S.L.Steam: About The Steam


   The S.L.Steam are a non-profit independant club basketball franchise, semi-pro level, that look to make their mark on the basketball scene in the Mountain region. With their first exhibition season underway they will face the tough semi-pro talent from Arizona and Utah. The S.L.Steam gives forgotten players  the adventure and hype of basketball season once again. This is a golden chance to play structured competitive basketball. The hardships of keeping motivated in pursuit of a basketball career are bridged with day to day turmoil. We will be the one and only entity that promote our franchise as well as the players on the team. This allowing prospects, who seek aid in marketing themselves, an outlet to build their Promo Kits to present to agents and scouts. Featuring ex-college, over seas, and minor league pro players, the S.L.Steam will be a force to contend with this upcoming exhibition season. They have 20+ highly competitive games against in-league and tournament opponents.

Regular updates of games stats and each player will be entered onto the website allowing all fans, talent scouts, interested players, and agents to keep monitor of the S.L. Steam week by week. Alot of the games will be video taped and highlights displayed on website.

General Contact Info:

e-mail: slsteambasketball@gmail.com

Business Line:  801-673-3624