Sizz Basketball: 2009 Season

NFP loses to Preferred Office, 23-18

It's hard to write much about this game due to the fact that I wasn't there. Boy was last Saturday a bummer or what. Not only did we lose our game, but Southside lost to Bentonville in the State Championship game in football. Not a weekend to remember, for sure!

Sounds like in this game, we had control of the game late in the 3rd quarter and sort of hit the wall. We held a 16-10 lead and Preferred hit a couple of 3-pointers and just like that they led. The 4th quarter we could not get a whole lot going and Preferred hung on for the 23-18 win. Preferred is loaded with 4th graders, while we are in sort of re-building mode. We will get better from this one and work hard in practice. We return to action on Tuesday night @ 7:30 versus Army Surplus. See you there!


NFP comeback falls short, loses to Army 23-16!
Well, we came out in this one and dug ourselves an early hole that we never were able to crawl out of. We were really out of sync for most of the game on offense, but in the 1st quarter, we looked as if we had not practiced all year. We quickly found ourselves in a 9-2 hole by the end of the quarter. The 2nd quarter was a defensive battle between two teams that don’t have a lot of offensive weapons and both team exchanged a few baskets to make the score 13-4 at the half. We really challenged the kids to step up their defense in the 3rd quarter and not give Army Surplus easy shots. We did exactly that as we were all over the floor on defense. I was really proud of the effort and hustle that the 3rd quarter team showed. On the offensive end, we got things going a little. Braedon Howard sank a couple of nice running jumpers to pull us within 13-10 late in the quarter. Army sank a jumper at the buzzer to extend their lead to 15-10 going into the final 6 minutes of play.

Both teams played really hard on defense and both we able to get a few shots to fall. Brandon Yutterman hit a couple of shots in the paint for us and Braedon would make a nice move to the hole to pull us within 21-16 with less than a minute to play. That would be as close as we would get as this one would end with Army holding on for the 23-16 win. Like I said before I was proud of our effort on defense, while offensively we will continue to make some adjustments to get better.

Braedon Howard led us in scoring with 12 points and 9 rebounds. Brandon Yutterman would chip in 4 points and 6 boards to round out our scoring. Dylan Ridenour, who remains our only real ball handler, did a good job handling the ball and Army’s pressure defense. The referees let things get very rough out there tonight and there were times poor Dylan would come across half-court and just get tackled. I was proud of the heart he showed out there. A lot of kids would have crumbled under the pressure, but not Dylan. Caleb Fowler was all over the place on defense. He had several steals on the night and really hustled out there. Colton Schaberg also played really good on defense before fouling out late in the game. We have to find a way to get some offense from someone else besides Brandon and Braedon. We have too may people standing around watching other kids play. We will work hard in practice on Monday night and be ready for our first conference game next Tuesday @ 7:30 versus SCRHZ Law. See you all at practice on Monday @ 7pm.



Week #1&2 - NFP Player of the Week - Braedon Howard
Braedon Howard
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Our player of the week for the opening week of the season is Braedon Howard. In two games this week, Braedon had 18 points and 19 rebounds. He is a warrior in the paint and a non-stop competitor. I love how hard he plays the game. Braedon has a great attitude and is a lot of fun to be around and coach. Keep up the good work Braedon and we will continue to work on getting you some help offensively.


Ridenour's free throws seals the deal, NFP wins 17-14!
Blind Referee

Well we opened up conference play with a big win last night versus SCRHZ. It was a very ugly game most of the way, with the referees forgetting where they put their whistles. I will say that the refs have been as bad as I have ever seen in all my years of coaching basketball at Goldtrap. I spoke with the Goldtrap director last night after the game and he promises changes are coming. I sure hope so, because it is not basketball when kids are allowed to tackle each other and nothing is being called. I was proud that our kids did not back down from the physical play. We dished out fouls just like the other team did. In the end it was a couple of big free throws and our stifling defense that helped us pull out the victory.           

