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This is a site for players, parents and fans of the Western Sizzlin Pee Wee Basketball Team of Goldtrap/Gardner Boys Club in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Our mission is to teach the kids solid basketball fundamentals that will enable them to improve their skills and enjoyment of the game. Although we will attempt to be competitive in all our games, our number one goal is for the kids to have fun, whether we win or lose. Our second goal is to develop an understanding of the importance of being a TEAM. We want them to know that we win as a team and we lose as a team. Hope you enjoy the site!!

2016 FSBGC Pee Wee GOLD Tourney

Gerber won the 2016 FSBGC Pee Wee City Tourney with a 40-25 win over Western Sizz. Congrats to both teams for outstanding seasons!

Handout: 2016 FSBGC Pee Wee GOLD Tourney

Sizz advances to "FINAL FOUR" after 42-27 win!


It wasn't easy at times, but we advanced to the Pee Wee City Tourney Final Four with a 42-27 win over a scrappy Davis Printing team. It was our second game against Davis this season, so we knew it wasn't going to be easy. they are a very athletic team and have a huge size advantage on us. Our kids fought hard and Trey Grant was on fire in this game!

The opening quarter was the Trey show. He was slicing his way thru the Davis defense for basket after basket. They had no one on the floor that could stop him so we let him do his thing. Our defense was so great and Davis had a tough time just getting shots off. Trey, Jacob Teague and Lilly Gilbert totally controlled their gurds, while big man Kobe Branham and Jacob Brown controlled the paint area. We really challenged Jacob Brown before the game and he responded in a big way. He grabbed down several rebounds in the quarter and was all over the floor on defense. It was his best quarter of the season. After the smoke had cleared we had abulit a 15-2 lead.

The 2nd quarter would be the complete opposite. Alex Flake had an ear infection and probably shouldn't have been playing. He struggled to handle the ball and that led to several easy baskets for Davis. Alex has a huge heart and refused to quit. He kept battling and so did the rest of our team. Davis would outscore us 15-3 in the quarter and we would hold a slim 18-17 lead at the half. 

The 3rd quarter our defense kicked it back into gear and Davis struggled to score the basketball. Trey would pick up where he left off in the opening quarter and torch them for 14 points in the quarter. Luke Maxwell and Allison Russell, along with Trey made life miserable on the Davis guards. There effort led to several easy baskets for Trey on the other end of the floor. We would outscore Davis 15-4 in the quarter and held a 33-21 lead heading into the final quarter of play. The 4th quarter we would not let up much. Our defense remained tough and offensively, Trey and Alex would hit a couple of shots to make the final score 42-27.

Trey had one of the best performances I have seen in my 20 years of coaching at the club. He finished the game with 34 ponts and 8 rebounds. All of our kids played well and it will take that kind of effort on Friday night versus a very big and physical Cole Goodman team. They are very well coached by Travis Chaffey, who always does a great job with his teams. They have 4-5 kids the size of Kobe, so it is gonna take some players stepping up for us to pull this one out.

The win moves us to 12-0 on the season and gives us a berth in the City Tourney Final Four. The game will be played at Jeffrey's at 7:30pm on Friday night. Please be at the gym by 7:00pm.  



Sizz game 11 - Player of the Game - Jacob Brown



Our player of the game for our final regular season game is Jacob Brown. He had his best game of the season today versus Arkoma. I have really been challenging Jacob to get in there and rebound and he did that in a big way today. He finished the game with one point and 9 rebounds. Jacob has improved as the season has gone along and will be one of our go to guys next season. He is very coachable and a great kid to be around. Congrats Jacob, we are very proud of you!




Sizz completes un-defeated regular season with 27-4 win over Arkoma!


In a game that wasn't close from the beginning, we blew by an outmatched Arkoma team 27-4. It was a tough game to coach because with every basket we made I felt worse and worse for the Arkoma team. We jumped on them early and had four players score in the opening quarter to give us a 11-0 lead after six minutes of play. The 2nd quarter would not get any better for Arkoma. Luke Maxwell caught fire for 6 points in the quarter to extend our lead to 19-0 at the half.

The 2nd half we made sure all the kids got equal playing time and we would coast in for a 27-4 win. The thing I was really proud of is that we had 7 players score in the game. We really shared the ball well and that makes us a tough team to defend when we share the ball like that. Trey Grant led us with 10 points and 4 rebounds. Luke ended with 6 points and Mathew Rashidi had a great game with 4 points and 10 boards. Alex Flake and Jacob Teague each chipped in a basket, while playing great defense. Kobe Branham ended with 2 points and 11 boards. Jacob Brown had his best game of the season with 1 point and 9 big rebounds. All our kids really played well defensively and we played very hard.

