Skagit Volleyball Club: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Skagit Volleyball Club started?
Skagit Volleyball Club was started by Charlie Guildner in 1995.  That year, the team had one U14 team, and the Puget Sound Region of USA Volleyball had not yet been formed.  Since then, we have had the privelege of coaching and working with some amazing players and people that keep us coming back every year.

Because you are based in Mount Vernon, does that mean you only take Mount Vernon students on your teams?
NO!  We welcome any and all players from area schools who want to play club volleyball at an affordable price. In our 20 years, we have had players from Mount Vernon, Conway, Sedro-Woolley, Anacortes, Burlington, Bellingham, Stanwood, LaConner, Arlington, Darrington, Coupeville, Oak Harbor, Marysville, and Friday Harbor.

How do the age levels work?
Age levels are determined by birthdate.  A player can play UP an age level, but cannot play down an age level.  For more thorough information on age group definitions, please visit the Puget Sound Region's 

How many teams will you have?
We will have as many teams as we have players, coaches, and practice space for.  This decision will be determined after tryouts.  Our plan for the 2015 season is to have 7 teams.

How long is the club season?
Our club season begins with tryouts in November and a few open gyms in December, followed by regular practices and tournaments from January to early May. Some teams may play past May, but that is up to each individual team and coaches.  The U12 teams will play from January to March.

How much does it cost?
Skagit Volleyball Club boasts some of the most inexpensive club dues in the region.  Our club dues depend on what team your child is playing on.  2015 dues can be found under Payment Schedule.   These dues will NOT include region registration, as they have in the past.  You may pay in full or in our monthly installments.  Monthly installments have due dates.  Failure to pay on time will result in girls being unable to participate until payments are made.

What do the dues cover?
Our club dues cover: gym rental fees for practice time, tournament entry fees, team uniforms (including jerseys and jackets that the girls get to keep), new equipment when needed, and a small coach's stipend.  Skagit Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization.

How many tournaments will the teams play?
Each team will play about 7-10 tournaments during the season (2-3 a month), depending on the age level.  The younger the team, the fewer tournaments.  Schedules usually round out to about two tournaments per month.

Where are the tournaments?
All of our regularly scheduled tournaments will be in northwest Washington.  Sometimes teams may have to travel as far as Olympia for a regular tournament.  We like to schedule teams to play as locally as we can, but for teams playing in the region's Power League Series, we do not get to choose the locations.  Teams wishing to travel outside of the region for other tournaments will have to discuss that with their coaches, and will result in an increase in dues for that team, as well as travel costs.

When are practices?
Practices are on weeknights (to be determined by team).  Each team will practice two nights a week, and practice days may switch from month to month.  See the Practice Schedule link for more details.

Where are practices?

Practices are held at LaVenture Middle School in Mount Vernon and Cascade Middle School in Sedro-Woolley.  Additional facilities may be added as needed.

What if I want to play a school sport at the same time as club volleyball?
Skagit Volleyball Club encourages multi-sport athletes.  We believe that if you are playing a school sport, that sport takes priority over club volleyball.  You will not be penalized for missing practices or tournaments due to school sport conflicts as long as you let your coach know ahead of time.

What happens if I miss a practice, or if I want more practice?
If you're going to miss practice, let your coach know ahead of time!  You can make up practice time by going to another team's practice on another night, as long as you double check with that coach first.  You can also go to other teams practices, with the permission of that team's coach, if you just want to get more practice time!

Can boys play?
YES!  Boys can play on girls teams if they are not yet in high school.  The Puget Sound Region is currently making a push for boy's volleyball to become more popular.

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