     The opening quarter would see both teams struggle to get off a descent shot against the other teams’ defense. There were a lot of turnovers and missed opportunities in those first 6 minutes of play. Dylan Ridenour gave us the early lead with a short jumper. SCRHZ answered a few minutes later with a bucket of their own. Believe it or not that would be the only points in the quarter and this one would be tied at 2 after the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter belonged to Braedon Howard. He really took over for us offensively and SCRHZ had no answer for him in the quarter. We moved Colton Schaberg to point guard, freeing up Braedon to play the wing or roam around and get open looks. Colton did a good job of handling the point guard duties and Braedon took care of the rest. Defensively, we smothered SCRHZ and refused to allow them a good look at the basket. Caleb Fowler was all over the place and really caused all sorts of problems on the defensive end of the floor. Molly Ross also did a great job in the quarter guarding SCRHZ’s biggest player. He only scored two points in the quarter and that was because of Molly’s great defense she played on him. Grant Johnson saw his first action for us and did a good job on the defensive end. Grant will be a good player for us, but just needs more than one practice to adjust to what we are trying to do on both ends of the floor. By the half we had built a 10-6 lead, with Braedon notching all 8 points in the quarter for us.           

     The 3rd quarter would be much like the 1st. Both teams played really hard defensively and both struggled on offense. We only managed a basket from Braedon and a free throw the entire quarter. SCRHZ would only score one basket in the quarter and going into the final 6 minutes of play, we clung to a 13-8 lead. The final quarter started with SCRHZ making a small run to open the quarter. The hit a couple of buckets and suddenly our lead was 13-12 with 3 minutes left in the game. Braedon would later hit a short jumper to extend our lead to 15-12 but SCRHZ would come right back with a basket of their own. With less than 30 seconds to play, Dylan Ridenour would be fouled and hit two huge free throws, giving us a 17-14 lead. SCRHZ called timeout and set up a play that actually got them an open look at a 3-pointer that rimmed out. The ball was kicked around a few seconds and this one would end with us securing the 17-14 win. The win moves us to 1-2 overall, but more importantly 1-0 in conference play.

            We had a lot of heroes in this one. Braedon Howard was a beast on both ends of the floor. He ended with 13 points and 12 rebounds on the night. He also played great defense and had a ton of steals off bad passes. Dylan Ridenour once again proved what a warrior he is at point guard. Dylan handled the ball well and chipped in 4 points and a couple of rebounds. He hit those two HUGE free throws with less than 30 seconds left in the game to secure us the win. Caleb Fowler did not score but his defense was awesome in this game. He had more steals than we could count and was all over the place out there! Colton Schaberg handled the ball well in that 2nd quarter and played really good defense the entire second half, while guarding a player much bigger than he was. Molly Ross was huge as she played great defense in that 2nd quarter and did not allow one of SCRHZ better players to do much scoring. Alec Ulmschneider, Kadin Quinalty and Chris Fowler all played a part of our swarming defense, which made it so difficult for SCRHZ to get off good shots. Great job to all the kids and hope you all enjoy the break and have a very Merry Christmas! I told the kids last night that we would practice next Monday the 22nd but that was incorrect. The club is closed next week at night and we will not practice again until Monday the 29th. See you all then!



Week #3 - NFP Player of the Week - Dylan Ridenour
Dylan Ridenour
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Our player of the week this week is Dylan Ridenour. He scored 4 big points against SCRHZ in the game tonight and sank the game clinching free throws with less than a minute to play. I love the way Dylan plays the game. He goes 100mph all the time and doesn't let much rattle him. No team in the league has a 3rd grader as their primary point guard but we do and I would not trade him for anyone. Keep up the great work Dylan, we are very proud of you!



Week #4 - NFP Player of the Week - Brandon Yutterman
Brandon Yutterman
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Our player of the week for this week is Brandon Yutterman. Wow, what a tough game he played against Milam tonight. He scored 6 huge points and grabbed down 13 big rebounds. We would not have won this game without him. He and Braedon Howard totally controlled the boards in the game. Keep up the good work Brandon and see you at practice next Monday!



