Stars in Las Vegas
Las Vegas March 26, 2011 - 5th Grade Boys
Stars at UNLV - 5th Grade Boys
Thanks Coach Johnny for all the hard work you have done with my son.  Before he started learning under your tuteladge seven months ago he was shy, could not handle the ball and sat the bench of his team.  Now he's the starting point gaurd after you've taught him confidence, ball handling and shooting skills.  Thank you once again for the lessons!!!!!
Kenneth G - Independent Associate (Manager) Prepaid Legal Svc's






Welcome to SKYLINE STARS website.  Here you can find information on our elite youth competitive basketball teams.  We specialize in the fundamentals of basketball.  SKYLINE STARS is designed to introduce younger children (1st-2nd grades) to the game of basketball and provide enchanced instructions to youth and teens in grades 3rd-11th.  All participants play in every game.  It's a great experience for all involved and helps teach teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, friendship, discipline with safety foremost in mind, and to maximize the fun of the game.

 "We are committed to give our Best and bring out the Best in each child"


  • Teach the fundamentals - FUN - DEFENSE - MENTAL
  • Teach respect for self and others
  • Skills to advance to the next level

  Skyline Stars basketball club team will provide continued player and team development training through well planned weekly practice and competitive league and tournament play.

Stars welcome to Las Vegas - March 23-27, 2011