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2017 Registration Forms

2017 Volunteer Application.pdf2017 Volunteer Application.pdf

2017 Medical Release Form.pdf2017 Medical Release Form.pdf

2017 Manager Application2017 Manager Application

2017 Local Rules

Local rules are specific rules for LFLL. Some of the rules written up in these rules are also contained in Little League Official Rules. Local rules are allowed by Little League for specific items enabling Leagues to fit their needs.

2017 Tee ball Rules.pdf2017 Tee ball Rules.pdf

2017 Rookie Rules.pdf2017 Rookie Rules.pdf

2017 Single A Rules.pdf2017 Single A Rules.pdf

2017 AA Rules.pdf2017 AA Rules.pdf

2017 AAA Rules.pdf2017 AAA Rules.pdf

2017 AAA Rules Revised.pdf2017 AAA Rules Revised.pdf

2017 Intermediate Rules.pdf2017 Intermediate Rules.pdf

2017 Junior Rules.pdf2017 Junior Rules.pdf

2017 Safety Manual

2017 Safety Manual2017 Safety Manual

2017 Field Permits

2017 LFLL Field Permits2017 LFLL Field Permits

2017 Sponsor Forms

2017 Sponsorship Options2017 Sponsorship Options

2016 Challenger Program Information

2016 Challenger Guidelines.pdf2016 Challenger Guidelines.pdf

2016 Challenger Game Play Guidelines For Buddies.pdf2016 Challenger Game Play Guidelines For Buddies.pdf

2016 Intermediate Division Buddy Preparation.pdf2016 Intermediate Division Buddy Preparation.pdf

2016 Scorekeeper Info

2016 Scorekeeper Clinic.ppt2016 Scorekeeper Clinic.ppt

2016 Scorekeeper Clinic.pdf2016 Scorekeeper Clinic.pdf

Instructional Resources


Camps & Clinics

Note: LFLL is not promoting one provider over another. These are listed as a source of information to let you know about some of the options available to your player.


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