans 94– tournament last week in Pueblo (4 games ) and 3v3 tourney in Denver next weekend.  (Dan Cliff room cost $180.00 to be paid for – motion moved and passed).  Possible July albq. 3v3 tourney at cost of $162.00 – moved and passed. 

7)     U-9 girls still being organized by Gallegos’ target date within weeks



d)     Coaching Issues:  maximum number per team – 19  (moved and passed with john objecting)

1)     ideas to sell the parents/kids on soccer

i.     END of rec season tourney (small-sided – 3v3)

ii.     Coed teams???



IV.     New business

a)     Nice articles in Newspaper today 




b)     Offer has been made to help the rec program (by martin)

c)     Fees for next season -- $100 is present level – moved and passed to remain at same level

d)     Kathy to be working grant processing in August.

e)     Regina to organize group pics.

f)     4th of July float and walk… (john)  (moved and passed to purchase novelty soccer balls to tossed out)

V.     Adjournment

m. gonzales adjourned the meeting at 7-17-08 @ 7:30p.m.

Thursday, June 19
Meeting Minutes - May 2008






Meeting called by


Type of meeting




Note taker



Terry Hamilton,

Kelly  & David Gallegos,

Tracie Pitts

Kathy Luna

Martin Gonzales

John Imre

Paul Duarte

Tim Hillis

Alicia Berlinger

Enrique Guerrero


Agenda topics

30 minuted


kathy luna


Kathy needs to get financial to all  concerned

Kiwanis club approached -- $200/yr & optimist club -- $200.00 [$400.00 total]  -- ?use for general equipment line item?

ButterBraids fundraiser [2 weeks duration requirement]: 500 orders = $2000.00 //    
SLV Immigrant resource center to sponsor fundraiser dinner with co-sponsor and matching funders @ Sacred Hear – Needs ticket sellers and food cookers  --- 6:30pm on June 27


Anonymous donors - $???

Optimist Club: $300/team – with return of $300 plus $100-$200 extra  June 28 – 10 person (kids & chaperone) team relay for 8 hrs   -- 


Use the Kiwanis & optimist $ for equipment – consensus-passed  / ButterBraids fundraiser [2 weeks duration requirement] – July 8 – July 22 for delivery end of july (10 orders/kid)  - consensus-passed

SLV Immigrant resource center to sponsor fundraiser dinner with co-sponsor and matching funders @ Sacred Hear – Needs ticket sellers and food cookers  --- 6:30pm on June 27for $5/person $20 family of Five.

Optimist Club: $300/team– 10 person (kids & chaperone) 3 players per team to be named by each coach by  May 30 and given to tim/ Kathy to pay registration  -- 

Action items

Person responsible


Paul to purchase equipment


Tracie to organize butterbraids  within 4 days

Enrique to organize with 10 days report via email to all. Tickets then.

Tim top organize relay



30 minutes

teams – general boy/girls



Girls: Tim/matrix [14 girls]  – good connections to Santa Fe Rec people  - Game vs Chivas Regal to occur locally in this summer.. stinger and prodigy tourneys come up.  All registered and prepared. Salida wants “Friday Night Lights” play – TBA

John/force 97 --  good pick up games coming from Santa Fe and Salida – Need more girls (shy 4-5 girls) requirement of bring a friend to practice/tourney and BBQ – to occur TBA

Dan/Titans (U14 – 10 girls – need to recruit):   Santa Fe games – improving


Enrique:  18 – U15 boys (4 under U13) ads in paper and word going out.   Venues --  organizers Enrique and martin  (Santa Fe looking for U12 boys play)


Tracie:  June 10 – 16-18 girls - U18  Venues ??? organizers : tracie and Alicia  --


U-8 & U9 boys are there – Organizer martin  (john to get names with 10 days)


U8 & U9 girls – small side local play with close venues.