NFP upsets Milam in defensive brawl 12-9!
big fight

Well, it sure wasn’t pretty but it was fun. At least it was fun for me because I wasn’t out there on the floor getting knocked all around. Needless to say we did more than our fair share of knocking people around last night. To say that the refs let both teams get away with a lot of fouls would be an understatement. I knew the only chance we had in this game was to play more physical than them and stop them from getting out on the fast break. We did exactly that. We worked on a couple of things in practice on Monday night and at times it worked and at times it didn’t. What did work was our zone defense shut down their offense almost completely. This is a Milam team that has eight 4th graders and was thought to be the team to run the table in the league this season. They have more talent than any team in the league but tonight the team that wanted it most won. Their best player, Hauken Smith, who had been scoring around 15 points a game for them, was held to one point the entire game. Hauken was under the weather a bit, but it still was a great job by our defense to hold him to one point for the game.           

          The entire fist half was nothing but a foul and turnover fest. Both teams struggled to get off descent shots against the other’s defense. At the half, Milam held an incredible 4-0 lead. It’s the first time I have had a team not score in an entire half of basketball. Needless to say I could not have been prouder of all 10 kids the way we were playing defense. We did not back down from Milam at all. In the 3rd quarter we were able to get both our big men in the game together and try a couple things we had worked on in practice. Braedon Howard broke free for a couple of baskets in the quarter and Brandon Yutterman added one of his own to give us a 6-5 lead after three quarters of play. We outscored Milam 6-1 in the quarter and totally controlled the glass in the quarter. Braedon and Brandon had 9 rebounds between them in the 3rd quarter alone. Great effort by those two warriors.           

          The final quarter would be a scoring fest compared to the other three quarters. Brandon and Braedon continued to own the boards and scored on a couple of baskets from offensive rebounds. The quarter was back and forth with both teams exchanging the lead several times. We held a 10-9 lead with less than a minute to play when Brandon would grab his 6th rebound of the quarter and go back up for the basket. Milam would then miss a shot and we got the rebound with 27 seconds remaining. We called timeout and set up our strategy. Unfortunately we would turn the ball over giving it back to Milam with around 20 seconds remaining. Milam would call time-out and set up a three point play but their shot would fall short. The ball was knocked around a few seconds and the buzzer would sound. Wow, what a hard fought physical game this one was! I was so proud of all our kids for how hard they played the entire game. Some did not get back in the game in the second half. I thought the game was just way too physical for a couple of them. Neither team subbed much the second half, which is something that I do not like doing. I told the kids after the game that did not get back in there that I would make it up to them and I will!           

          The win puts us in 1st place in the league standings with a 2-0 record. Overall we are 2-2, with our first two games being non-conference games. Braedon Howard had another good game as he was the focus of Milam’s defense the entire night. Braedon still managed 6 huge points and 6 rebounds in the game. Brandon Yutterman was a man in the paint. He led us with 13 big rebounds and scored 6 points in the game to round out our scoring. Dylan Ridenour did not score but what a good job he did of taking care of the ball with two guys hanging on him for most of the game. I told him after the game his heart must take up most of his little body. What a tough competitor he is. Caleb Fowler was awesome on defense tonight! His defense stopped so many scoring opportunities for Milam. Colton Schaberg and Kadin Quinalty both played really good defense in the game and helped take care of the ball when they were in the game. I was proud of all our kids’ effort out there. It was a good win even if it wasn’t pretty. See you all at practice on Monday night @ 8pm.


Week #5 - NFP Player of the Week - Caleb Fowler
Caleb Fowler
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Our player of the week for week 5 of the season is Caleb Fowler. Caleb has been one of our best defensive players all season long and give 110% the entire time he is on the court. Caleb had a couple of steals tonight versus Western Sizzlin and had 3 rebounds. His offense needs some work, but he is getting there. Great job this week Caleb. We are very proud of you.



Turnovers and missed shots doom NFP against Western Sizz
shot misses

Now if you were at the game tonight, you know what I’m about to say is not an exaggeration. I bet we missed close to 30 lay-ups tonight in the game versus Western Sizzlin. Even their coach after the game said he had never seen anything like it before and neither had I. Some of the misses were our fault, for not using the glass. But in fairness to the kids, even when we used the backboard on some of them, the shots just rimmed out. It was incredible. What was even more incredible than us missing that many shots, was the show that was put on by Nathan Corder tonight for Western Sizzlin. Nathan scored 21 of their 25 points and was just awesome! He is the best player to come through Goldtrap in several years and he showed why tonight. He can do it all and he did against us that’s for sure. Several times our defense did exactly what we wanted them to do and somehow he would get out of trouble. He is an amazing player. With him Western Sizzlin will probably go 8-1 and win the league. You take him off their team and I would almost guarantee you they would not win a game this season. He’s that good!           

