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Saturday, October 18

The S.L. Steam Franchise is off to a solid start and look to be a real contender as expected. Half way through the season, and a 8-2 record, the Steam have played some highly touted teams to which they have battled profusely. All went according to plan the first seven games as the steam started to get recognition for their steller defense and fast break offense. They held teams to less than 60 points a game and avg. 80+ a game. Their first real test came in against the LeHi Allstars that encompassed recently graduated UVU players. Lehi surprised The Steam with 13/20 from the 3-point arc and defeated them 109-96. Steam defense picked up too late in the second half which brought the game to within 7.

The next game came against the Flash Factory sponsored Hold' Em Runners which included three 6'7" D1 Players. It was a nail bitter to the end as Hold' Em led most of the game. The Steams defense picked up and pulled out the victory 70-66 in OT. Two days later the Steam were mangled and loss to the Clearfield Atwater Select Team which housed superstars Tim Drisdom (Utah), Myron Simms (Utah State), and James Lewis (San Diego State). The thwarting jolted the Steam to a 18 point victory in their next game. The rematch with Clearfield comes next friday at the Clearfield Aquatics center at 830

Stand out players for the Steam have been Austin Christiansen (SLCC, Eastern Wyoming - All Conf., Regis Univ. - All Conf.) 21.6pts 10.1rebs, Derek Brown (Colorado NW, Eastern Oregon) 16pts, 8rebs, and Matt Thomas (Northwestern Oklahoma Univ) 7.8pts 2.8 ass 1.9 stls.

The remaining games come as a aid to push the Steam's prowess higher in a strong effort to succeed at their highly touted, semi-pro level tournament "The Steaming Jamboree" which looks to include 2-3 ABA teams. (Nov. 21, 22 website will have exact game schedules) The Steam are a semi-pro level basketball club whos goal is to enhance completely unknown players to the pro-am, semi-pro, and pro level. This tournament will be a high prestige of basketball excellence pitting some of the highest level of semi-pro talent against each other. "The Steaming Jamboree" looks to house a slc/utah basketball fans, many scouts of all levels, and the general semi-pro community looking to support The Steam (www.eteamz.com/slsteam)



Saturday, September 6

Its been a long hard road for the players that call themselves players but end up on the lost circuit.  No fancy road trips, no nice hotels, hope the team swindler-er-owner does takes care of ALL expenses.  Then theres the elite few that never give up and don't care what they have to do as long as they play.  That is the case of the Men of the newly formed S.L. Steam basketball franchise located in Salt Lake.  Several men over looked by the collegiate and pro basketball community with credentials playing in high school state champions ships to south american pro tournaments. 

I wish to mark an extreme twinge of happiness to that effect of what i see in this program 8-10 guys lacing up their shoes and hitting court with nothing but their love of the game.  Who is to lie and say a couple have this only option as their audition to go to the next level, but who cares? The fans get to catch the fine specimens when they are developed but still extremely humble.  Just like the AND1 Allstars.  The most charasmatic, humble superstars you will ever meet.  As internaionally known as they are they will and have stayed after every game, tired and all, and signed every autograph and took countless pictures.  You can even approach them in their most relaxed environment and talk to them. The CLUB!!! OH!!

I wish to wish the SL Steam lots of luck in their "launch, play, and try your luck" first season.  We will keep fans posted on their progress. You can also see a short highlight show every week of the games on the site.(www.eteamz.com/slsteam). In Dec they will have a much anticipated post-launch Jamborree involving semi-pro teams from all over the mountain and west coast.  With an aim to really give the franchise a push into the basketball regime they embody scouts throughout JC, University, Oversees, and American Pro organizations.