Action items

Person responsible



30 minutes

coaches issues



Coaching development 

DAN needs to do E  (college covers)        

frank/david g/Shawna/paul/Alicia need E                   

tim/john/tracie/Enrique needs to do D

Age development – be aware of the issues

Naming  of teams




Naming  always use year and SLV United club identification


Action items

Person responsible



[Time allotted]








Special notes

June 19th next meeting @ 7:45pm

Thursday, April 10
Meeting Minutes - Apr 2008
SLV UNITED 4/10/20087:45 PMSycare/Alamosa

Meeting called by:


Type of meeting:   Board meeting


Note taker: mag




Kelly Gallegos,

Tracie Pitts

Kathy Luna

Martin Gonzales

John Imre

Regina Imre

Paul Duarte

Tim Hillis

Alicia Berlinger


1- financial Issues:

a)       Costs per team -- $4K per team is good target

b)       Registration receipts -- $100/player [when ever registered]  --- B&G may be able to get use forms

c)       Fundraisers:  Club 5/2/08 @ 1st Methodist  --- 15 tickets per player/ or 20 per family is target for presently registered players by Tuesday April 15th --- Paul is to look into a sucker scam for raffle (team sweatshirt & hoody- Regina/ signed ball - Paul/ Rapids Team flag – mag/ Schwann’s presentation  - by Steve Martinez/ Butter Braids – Tracie to look into and email to board  / --- cooking by parents (Regina to ID parents) --- REGINA IS COORDINATOR   

d)       B&G relationship:  WE ARE WORKING THRU B&G– THEY ARE FOLLOWING OUR LEAD!!!  Moved by Kathy for petty Cash fund of $200 Second: Tim – full consensus passes  --- Art Barrios: single guy needs a meal


2- team issues:

          a) Registrations:   Need to double-check the packet -- $ belongs with B&G copy???  --- Kathy will to be registrar  (email her what was sent or to be sent to B&G)  -- New Boys teams potential (middle school aged) with IRC & some local banks willing to fund / MAG to work up contracts with players.  Moved by Enrique to precede in principle – second by Paul---consensus to get them in at least by next season.  U-10?????   Need list from each rec coach --- (Andrea Balmores to do) High School age – Tracie proposes U-19 (there would by 17) --- Discussion of bring in younger players with younger high school players in small sided venues or mixed in indoor league in winter. --- Sale of tickets?? 

3 - boys teams:  SEE ABOVE


girls teams:


a)       Names/coaches  - Kathy (registrar and martin)  --- GET your coaches contracts and volunteer agents in (see website for forms)


b)       Uniforms:   all purchases need to be recycled – TURN THEM INTO PAUL – TELL HIM WHAT YOUR TEAMS HAVE.   Chill’s wants a copy for the wall – approved by consensus

c)       All new purchases – need board approval

d)       Tournaments:  only with a team of at least 16 for full side  (no more than 1 year played up in age) if not we play team with friendlies - small sided teams and  3 v 3  & 4v4 venues.


Coaches issues:   

1-    WE are a limited number… We need to be able to talk to each other, but the coach is the coach.

2-    E badges in

3-    Parents/kids/coaches need to respect each other – talk to the person you have issues with DIRECTLY…

Additional Information
   Next meeting 5/22/08 @ 7pm

Tuesday, February 5
Meeting Minutes - Jan 2008

Minutes for January 2008

Attendance: John Imre, Regina Imre, Tim Hillis, Martin Gonzales, Paul Duarte

The board was presented with a new uniform package for 2008/2009 Season. Pro’s and Con’s were discussed.

Obtaining sponsorship was discussed by the board. Presentations for various sponsors is being constructed by John and going to be presented by Pat, Paul and Jim.

Martin requested a break down per team per venue for spring and summer to pursue funding. Martin and the board members present requested that we have a financial statement at every board meeting. If treasurer is unable to make it is to be given to another board member to present monthly. Boys  & Girls club contacted a club member stating that still need registration forms and dues as soon as possible.

2008 Dominos Girls Cup was discussed and suggestions were made to pursue video and media coverage.

Martin is going to talk to Parks and Rec about getting the club involved in recreation soccer. Tim was also going to talk to Monica about having the club player’s games on Fridays to accommodate the clubs travel schedule.

John is to attach the Boys & Girls Club website to SLV United website.

The upcoming spring/summer schedule was presented to the board and approved.

John and Tim are attending a coaching seminar on Feb 22- 24th in Kansas.

Tim and John requested more help from staff at club events.

Next meeting was set for February 21, 2007

Meeting Adjourned.