          The opening quarter we could not stop him. He scored 12 points in the quarter helping them build a convincing 14-1 lead. We turned the ball over several times and were really careless with the ball for most of the quarter. Offensively we could not get any shots to fall. We were getting good looks at the basket when we did not turn the ball over, but the shots just wouldn’t go down. Braedon Howard would score our only point of the quarter on a free throw and after the first 6 minutes of play we were in a huge hole 14-1. That hole we had dug for ourselves would be the difference in this game. The rest of the way, we would outscore them 15-11, but those first 6 minutes killed us!           

          The 2nd quarter our defense did not allow Western Sizzlin to score a single point. Our problem was that many trips down the floor on offense we threw the ball away or just threw it to the other team. We continue to struggle to find someone who can handle the ball when Dylan is on the bench. We did manage to outscore them 4-0 in the quarter off a couple of baskets by Brandon Yutterman. We should have scored a lot more, but our turnovers killed us once again. By the half it was 14-5 and it didn’t look good.           

          The 3rd quarter our defense would do a much better job against Nathan. We would outscore them 6-5 in the quarter but still didn’t cut into their big lead much. Braedon Howard scored a couple of baskets and Dylan Ridenour would chip in 2 points to round out our scoring in the quarter. On many possessions we got 5 or 6 shots under the basket but couldn’t get many of them to fall. We pulled within 16-11 and looked to be making a run. Suddenly Nathan came down and sank a 3-pointer and the game was never in doubt after that. The final quarter was much of the same as the 3rd quarter. We did a pretty good job on defense and would then come down and miss easy shots right under the basket. It was so frustrating!!!! The game would end with Western Sizzlin notching the 25-16 win, putting them at the top of the league race.           

          We were led in scoring by Braedon Howard’s 7 points and 10 rebounds. Brandon Yutterman also chipped in 7 points and had 9 boards on the night. Dylan Ridenour rounded out our scoring as he notched 2 points and 4 boards on the night. We had several other kids play really good defense and grab a couple of rebounds each. It was not a lack of effort from any of our kids. They all played hard out there tonight. The mistakes we made were not because they were not trying. We were just facing the best player in the city tonight and he beat us by himself out there. We will return to practice next Monday and will get better. We have a lot to work on before our game versus Arvest next week. See you all at practice and have a great weekend!



Week #6 - NFP Player of the Week - Alec Ulmschneider
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Our player of the week for week 6 of the season is Alec Ulmschneider. Alec score his first basket of the season tonight versus Arvest Bank. He also had a couple of rebounds in the game and played very good defense. I have challenged Alec to be more agressive on defense and last night he certainly was. Great job Alec, we are very proud of you.



NFP remains in 1st place of league after 14-5 win over Arvest!

Well I guess you could say an ugly win is better than an ugly loss. Either way tonight was pretty ugly for both teams. Anytime the score is 3-2 at half-time, it’s either both defenses are great or neither team has much offense. I would say tonight was a little of both. Both teams did play very good defense, making it tough for each other to score. Our only points of the 1st half were on a fast break lay-up by Caleb Fowler and a free throw by Braedon Howard. Arvest managed a single basket to make the score 3-2 at the half. We made some adjustments at the half that would help us on offense a bit. Their size really hurt us from getting the ball inside like we have been able to do on some of the other teams we have played.            

