Saint Luke's Athletic Association: Volunteers

Tuesday, July 4

Do you have a few extra hours a month?

Do you love sports?


If the answer is "yes" then the St. Luke's Athletic Association would love to here from you.

It's always sad to have to tell a child that they can't be on a team because we don't have a coach.  It's even worse to tell them they can't play because there are too many children on the team.  

There are many ways you can volunteer. 

You can be a head coach (no experience necessary since we do provide training)  or an assistant coach.  If you can't commit to either than talk to someone and you can share the job.  There are many ways to work these things out so our children can play and learn a sport.  Read our Mission Statement - it's about teaching our children about discipline, teamwork, commitment & loyalty.  They learn these things without realizing it and have fun along the way.

Help out at a game.  If it rained the night before your child's game bring a broom or a rake and help the coaches get the field ready.  Remember the coaches are volunteers. 

Hold the flag at a soccer game.

Collect the money at a basketball game.


Let us know what you would like to do and we'll find something. 

If you are interested in helping us out please contact any one of the board members or email us at

Thank you.

Handout: Authorization Background Check