Sizz Basketball: Sizz Team News

Sizz wins hard fought game versus Graduate Sales 20-14!
Refree Blinking

Going into this season Graduate Sales has the most returners in the league and is going to be one of the teams to beat this year at Goldtrap. We came out tonight and really got after them on the defensive end of the floor and at times I think they were a little shell shocked by how physical our defense was. As you guys know, our practices get very rough and physical and Graduate could not match our toughness tonight and the result would be a 20-14 Sizz win.

The opening quarter we came out and were all over them on defense. Graduate Sales had a hard time even getting off a shot on their end of the floor. Trey Grant broke down their defense several times for easy baskets and Kobe Branham hit a free throw off an offensive rebound to give us a 5-0 lead after the first 6 minutes of play. The 2nd quarter, Graduate Sales had a very big line-up in and we could not battle them on the boards. They scored several times off offensive rebounds and we had a hard time scoring against their length on defense. Suddenly by the half we found ourselves down 9-5.

The 3rd quarter we turned up the heat on defense once again and forced Graduate Sales into numerous turnovers. Alex Flake, Trey Grant and Luke Maxwell were all over their guards, while Kobe Branham and Kenna Dale controlled the paint area. Trey hit a couple of jumpers and then fed Alex on a great pass on a fast break for another Sizz basket. We would outscore Graduate 9-2 in the quarter to take a 14-11 lead heading into the 4th. The 4th quarter we continued to play tough defense and Graduate continued to have a hard time getting off good shots. Trey would sink a jumper from the wing to extend our lead to 16-11. After a Graduate Sales basket, Lilly Gilbert would sink a jumpshot from the baseline to give us a 18-13 lead. Kobe would knock down a couple of free throws to put the game away and we would cruise to the 20-14 win. In the second half we ended up outscoring Graduate Sales 15-5. The fact that we gave up only five points in the 2nd half against a team with their talent is amazing!

It was a good first game for our kids. I'm very proud at how hard we played and the effort they gave tonight. Trey led us in scoring with 13 points and 7 rebounds. Kobe had 3 points and 11 rebounds. Lilly and Alex both hit a shot and both played great defense. Luke Maxwell and Jacob Teague were all over the place on defense and made life tough for the Graduate Sales guards. Mathew Rashidi had 4 rebounds in the game and played tough against the much bigger Graduate Sales post players. Josh Rashidi, Jacob Brown and Kenna Dale all played good defense and grabbed a couple of rebounds. Allison Russell played good defense on the wing and had a single rebound in the game. Great job tonight Sizz! Very proud of you all!



Sizz game 1 - Player of the Game - Lilly Gilbert
Lilly Gilbert


Our player of the game for the game versus Graduate Sales is Lilly Gilbert. Lilly played great defense in the game tonight and hit a huge shot in the 4th quarter when the game was tight. Lilly gives 110% the entire time she is on the floor. She is a joy to be around and coach. Great job tonight Lilly and congrats on being named our player of the game.





Sizz wins in a brawl against Davis Printing, 42-32!
big fight

In a game that got very physical, our kids never backed down from the much bigger Davis Printing team. And in the end, heart won out over size as we held on for a 42-32 win over a very athletic Davis team. We came out and jumped on Davis early in this one. Trey Grant was incredible in the opening quarter. He broke down their defense with ease and Davis had no answer for him. He would score 11 points in the quarter, while Kobe Branham chipped in a basket of his own to give us a 13-4 lead after one quarter of play. Lilly Gilbert, Jacob Brown and Jacob Teague all played good defense in the quarter and helped us to build the big lead.

The 2nd quarter would see Davis come charging back. Davis had a big size advantage with Kobe on the bench and they scored several baskets off offensive rebounds. Our kids fought and battled hard and did not give up. Mathew Rashidi really got in there and was giving his all, as he grabbed down 6 rebounds in the quarter. His little brother Josh was not going to be outdone, so he grabbed down three boards of his own. Even little Allison got in there and was mixing it up with the much bigger Davis players. Mathew would score a basket late in the quarter to give us a 16-15 lead. After a basket by Davis, Alex Flake would hit a long 3-pointer at the halftime buzzer to give us a 19-17 lead.

The 3rd quarter our defense turned up the heat and we got our bigger line-up back in the game. Kobe was a beast on the boards, as he scored a couple of big baskets off offensive rebounds. Trey would knock down a couple of shots and hit a couple of free throws to extend our lead to 29-23 by the end of the quarter. Trey, Alex and Luke were really good on defense in the quarter. Kobe and Kenna battled hard inside and helped us build the 6-point lead.

In the final quarter we tried to put the game away, but everytime it looked like we were about to blow the game open, Davis would hit a big shot. Trey would hit a driving lay-up to give us a 36-28 lead. After a basket by Davis, Luke Maxwell would knock down a jumper to make it a 38-30 Sizz lead. Trey would hit another shot and Luke would attack the basket and score again to make the final 42-32. It was a very physical game and I was proud of how our kids didn't back down, despite the size advantage by Davis. Kobe led us with a whopping 14 rebounds in the game. Great job big man! Mathew was big also, as he grabbed down 9 rebounds and Alex had 7. We return to action on Saturday against Arkoma at 1:00 at Goldtrap. Please be there by 12:30.  



