San Jose Women's Softball League: League Documents

player waiver form and eligibility

Roster & Eligibility for playoffs 8-6-17Roster & Eligibility for playoffs 8-6-17

Lineup Card



Updated score card 9-7-16Updated score card 9-7-16

SJWSL Special Rules

SJWSL 2017 Cheat sheetSJWSL 2017 Cheat sheet

SJWSL Non-Approved Bat List

The official illegal bat list for the league is derived from the ASA list. This list supercedes any others, including City lists.

2017 Illegal bat list with ASA stamp2017 Illegal bat list with ASA stamp


Player evaluation

2017 ASANA player evaluation2017 ASANA player evaluation

BYLAWS Instruments of Governance 1 of 2,

2016 By-Laws word doc2016 By-Laws word doc

CODE Instruments of Governance 2 of 2,

2016 Code pdf version2016 Code pdf version

2016 Code word doc2016 Code word doc

SJWSL Grievance Policy


More Handouts:
  • Meeting Notes & Reports - Notes from all categories of meetings are included here, along with all categories of reports. This information will preserve our "history" and explain "how and why and what was done by whom," and also serve as instructions for those taking on projects.
  • Game Schedules
  • Forms & Misc Info - Special rules, Expense Reimbursement form, NAGAAA info and photo waivers.