We now focus on the up-coming FSBGC City Tournament. We are the #1 seed from Goldtrap and will play the winner of the #3 seed from Evans versus the #4 seed from Jeffrey/Stephens league. So that means our first tourney game will be on Monday, February 22nd @ 5:30. The game will be played at Jeffrey's. Remember practice on Thursday night at 7pm.




FINAL Goldtrap Pee Wee Standings

                                Overall / League 

Western Sizz             11-0  /  6-0   League Champions

Army Surplus               5-4  /  3-2

Graduate Sales            6-4 / 4-2

Dale Crampton             7-3 / 4-2 

Preferred Office        5-4  /  2-3

Optimist                      2-7 /  0-5

National Family            1-8  /  0-5 



Goldtrap Pee Wee Basketball Scores

Week 1   (*Denotes = Non-conference game)

*Western Sizz - 20                Graduate Sales - 14

*Preferred Office - 29          National Family - 23

*Army Surplus - 26                Optimist - 16 

*Western Sizz - 42                Davis Printing - 32 

*Western Sizz - 32                Arkoma - 11

*Dale Crampton - 20               Murphy USA - 26


Week 2  (*Denotes = Non-conference game)

*Dale Crampton - 32              Army Surplus - 30

*Optimist - 33                       National Family - 27

*Graduate Sales - 33             Preferred Office - 23 

*Preferred Office - 25         Forsgren - 5 

*Preferred Office - W          Arkoma - L 


Week 3

Graduate Sales - 31               Army Surplus - 27

Dale Crampton - 23               Optimist - 17

Western Sizz - 35                National Family - 15

*Army Surplus - 13               Brew House - 30

*Army Surplus - W               Arkoma - L 


Week 4

Dale Crampton - 36              National Family - 28 

Western Sizz - 29               Preferred Office - 9 

 Graduate Sales - 30            Optimist - 8

*Gerber - 32                        Optimist - 8 

*Optimist - 32                     Arkoma - 6 


Week 5

Graduate Sales - 25             National Family - 17

Western Sizz - 33               Dale Crampton - 23

Army Surplus - 25               Preferred Office - 23

*Sertoma - 39                     National Family - 11   


Week 6

Preferred Office - 27        Optimist - 17

Dale Crampton - 29            Graduate Sales - 26

Western Sizz - 32             Army Surplus - 22

*Graduate Sales - 28         Arkoma - 20 


Week 7

Army Surplus - 32                    National Family - 23 

Dale Crampton - 36                  Preferred Office - 27

Western Sizz - 29                   Optimist - 22

*Western Sizz - 38                 Murphy USA - 14

*Dale Crampton - W                Arkoma - L 


Week 8

Army Surplus - 29                   Optimist - 20

Western Sizz - 26                  Graduate Sales - 18

Preferred Office - 26            National Family - 17 

*Dale Crampton - 29              Davis Printing - 28 

*Western Sizz - 27               Arkoma - 4 


Week 9

Army Surplus - 46                 Dale Crampton - 34

Optimist - 28                        National Family - 24

Graduate Sales - 28              Preferred Office - 26 





Sizz game 10 - Player of the Game - Josh Rashidi



Our player of the game for this week's game versus Graduate Sales is Josh Rashidi. Josh had a couple of rebounds in the game but what was so impressive was his defense. He had 4 or 5 steals in the 1st quarter alone. He really played great defense on the wing and helped us hold Graduate Sales to just 3 points in the opening quarter. Josh is one of several good 3rd graders we have on the team and he has improved as the season has gone along. Great job Josh, we are very proud of you!




Sizz clinches League Title with 26-18 win over Graduate Sales!


 We needed a win in this game to clinch the Goldtrap Pee Wee League Title and secure a #1 seed in the up-coming city tournament. We played Graduate Sales earlier in the season and squeaked by with a 20-14 win. This time it would be just as tough. They are a very good team and well coached by UAFS basketball coach Chris Popp.