          The 3rd quarter we opened with another basket by Caleb to extend our lead to 5-2. After an Arvest basket from Matthew Appleyard, we came right back with a nice jump shot from Braedon to give us a 7-4 lead at the end of the 4th quarter. Brandon Yutterman controlled the boards in the quarter, giving Arvest only one shot at the basket on most trips down the floor. The final quarter, we would finally get our offense going a bit. Braedon broke free for a couple of nice driving baskets and Caleb would add another bucket to his total on the night. Our defense continued to swarm Arvest and not allow them to get any shots off other than some long range bombs from the far wing. I kept telling the kids to not let them drive and rebound their misses and we would be in good shape. That’s exactly what we did. They kept missing those long jumpers and we controlled the glass. Alec Ulmschneider would get his first basket of the season late in the quarter to make the final 15-4 in this one. I was very proud of our kid’s effort as usual. They all played hard, especially on the defensive end of the floor.            

          Braedon led us in scoring with 7 points and 6 boards. Caleb Fowler had his best offensive game of the year with 6 points and a couple of rebounds. Caleb also continues to be one of the best defensive players in the league. He was all over the Arvest guards tonight causing a bunch of turnovers and bad passes. Alec Ulmschneider scored a basket and had a couple of rebounds in the game. Alec also played really good defense on a player much bigger than him. Brandon Yutterman did not score but had 8 big rebounds in the game. He was a big time force on the glass for us tonight! Dylan Ridenour continues to play at his usual 100mph pace. He was awesome on defense and took care of the ball well. Grant Johnson got into the action better tonight. Grant had a couple of rebounds and played well on defense. He got off a couple of good shots from the wing but couldn’t get either to go down. Colton Schaberg, Molly Ross, Chris Fowler and Kadin Quinalty all played well on defense and played a big part in us getting this win.

            It’s amazing to think with as many 3rd graders as we have that we are in 1st place in the league standings with a record of 3-1. Milam is 3-1 also, but we have the tiebreaker on them, since we beat them a few weeks ago. We will return to action next week versus Dale Crampton. See you all at practice on Monday night @ 8pm. Have a great weekend!




Week #8 - NFP Player of the Week - Colton Schaberg
Colton Schaberg
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Our player of the week for this week is Colton Schaberg. Colton scored his first basket of the season in the game this week versus Preferred Office. Colton also played really aggressive defense in the game and helped us to secure the big victory. Great job this week Colton, we are very proud of you!



NFP moves closer to league championship with win over Preferred!
Basketball on fire

Well, we moved one step closer to a league championship tonight with a 28-19 victory over a very talented Preferred Office team. We played pretty well for much of the game. We had a small stretch in the 3rd quarter where we lost our heads a little bit and let Preferred back into the game. But after a time-out to re-group and adjust some things, we would finish the game on a 13-5 run to secure the win.           

          The opening quarter we really came out and played aggressive defense. Preferred kept jacking up long bombs from the outside and missed all but one of them in the quarter. Offensively, we were moving the ball around very well. Caleb Fowler hit a couple of nice shots in the paint to give us a 4-0 lead. After Preferred’s only basket of the quarter, Braedon Howard would nail a couple of jumpers to give us an 8-2 lead after one quarter of play. Braedon totally controlled the glass in the quarter, grabbing down a whopping 7 rebounds.           

          The 2nd quarter would see Preferred knock down a couple of long range shots, while we were getting the ball inside almost every trip down the floor. We missed a couple of easy lay-ups or we could have had a bigger lead than we did. Brandon Yutterman had a good quarter as he would score 4 points and grab down a couple of boards. Braedon would chip in 3 points of his own and we would hold a 15-6 lead at the half. Grant Johnson did a good job in the quarter of keeping a body on one of Preferred’s best players. That was a big reason we were able to extend our lead.           

          The 3rd quarter would see Preferred come out and be more aggressive on defense. They stole the ball several times and were able to go on a 6-0 run to pull within 15-12 mid-way thru the quarter. We called a time-out to settle the kids down and made a couple of small adjustments that would end their run. We would outscore them 5-0 the rest of the quarter to give ourselves a 20-12 lead going into the final 6 minutes of play. Brandon score 4 points in the quarter and Dylan Ridenour sank a free throw to round out our scoring. Dylan did a good job handling Preferred’s pressure defense for most of the quarter. They did get to him a couple of times, but he never backed down and pulled us through.           

