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Speedway Sparkplug

 Welcome to Speedway Junior Baseball & Softball!


 Award Presentations will be held on Saturday, June 4th, at 1:30pm at the Leonard East Diamond!



August 22nd will be our make-up date for the Minor Baseball Division and the Baseball Buddies program with the Indianapolis Indians!

12 spots will be reserved for our Minor baseball players.

You will have until 6/4 to email Steve Bishop your intention to participate, otherwise any remaining spots will be opened up to all league participants.

If we can sell 25 or more tickets (adult and knot hole members), discounted tickets will be available ($7 reserved, $5 lawn, Knot Hole members free). If you need to purchase Knot Hole memberships we still have them available at $13.


  Baseball Tourney Brackets are listed below!

Friday, May 20
2016 Rookie Tournament

Friday, May 20
2016 Minors Tournament

Thursday, May 26
2016 Majors

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Tue 5/31 Softball 12U - Rebels vs Ben Davis 2 5:45 PM Leonard West
Tue 5/31 Baseball Mi - Red Sox vs Royals 6:00 PM Leonard East
Tue 5/31 Softball 10U - Boilermakers vs Hoosiers 6:15 PM Leonard East
Tue 5/31 Baseball Mi - Reds vs Orioles 6:15 PM Meadowood East
Tue 5/31 Baseball Ma - Reds vs Cubs 8:00 PM Leonard East
Wed 6/1 Softball 10U - Avon 4 vs Hoosiers 5:45 PM Avon - AJAA
Wed 6/1 Softball 10U - Boilermakers vs Avon 5 5:45 PM Meadowood West
Wed 6/1 Baseball R - TBD vs Yankees 6:15 PM Leonard East
Thu 6/2 Softball 12U - Rebels vs Ben Davis 1 5:45 PM Leonard West
Thu 6/2 Softball 8U - Bulldogs vs Sycamores 6:15 PM Meadowood East
Thu 6/2 Baseball Ma - Cubs vs Reds 8:00 PM Leonard East
Sat 6/4 Softball 8U - Ben Davis 4 vs Bulldogs 10:00 AM BD 2
Sat 6/4 Softball 8U - Ben Davis 1 vs Sycamores 10:00 AM BD 3
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 5/25 Baseball Ma - BD Cardinals vs Cubs 6:00 PM Ben Davis 1
Thu 5/26 Baseball R - Royals vs Pirates 6:15 PM Meadowood East