Saint Luke's Athletic Association: Track (CYO)

Tuesday, July 4


Commissioner: Don Hansen (

Co-Commissioner: Thomas Mcloughlin  (  

 Track Meet Schedules - Please refer to the CYO website


  1. No student who has either run or practiced with a high school track team is eligible to run in any CYO track meet.
  2. Team scoring is based on the order of finish of the first three runners on your team. A team cannot score if there are less than three runners entered. A tie in team scoring is broken by the finishing position of the third runner on the teams involved.
  3. At the coaches' meeting prior to the start of each of the meets coaches will draw starting line positions for their teams. If a coach is not at the meeting, a number will be drawn for them. The starting line will be divided into sections, or boxes, of equal size (5' to 6'), one box for each of the teams entered for the cross country season. Your runners on the starting line are to line up in your drawn box number only. We expect you will be able to line up between 4 to 6 runners on the start line. However, no more than 6 runners may be placed on the start line. Additional runners on your team will line up anywhere along a second line placed 12 to 18 inches behind the start line at your discretion. We expect every team's cooperation in placing their runners correctly on the starting line. This system is intended to reduce crowding and congestion at the start while giving all teams regardless of size a fair position at the start.
  1. Pacing of runners during the race is not allowed by coaches, parents or teammates. Consideration will be given to runners at the back of the field in the younger age groups.
  1. A runner must be on your roster before the third meet in order to be counted in the team scoring at the Diocesan Meet. Anyone entered before the final meet can run but cannot score points for your team.
  2. The annual collection of toys to benefit the children in the pediatric ward of the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center will be held on Sunday, October 26th. The enclosed flyer will be handed out to all runners at the October 20th meet. Please bring this to the attention of your team during the season. If it is convenient toys may be turned in at any of the earlier meets.




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Handout: Track Information