           The final quarter both teams would go to their bench a lot. We got to get everyone back in the game for some good minutes, but we kept playing pretty well. We continued to move the ball around on offense and find the open man. We would have four different players score in the quarter, which is a sure sign of how we were passing the ball. Colton Schaberg and Grant Johnson would both score buckets to extend our lead to 24-12. Dylan and Braedon would add another basket each to round out our scoring in the game, as we cruised to the 28-19 win. I was proud of the way we played, with the exception of a small span there in the 3rd quarter and I take the blame for that. I should have called a time-out a couple of possessions earlier and make the adjustments a little quicker than I did. The win tonight moves us to 4-3 overall but more importantly 4-1 in league play. We are still tied for 1st in the league standings with Milam, but we do hold the tiebreaker on them. Two more wins and we are league champs for the 3rd time in 4 years. We have a lot of work to do before then, so let’s not look too far ahead.           

          We were led in scoring tonight by Braedon Howard’s 9 points and 16 rebounds. Brandon Yutterman had another good game as he finished with 8 points and 8 rebounds. He and Braedon totally controlled the boards in the game. That was a big reason we were able to pull this one out. Caleb Fowler finished with 4 points and 3 rebounds, while playing another great game on defense. Dylan Ridenour knocked down 3 points and grabbed a couple of boards on the night. He also did a good job of handling Preferred’s pressure defense and getting the ball to the open man. Colton Schaberg and Grant Johnson would round out our scoring in the game as they both finished with a single basket. Both of them played really good defense also. Chris, Kadin and Alec also were a big part of the win tonight. They all three played really good defense and gave 100% as usual. Great win tonight guys against a very talented group of kids. See you all on Sunday at practice.  


NFP wins in ugly game, moves one win away from league title!

How many times have I said this, "It wasn't pretty, but it was a win." That pretty much describes tonight's game versus Dale Crampton. Both teams played really good defense, but struggled to score on offense. There were a lot of turnovers and missed shots that could have made this a much better game. But in the end, we pulled it out of the fire to put us one win away from the league championship.

The opening quarter would see both teams struggle to score on the other teams’ defense. We managed a basket from Braedon Howard and a free throw from Dylan Ridenour and that would be our only scoring in the quarter. Dale Crampton hit a couple of off-balanced shots from the wing to take a 4-3 lead after the first 6 minutes of play. The 2nd quarter would be much of the same for both teams. Braedon score again to give us a 5-4 lead, but Dale Crampton would hit their final two shots of the half to take an 8-5 lead into half-time.            

          The 3rd quarter would remain a defensive battle. Both teams only managed a single basket in the quarter. We missed a lot of easy 10-foot jump shots that really hurt us. Dale Crampton did a good job of allowing us only one shot on many trips down the floor. After three full quarters of play, they held a 10-7 lead. The 4th quarter we got a couple of huge baskets from Dylan Ridenour and Braedon Howard to take an 11-10 lead. After a Dale Crampton turnover, Caleb Fowler would extend our lead to 13-10 with a basket inside with less than 30 seconds to play. Dale Crampton came down and threw up a wild shot just past half-court and the referee would call a touch foul on us. They hit 2 of 3 free throws to pull within 13-12. We came down, trying to run out the clock and turned the ball over. Dale Crampton managed to get off a pretty good shot as the buzzer sounded, but it rimmed out and we held on for the 13-12 win. Whew, that one was too close for comfort. Hopefully we can come out tomorrow and play much better against Army Surplus. See you all there @ 7pm.


NFP wins League Championship with 25-12 win over Army Surplus!

You know they say it’s not how you start but how you finish. That can sure be said of our basketball team this year. After starting the season 0-2 in the non-conference, we reeled off 6 wins in our last 7 games to win the Pee Wee league championship for the 3rd time in 4 years. During this run we are an incredible 34-5 in the league over the past 4 years. This was supposed to be our rebuilding year with so many 3rd graders, but the kids refused to believe that. They came out and played hard every night and listened to what we had to tell them as coaches. That’s why they are the 2008-09 Pee Wee Goldtrap League Champions. And despite what others might say, they deserve that #1 seed in the up-coming city tournament. Let’s see how the championship was won tonight.           