We flipped the lineup to start the game to combat what they do with their lineup. The result would be a lot of 3rd graders on the floor at one time. There was not a lot of scoring from either team, but both teams were playing really tough defense. Alex Flake would knock down three free throws in the quarter and that would be all the points we would tally on the board. Our defense was really good and we held Graduate to just three points of their own. Players like Josh Rashidi, Kenna Dale, Mathew Rashidi really stepped up big time on defense in the quarter. Alex and Luke Maxwell controlled their guards and the quarter would end with the game tied at 3.

The 2nd quarter both teams got their offenses going. Trey Grant would quickly score a couple of baskets to give us a 7-3 lead. After a basket by Graduate Sales, Trey would convert a short jump shot and then score off a steal by Lilly Gilbert to give us a 11-5 lead. Graduate would knock down a 3-pointer and then hit a free throw to make it a 11-9 game by the half.

 The 3rd quarter our defense was all over the place. Graduate was forced to take long shots from the perimeter and very few went in. Trey would score on a 3-point play and Kobe Branham would score off an offensive rebound to give us a 16-11 lead. Graduate would hit a few free throws but Alex responded with a basket along the baseline. Kobe was a man-child in the paint as usual and he would score another two points to extend our lead to 20-14 by the end of the quarter.

In the final quarter we got our fast breaks going a little bit, as Luke would hit a driving lay-up and Trey would do the same to extend our lead to 24-16. With about 2-minutes to go in the game we went into sort of a stall mode and let Trey dribble around and run off some clock. Graduate decided not to foul until there was less than a minute to play. They would never get the ball back the rest of the game as our offense played keep away and ran out the rest of the clock. The game would end with us clinching the league title with a 26-18 win. The win moves us to 10-0 overall and a perfect league mark of 6-0.

We return to action on Saturday at 1pm in a non-conference game against Arkoma. We will be the #1 seed from Goldtrap in the city tourney and will not play our first game until Monday, February 22nd @ 5:30. The game will be played at Jeffrey's. Also we will not practice on Monday night due to Goldtrap having Midget league games that night, but we will practice on Thursday, Feb. 18 at 7pm instead.  



Sizz game 9 - Player of the Game - Alex Flake



Our player of the game in our game versus Murphy USA is Alex Flake. He really played well against Murphy and deserved to be our player of the game. He scored 6 points and grabbed down 8 big rebounds in the game. He played very good defense and was a big reason that Murphy had trouble getting good shots off against our defense. Alex is one of the better 3rd graders in our league and has become one of the leaders of our team. Congrats Alex, we are very proud of you! 




Sizz runs Murphy USA out of gas, 34-18!

As bad as we played on Tuesday night against Optimist, we played just the opposite tonight versus Murphy USA from Jeffreys. We jumped on them early and never looked back. Our kids all played very hard and the lack of energy that was missing on Tuesday night was back tonight with our team. Let's see how it all went down.
The opening quarter was the Trey Grant show. Murphy had no answer at all for Trey. He sliced and diced his way through their defense time and time again for easy baskets. Trey would score 15 points in the quarter and his best buddy Kobe Branham would add 4 points of his own. Jacob Brown would add a free throw to give us a 20-7 lead after the 1st quarter of play. Our defense was really good in the quarter. Trey, Lilly and Jacob Teague clamped down on their guards up top and Kobe and Jacob Brown controlled the paint area. It was one of the better quarters we have played all season long.
The 2nd quarter group did not let up at all. Our defense was really tough and we forced Murphy into turnovers on most trips down the floor. Alex Flake and Luke Maxwell would each score 4 points in the quarter to help us extend our lead to 28-10 by the half. The Rashidi brothers, Mathew and Josh were awesome on defense. Josh had several steals in the quarter and Mathew kept their big guy in the middle from hurting us too much on the boards. Kenna Dale also played very well on defense and helped Mathew battle their bigger players down low.  
The final two quarters we continued to look very sharp on both ends of the floor. Our defense would not let them penetrate our zone and Murphy was forced to jack up long jump shots the entire second half. On offense we were sharing the ball as good as I have seen us do all season. We found the open man on most trips down the floor and the result would be some easy baskets to help us increase our lead. The mercy rule was in effect for the entire second half and we would cruise to a 38-14 win.
The win moves us to 9-0 overall and 5-0 in the Goldtrap league standings. We have a huge game Tuesday night versus Graduate Sales. Right now we are all alone in 1st place in the league standings, but a loss on Tuesday night could possibly lead to a 3-way tie for first. I told the kids tonight, we don't want to share our league championship with anyone, so they need to be ready for Tuesday night. See you all on Monday night at practice.

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