Sizz game 2 - Player of the Game - Trey Grant
Trey Grant


Our player of the game against Davis Printing was Trey Grant. He had an incredible game tonight versus a very athletic Davis Printing team. He had 25 points and 8 rebounds in the game. He really took over the game at times and hit some big shots when the game was on the line. He played so hard on defense and also helped us on the boards against the much bigger Davis Printing team. Trey is such a great kid and is as talented as anyone I have ever coached. Congrats Trey on a great game. We are very proud of you!




Sizz blows by Arkoma, 32-11
Santa on Rudolph

This one was never really close. We scored early and often on our way to a 32-11 rout of an overmatched Arkoma school team. Trey Grant caught fire in the opening quarter and torched Arkoma for 12 points. Kobe Branham scored 4 points in the paint to help us build a 16-0 lead after the first quarter of play. Jacob Teague and Jacob Brown both played great defense and Lilly Gilbert gave her usual "all out" effort of defense. Poor Arkoma had a hard time getting a shot off against our pressure defense.

The 2nd quarter we let Lilly play some point guard, as Alex Flake was out with the stomach bug. Our 2nd quarter team got off some good shots but couldn't get one to fall. We continue to struggle in that quarter and are looking to make some changes to help this group out. The one thing that this group does not have a problem with is their defense. They really kept the clamps down on Arkoma and by the half we had a 16-4 lead.

The final two quarters the "mercy rule" was in effect most of the way because we had a 20-point lead for much of the time. We got a lot of players in the scoring column in the last two quarters. Luke Maxwell had a couple of baskets in the 3rd quarter. Lilly and Jacob Teague also sank short jumpers. Mathew Rashidi scored a basket off an offensive rebound and Trey would knock down three more shots to help us cruise to the 32-11 win. The win moves us to 3-0 on the season. We now will take some time off for the Christmas break. I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas!  



Sizz game 3 - Player of the Game - Jacob Teague
Jacob Teague


Our player of the game for our third game of the season is Jacob Teague. He scored 2 points in the game and had 3 rebounds. But what earned him player of the game was his play on the defensive end of the floor. Jacob was all over the place out there on defense. He had several steals and was causing all sorts of problems for the Arkoma guards. Jacob is a great kid that always gives his all for our team. Way to go Jacob, we are very proud of you!




Strong 2nd half leads Sizz past National Family, 35-15!
Roll around rim

You could tell the 3-week Christmas break took its toll on us, or at least early in the game it was visible. Once we shook some of the rust off, we played pretty good basketball on our way to a 35-15 win over National Family. The opening quarter we missed several easy shots that might have put this one away early. Trey Grant was attacking the rim and got us out to a 6-0 lead early on. After a basket by National Family, Lilly Gilbert sank a short jumper to give us an 8-2 lead. The rest of the quarter would be pretty ugly until Trey scored right before the buzzer to give us a 10-2 lead after the 1st quarter of play.

 We made some changes in practice on Monday night, hoping to help the 2nd quarter team with their scoring. On this night it didn't work. The only basket we scored was by Luke Maxwell and National Family would creep back in the game, only down 12-8. The 2nd quarter group did play very good defense, as National Family had a very good line-up in the game.

The 3rd quarter we really kicked things into gear. A couple of baskets off nice passes from Trey to Mathew Rashidi and a basket by Alex Flake would give us a 18-8 lead. Trey would then score the final 8 points of the quarter and we would head into the final quarter of play with a commanding 26-11 lead. The final quarter we made sure all the kids played plenty and we really did a great job of sharing the basketball and finding the open man for easy baskets. Luke Maxwell and Jacob Brown both sank shots to extend our lead to 32-14. Kobe Branham would then score on a fast break and would be fouled, completing the old fashioned 3-point play to make the final margin 35-15. The win moves us to 4-0 on the season. Great job tonight Sizz!




Sizz game 4 - Player of the Game - Mathew Rashidi
Mathew Rashidi


Our player of the game for our game versus National Family was Mathew Rashidi. Mathew had 4 points in the game and grabbed down 6 rebounds. I challenged Mathew before the game to get at least 8 rebounds and he almost did it. It was not a lack of effort as he played his heart out in the game. He played really well on the defensive end of the floor also. Mathew is a great kid and glad he is on our team. Congrats Mathew, we are very proud of you!





Sizz puts Preferred "down for the count," 29-9!