Thursday, November 8
Meeting Minutes - Nov 2007

Minutes November 8, 2007


Attendance:  Martin Gonzales, Jason Croke, Toni Pizza, Tim Hillis, Regina Imre, John Imre, Pat Cordova, Kathleen Luna


Adult (16 & over) Indoor soccer league is scheduled to begin November 30th to April 2008.  There is a meeting at the Alamosa Parks and Rec on Friday, November 09th from 5-6pm.  The meeting will cover the cost, schedule and regulations.  Tim Hillis will be the key holder. Pat Cordova will be the administrator at the games along with Martin to help post scores, yellow cards, ect… We are hoping for 16 teams, 7-10 players per team. Teams will provide their own shirts. Green is reserved for the refs.  Traci Pitts is currently working on getting refs. It was decided by the board that we would pay the refs $6.00 per game.  The Refs will need to go through Boys & Girls Club to get their background check and insurance liability coverage.  Martin suggested that a male board member be present at the games on a rotation basis. This is to keep the games under control. It was suggested by Tim Hillis to talk to Capt. Jackson to have a deputy go by the Rec periodically. We just want to make sure there is no fighting and the games stay on time. The games will be held on Fridays starting at 6:00 pm. We do have soccer balls for the tournament but are still in need of goals and other equipment. Martin will get the goals ordered as soon as possible.  The board approved $150 to cover the cost of trophies It was suggested that we do a concession stand as the tournament. The current SLV United teams could rotate weekly.


 Jason and Tim did an interview with KASF and it airs Nov 13th from 7-9pm. 


 John is also going to contact Keny TV to cover some of the indoor soccer league along with the award ceremony.  John will also put an ad in the paper to advertise the tournament. 


John as been working hard on getting the teams on a schedule for games in Colorado and New Mexico and stated that because of this he wants to be able to utilize the Boys&Girls Club vans as much as possible. With this being said Martin brought up the fact that we have not given him approval to sign the MOU papers that is needed for us to be officially affiliated with them Boys & Girls Club. The board discussed the pros and cons of signing the form. Some of the pros stated were the utilization of their facility for games, practice also the usage of their vans, background checks and insurance. Some of the cons are if a new board of directors or a new executive director comes in they could cut us loose. Also the Boys & Girls Club is sometimes looked at as a place for troubled kids and the concern is that that perception might fall on the SLV United. Tim Hillis suggested at the time that SLV United start the process to getting our own 501-C3 . This would give us our tax-exempt status among other benefits. It takes about 2-3 years to get an approval or denial from the IRS for our 501-C3.It is important that if the papers were signed the board suggested that SLV United agree to have the teams go to the boys and girls club, with club shirts on, once a month to participate in Boys & Girls Club activities. Martin suggested the teams go to B & G Club for an hour before a practice to make our monthly commitment.  The yearly registration fee to join the Boys & Girls Club is $5.00. This money will come out of the $100 yearly registration fee that each player is responsible for now. The board then gave Martin Gonzales permission to sign the MOU with the boys and girls club and appointed Pat Cordova to assist in getting the process started to getting our 501-C3 status. Martin will also turn in all the Boys & Girls registration forms he already has on file.


DJ Mitchell from McDonalds was asked to be the liaison between the SLV United and the Boys & Girls Club and he accepted.  He also had agreed to donate at least $1000 a year to SLV United. John will put McDonalds on the website as a proud sponsor. John is getting a price on sponsor banners.


Winter touches in Center started on Nov 5th. 180 flyers went out for the Center touches and we received about a 10 % turnout.  Tim said it was a very positive environment and that kids were looking forward to the club coming back. There will be winter touches again in Center on Nov 12th.  Tim will talk to Walter Martinez about a boys 8-9(age) team that Walter said he might be able to put together.  Jason at that time mentioned that we need to get coaches recruited.  It was suggested that we contact Charles Rikeman to get him involved as soon as possible. It was suggested if he is interested to get him involved with the winter touches.  Tim will do the contacting of Walter and Charles to attend the next meeting.


Clair Lara was the U17 girl’s coach and has resigned. Traci Pitts will take over as head coach for the U17 girls team effective immediately.  It was also suggested by Jason that Traci be removed as the player developer.  Board approved.