          I knew Army Surplus would come out and give us their best shot and they did that for most of the game. They scored the first 4 points of the game to take an early 4-0 lead. Both teams were playing really hard on the defensive end of the floor, not allowing the other team to get off that many good shots. We did miss a lot of short jumpers in the quarter, but most of the time we had to rush the shots, due to their swarming defense. We held them to 4 points in the quarter but only managed 2 points of our own.           

          The 2nd quarter we started to move the ball better on offense and got the ball to the open man. Braedon Howard would break free for a couple of baskets and Kadin Quinalty sank a nice jump shot from the wing to give us an 8-4 lead by the half. We outscored Army 6-0 in the quarter and after that it really wasn’t a game. The 3rd quarter we continued to move the ball around well and it showed on the scoreboard. We had 4 players score in the quarter as we extended our lead to 18-8. Braedon sank a couple of more baskets, while Dylan Ridenour, Brandon Yutterman and Caleb Fowler all chipped in a basket each to help extend our lead. Our defense only allowed Army 4 points in the quarter and this one was almost in the books.           

          The final quarter we got to play a lot of players and everyone we put in the game did some good things out there. Dylan and Caleb would sink a couple more short jumpers and Braedon would add another basket to his total. Army never really challenged us in the quarter and we would coast to the 25-12 win, securing the league championship. I told the kids after the game they won the league not because we had more talent than the other teams, but we played harder and with more heart than most did. I am so proud of this group. They are not the most talented team I have ever had, but they play harder than maybe any team I’ve ever coached. Anytime you give something everything you got, good things are going to happen and it certainly did for this basketball team. Congratulations guys, you deserve it! I cannot tell you how proud I am of you all!           

          We were led in scoring tonight by Braedon Howard’s 12 points and 8 rebounds. Caleb Fowler had a great game on defense and also had 4 points and 8 boards on the night. Dylan Ridenour is a warrior as always! He sank a couple of big shots for us to finish with 4 points and a couple of rebounds. Dylan took really good care of the ball against the Army pressure defense. I have run out of things to say about him J. Brandon Yutterman was a monster on the glass again tonight as he finished with 2 points and 8 boards. Brandon also played really good defense not allowing one of Army’s better players to break free for much on the night. Kadin Quinalty knocked down a big shot to finish with 2 points and a couple of rebounds. Kadin was awesome on defense again tonight. He has improved so much this season. Chris Fowler scored his first points of the season with a free throw and finished with 1 point and 2 rebounds. Chris does a lot of things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Grant Johnson had a really good game on defense. He had several steals and shut down one of Army’s better low block players. Colton Schaberg and Alec Ulmschneider did not score in the game but played good defense and helped us to get this win. Both of those kids hustled all over the floor and caused several jump balls. Good job to all our kids and let’s see if we can make some noise in the city tournament next week. See you on the 19th!


Week #9 - NFP Player of the Week - Kadin Quinalty
Kadin Quinalty
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Our player of the week for the final week of the regular season is Kadin Quinalty. Kadin has improved with each and every practice and game. He always gives 110% and is a great kid to be around and coach. He scored 4 points in the two games this week and had several rebounds. His play on defense has improved big time and he helped us win this league championship that's for sure! Great job Kadin, we are very proud of you!



2008-09 Goldtrap Pee Wee Scores

*Denotes = Non-conference games

Week #1

*Preferred Office - 23                     National Family - 18

*Army Surplus - 17                           SCRHZ - 16

*Western Sizzlin - 26                      Arvest Bank - 24

*Milam Business - 24                        Dale Crampton - 18


Week #2

*Milam Business - 22                        Arvest Bank - 11

*SCRHZ - 19                                   Dale Crampton - 13 

*Army Surplus - 23                         National Family - 16

*Western Sizzlin - 28                     Preferred Office - 19


Week #3 (Conference games begin)