Early on this one looked like it was going to be a tough test for our team. But a big 3rd quarter, led by our stiffling defense, would help us pull away from a scrappy Preferred Office team. The opening quarter, we were getting easy looks at the basket, but missed a lot of shots. Poor Kobe Branham was cleaning up the offensive boards but had a hard time getting his putbacks to go in. Trey Grant would score on a couple of drives to the basket to give us a 6-0 lead. After a jumper by Alex Roper of Preferred, Kobe scored off an offensive rebound to give us a 8-2 lead by the end of the quarter. Kobe had 10 rebounds in the quarter and was totally controlling the paint area. He and Jacob Brown played great defense and Preferred could not get near the paint area. Trey, Jacob Teague and Lilly Gilbert made life miserable on the Preferred guards all quarter long.

The 2nd quarter was a defensive battle by both teams. While we struggled some on offense, our defense carried us in the quarter. The final two minutes of the quarter we finally got our offense into a flow and got some good looks at the basket. Alex Flake would score to give us a 10-4 lead. On our next possession, Luke Maxwell would attack the basket and score to make it a 12-4 Sizz lead by the half. Our defense was really good all over the floor. Players like Allison Russell, Josh Rashidi and Mathew Rashidi really stepped up big time defensively.

The 3rd quarter we really started clicking on all cyclinders and we would pull away from Preferred. Our defense was as good as it's been all season in the 3rd quarter. Preferred had trouble just making passes, much less getting shots off. We had our fast break offense really pushing the ball as Trey probably had 5 or 6 assists in the quarter. Luke scored on a couple of fast breaks and Jacob Teague would do the same. Mathew Rashidi would score inside to extend our lead to 22-6. Trey would then score the last four points of the quarter and this one would be a blowout heading into the final quarter of play. All the kids really stepped up defensively. One player I wanted to mention was Kenna Dale. She has been improving with each and evry game and her defense tonight was really great.

The last quarter we got a lot of kids plenty of playing time and we would cruise to the 29-9 win. It was overall our best defensive effort of the season. Preferred had been averaging around 25 points a game and our defense held them to just 9 points in the game. Great effort by the kids in this one. The win moves us to 5-0 in the league standings with a big game next week versus a very good Dale Crampton team. See you all at practice on Monday night at 7:00.

Sizz game 5 - Player of the Game - Kobe Branham
Kobe Branham


Our player of the game for this week is Kobe Branham. He finished the game with 5 points and 18 rebounds. He totally dominated the paint area both on the glass and on defense. Preferred could not get near the lane for a basket because of Kobe's defense. He is healing up from an injured knee, but still is giving his all out there on the court. Kobe is a really great kid and is a lot of fun to be around and coach. Congrats Kobe on a great game, we are very proud of you!




Sizz survives tought test from Dale Crampton, 33-23!

I knew going into this game it wasn't going to be easy. Dale Crampton has a very talented team and they match up well against us. Bottom line is that basketball is about matchups, and I knew we were in for a battle in this one. We started out the game very sluggish on both ends of the floor. We just didn't seem to have the energy we had seen in our previous games. Our defense seemed a step slow and on offense we just couldn't seem to get into a rhythm. Dale Crampton did surprise us by playing a zone defense, when we had prepared for them to play man-to-man like they had all season long. Once we got adjusted though and made a few changes, things starting going in our direction. Dale Crampton would lead 10-4 after the 1st quarter of play but our 2nd quarter group really stepped up in a big way tonight!

Alex Flake did a great job of running the offense and got the ball to the open player for several easy baskets in the quarter. Luke Maxwell would score on a couple of feeds from Alex to pull us within 10-8. After a Dale Crampton basket, Kenna Dale would score inside. Luke then finished off a 3-point play to give us a 13-12 lead by the half. Our defense in the quarter was awesome. Luke and Alex kept the Dale Crampton guards frustrated the entire quarter, while Kenna, Mathew and Josh controlled the paint area. It was the best quarter this group has played all season.

The 3rd quarter we really kicked things into gear and would totally take control of this game. Trey Grant started things off with a couple of baskets off the fast break. Kobe Branham would score off an offensive rebound and suddenly our lead had grown to 19-12. After a steal, Trey would find Luke hustling down the floor for another layup and a 21-12 Sizz lead. Our defense was swarming all over the floor and Dale Crampton had a tough time getting good looks at the basket. We forced them into the corner most trips down the floor and forced them to throw up some really bad shots. We got really good play on defense from Lilly and both Jacob's. We would lead 23-14 by the end of the quarter and this one was all but over.

The final quarter we kept the defensive pressure on and Dale Crampton had run out of gas. Kobe would score a couple of baskets in the paint and Trey would knock down a couple more jumpers to make it a 33-23 final. The win moves us to 6-0 on the season and 3-0 in league play. See you all Monday, 7pm at practice.



Sizz game 6 - Player of the Game - Luke Maxwell
Luke Maxwell


Our player of the game from Tuesday nights game versus Dale Crampton is Luke Maxwell. Luke had his best game of the season against a good Dale Crampton team, scoring 9 points and grabbing down 7 rebounds. Luke, Alex and the rest of their 2nd quarter team help us fight back from a 10-4 deficit to take a 13-12 lead into halftime. Luke is one of seven 3rd graders on our team and he is doing a great job for us. He gives his all and is very coachable. Congrats Luke, we are very proud of you!