ASC is holding a youth soccer camp on Dec 10 at $35 a person.  Tim will contact Tom Cliff to set up a meeting with some of the board members to find out how we can work together with ASC to get soccer more recognized in the valley. Martin, John, Tim, Pat and Kathleen will attend this meeting.


It was also mentioned again that all $100 player dues be turned in by the next meeting in December.  Equipment inventory also need to be completed for Paul Duarte.


It was suggested and agreed upon by the board that a Financial Report needs to be attached to the monthly board meeting minutes. 


Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 20th at 7:30pm.


Meeting adjourned.

Sunday, September 30
Meeting Minutes Sep 2007


Attendance: Martin Gonzales, Jason, John Imre, Regina Imre, Kathleen Luna, Traci Pitts, Toni Pizza, Paul Duarte, Tim Hillis

Kathleen gave financial overview. The Coaching clinic is being paid. Member fees need to be collected ASAP. The deadline for the fees was suggested to be Dec 31,2007. Payment arrangements can be made if necessary and will be on a one and one basis.

Martin- Negotations are still in the works for the golf tournament for 2008. Arnold and Margarite Salazare are doing negotiations.

SLV United is still waiting for grant from Boys&Girls club for a soccer organizer that will be a full time employee. Enrique is possible candidate for the job.

Tim- To follow under CYSA we had to pay $13 per player for their insurance coverage.  Fees cover players, coaches and admin. We paid for 25 players. It was suggested that we pay for an additional 5 players for a cushion so that admendments don't need to be made throughout the year.

John's team is going well. Toni Pizza is his assistant. They will be in the Copa Del Sol tournament on Oct 13th and  have a double header scheduled for Oct 20th. Both, the tournament and double-header will be in Durango. Kelly Gallegos is currently his team manager.

Paul was nominated to the be the U12 Girls Team Manager. A team meeting will be set soon to discuss the roles of the Team Manager and a Co-Manager will be chosen.

Jason- Indoor soccer is still on hold per Monica at Rec Center. She is awaiting approval from her boss.

Paul requested a copy of all the equipment from the team coaches. Coaches will get him a list for next board meeting on October 11th.

Tim hasn't been contacted by Jim Colson about winter touches. Tim will go ahead and get in contact with Monte Vista, Center and Centauri schools and set up a schedule and venue for winter touches. Traci Pitts will assist in setting up a practice format.  Suggested schedule that board is looking at is Center Nov 5-9 Nov 12-16th. Monte Vista Nov 26-30th Dec 3-7th.  Centauri Dec 10-20th. Alamosa will continue to do winter touches. It won't be mandatory but will be open to youth 8 and up.  The day of the week winter touches will be held on in Alamosa will depend on schedule with other schools. If you have any questions about winter touches you can contact SLV United Head Coach Tim Hillis 589-8619.

Traci Pitts has decided to step down has head coach of the U12 Girls team partly to concentrate  on her final year of school but mainly to concentrate on being the SLV United Skills Development Leader . She will be attending the practices of all the formed teams to work on development.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting scheduled for Oct 11,2007 7:30pm.




Sunday, February 22
Meeting Minutes - Feb 2009
Meeting held on February 18, 2009
Members Present:  

Larry Jack, Martin Gonzales, Kelly Gallegos, John Imre, Tim Hillis, Kathleen Luna

Financial Report:

Donation from Boys and Girls Club will be made to cover Martha’s salary for awhile.  Kathleen gave financial report.  Balance at this time is $11,225.91, expenditures: $3,280.00.  Martin gave a check for $17.32 for donation from SLV Federal.  Tim gave explanation of how SLV Federal determines how votes are done for donation amount from SLV Federal.  Every vote is about $9.00 per vote.  This is held around Christmas.  Every account at the bank is a vote.  The expenditures noted above were made to four.
Total income $587.32.  Ending balance is $7673.23.  Kathleen stated that Mrs. Martinez requesting funding for both girls but gave only to one child.  Brenda offered to give her reimbursement to the remaining child.  This issue was brought before the board and discussion held between the board members.   Martin asked if the club did anything intentionally or whatever to give impression that they would be covered.  John stated that it might be beneficial to have extra players.   Martin proposes that the child be reimbursed from the club.  Consensus was obtained to have the club pay for the Martinez child and Brenda’s child.  In the future we need a venue contract/proposal for further trips especially when traveling is involved from coaches.  
Team Reports:  

Martin stated that venue lists are needed from the coaches as soon as possible.  Martha is to contact coaches.  Tim stated that he does now know who is on his roster.  Kids are doing other sports.  Tim stated that to predict venues will be difficult because of lack of players.  Tim wants to have a team meeting and then a parent meeting in the near future.  Kathleen suggested that a team/parent meeting be scheduled.  Track season is also coming up.  Accordingly, it may not be possible to get the venues or rosters during school sports.  