Dale Crampton - 26                          Western Sizzlin - 23

Arvest Bank - 22                              Preferred Office - 20

National Family - 17                         SCRHZ - 14  

Milam Business - 24                          Army Surplus - 20 


Week #4

Western Sizzlin - 27                       Army Surplus - 19 

National Family - 12                         Milam Business - 9    

Arvest Bank - 15                              Dale Crampton - 13    

SCRHZ Law - 29                              Preferred Office - 12


Week #5

Milam Business - 23                           SCRHZ Law - 21

Preferred Office - 17                        Dale Crampton - 16

Army Surplus - 17                             Arvest Bank - 12 

Western Sizzlin - 25                         National Family - 16


Week #6

SCRHZ Law - 36                               Western Sizzlin - 9

National Family - 15                           Arvest Bank - 4

Milam Business - 31                            Preferred Office - 6                          

Dale Crampton - 22                            Army Surplus - 21


Week #7 (Bad weather week)

Milam Business - 25                           Western Sizzlin - 22


Week #8 

Western Sizzlin - 18                         Arvest Bank - 16

SCRHZ Law - 18                               Army Surplus - 13

Milam Business - 26                          Dale Crampton - 5  

National Family - 28                         Preferred Office - 19      



Week #9 

National Family - 13                         Dale Crampton - 12

Preferred Office - 23                      Army Surplus - 18

SCRHZ Law - 19                               Arvest Bank - 10

Milam Business - 19                           Arvest Bank - 17

Preferred Office - 28                       Western Sizzlin - 25

National Family - 25                          Army Surplus - 12

SCRHZ Law - 31                                Dale Crampton - 15


FINAL 2008-09 Goldtrap Pee Wee League Standings

                                               League            Overall 

National Family *League Champs       6-1                 6-3  

Milam Business                            6-1                 8-1  

SCRHZ Law                                5-2                 6-3

Preferred Office                        3-4                 4-5

Western Sizzlin                          3-4                 5-4 

Arvest Bank                                2-5                 2-7

Dale Crampton                             2-5                 2-7

Army Surplus                              1-6                  3-6


NFP outmatched against Davis Printing!

Not a whole lot of positive things to say about the game tonight, except its over! We were totally outmatched against the #5 seed from Stephens. Scary to think that there are 4 teams better than Davis in their league. It could have been worse, the next team that played after we did was Cole Goodman from Evans and they lost 46-19 to another Stephens team.               

          We were never really in this one. You could tell we had not played or practiced for over a week, while Davis was able to play on Monday night. Not sure it would have mattered in this one though. Davis came right out and was quicker to the ball and to the basket. Our guards could not match their quickness and our big men struggled to get the ball against their defense. The 1st quarter we were able to keep it close, only trailing 7-2 after the first 6 minutes of play. The 2nd quarter we turned the ball over most trips down the floor and really struggled to get anything going on offense. Our kids were really intimated by the Davis players and it showed on the court. By the half, Davis had built a comfortable 17-4 advantage. The second half it would only get worse. Late in the game after Davis cleared their bench a bit, we were able to make a surge and pull within 23-13 with a couple of minutes left in the game. Davis would score the final two baskets of the game to make the final 27-13. They will now move on to face #3 seed from Stephens in the Elite 8 of the tourney. Good luck to them in that one.

            Like I told the kids tonight, nothing that happened in the game tonight takes away from the good year we had. We have a lot of 3rd graders on this team and have a lot to look forward to next season. To win the league at Goldtrap is always our team goal. I am a realist and know it would take a miracle to win the city tournament, considering a lot of those players from Stephens play AAU ball with each other every weekend. Honestly the only chance a team from Goldtrap or Evans has to win the tourney is in the 1st & 2nd grade division. The AAU teams have not made it into that age group yet or at least not around Fort Smith. We had a good season and I am very proud of all our kids. They were a great group to coach and be around these last few months. Good luck to our 4th graders and hope you all keep playing basketball in the future. I look forward to seeing you all at our team party on Monday night, 6:30 at Cici’s Pizza.




Gerber wins Pee Wee City Championship
2009 PW tourney
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It was a battle of Stephens teams as the #1 seed, Gerber defeated Sertoma, the #2 seed from Stephens to win the Pee Wee City Tournament. It was a good game, but Tevin Brewer was just too much for Sertoma to handle in this one, as Gerber won 37-28. Congrats to them on a great season. This was the 6th year in a row a team from Stephens has won this tournament. The last time another team won it was way back in 2003, when Geno's Pizza from Evans won it. Wow!

2009 tourney