Tim stated he had done the paperwork, however, Mary at Boys and Girls Club.  Martha will check with Mary again about who is covered, who needs to get their paperwork.  Due to renewal process it may need to be done again.  Kathleen will check with Mary on paperwork.  Tim will go down to fill out paperwork.  Mary will bill us for the background check to include team managers, team coaches and assistant coaches.  Consensus obtained to have the background checks on team managers, coaches and assistant coaches will be done.  

John stated that he has a team/parent meeting scheduled for March 4, 2009 for Force 98 U-11 at Ortega Middle School.  John stated that warmup practice held recently but will begin regular practice in March.  Most players appreciated break.   
Coaches Issues:  

 Jeanine Chunley will not be able to be assistant coach for Vipers U-9 this year due to other obligations.  

Enrique did go to the Kansas City seminar a couple of weeks ago.  

New Business:  

Martin stated that discussions held with Dustin Valdez who is working on a database for us.  Dustin will also be working on a website for the club.  Martin also working on PDF forms to be filled in online to have data put into one place.  

Tim stated that Brian Benke wants the club to do another Spring rec soccer day to be held in late March.  They have a new program to divide kids into height, weight, age, etc. to help with management of kids.  Brian wants to divide fields and have coaches do a two hour seminar on same day.  They are looking from April 1st through May 16th.  Martin and Kelly met with Brian and if he wants to break kids into 2-3 age groups that two coaches will be needed for each group.  Brian is hoping to go to age 12.  Tim relayed particulars of discussion with Brian Benke.  Tim suggested that the club should help with this with the understanding that winter facility time would be donated in exchange for help with the soccer days.  Martin suggested that we bring in college coaches for a fee to give kids exposure to a college level soccer coach.  Discussions were held regarding a local tournament after rec season.  Finish rec season with a tournament.  Tim stated that the trip to send players to Durango be limited to age 12.  Tim will talk to Brian Benke about an end of year tournament.  

Tim contacted Optimist Club and they will provide support in whatever manner needed for a tournament.  

Martin stated that High School Girl’s team is requesting ball girls.  Any recommendations to be given to Martin and he will work with Jerry Green.  CHASSA website has school schedule for High School.  Traci and Enrique will not have soccer teams until the Fall because of other sports obligations.  There is a men’s team soccer team being developed at ASC.  Tim stated that with the addition of men’s soccer team talks regarding prospect of ASC hosting a tournament has been proposed by ASC coach.    

Larry stated that the end of the outdoor season he has goals in his shop.  He suggested that perhaps a storage shed could be rented for a centralized location for equipment.  A tough shed on someone’s property may have a tax consequence.  Larry suggested perhaps a trailer to put the equipment in so that it is mobile.  Kelly mentioned that the hockey team had applied for a grant for storage and concession facility for their equipment, etc.  She suggested that it may be an idea for the board to consider.  Discussion held regarding purchase of trailer.  Larry will do research on costs, etc.  Kathleen suggested an auction in Colorado Springs may have a trailer for a good price.  Larry and Martin would donate time to go.  Consensus is made to have Larry do research on specifics and then coordination to be made with Kathleen to have one purchased at an auction.  Larry proposed perhaps a 16 foot trailer x 6 feet.  Larry will get perimeters and suggested prices and he will let Kathleen know.  Kathleen will then contact her contacts who attend auctions weekly.  Discussions held on where to keep trailer once purchased.  Martin suggested it be parked at Sheriff’s lot.  Larry and Tim have room to park trailer.  

Kathleen stated that fundraising needs to be approved by Boys and Girls Club board.  Fundraisers should be brought to Kathleen’s attention.

No other business discussed.  Next meeting to be held on March 26, 2009 at 7:30 p.m.