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This is a site for players, parents and fans of the Western Sizzlin Pee Wee Basketball Team of Goldtrap/Gardner Boys Club in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Our mission is to teach the kids solid basketball fundamentals that will enable them to improve their skills and enjoyment of the game. Although we will attempt to be competitive in all our games, our number one goal is for the kids to have fun, whether we win or lose. Our second goal is to develop an understanding of the importance of being a TEAM. We want them to know that we win as a team and we lose as a team. Hope you enjoy the site!!

FINAL Goldtrap Pee Wee Standings

                          League            Overall

Western Sizz            6-0                   10-1   (League Champions)

Noon Kiwanis           5-1                    8-2

National Family        4-2                    6-4

Preferred Office        2-4                    3-7

Dale Crampton         2-4                    5-5

Graduate Sales         1-5                    1-9

Army Surplus           1-5                    1-8 



Davis hands Sizz first loss of the season, 40-35


You have games sometimes when the ball just doesn't bounce your way and tonight was one of those nights for us. Despite Davis Printing hitting some "hail marry" type shots and shooting 28 free throws compared to our 8, we still only lost 40-35. Our kids fought their hearts out and I could not be more proud of them. I have never been one to complain too much about officiating in a boys & girls club game, but tonight got a little ridiculous at times. After they tried to pull a fast one on me with the lock-out rule, things just went downhill from there. It seemed we could not touch them but at times we were getting hammered and no calls were being made on our end. Not the first time that has happened to a Goldtrap team this year at Jeffrey's. Earlier in the season, one of the Goldtrap coaches almost pulled his team off the floor because the officating was so one-sided. Oh well, it is what it is!

The 1st quarter we really were out of sync. We turned the ball over time and time again with traveling calls or double dribbles. We haven't done those things all season, but the slick floor at Jeffrey's caused us all sorts of trouble in the game. We would find ourself down 11-6 after the 1st quarter of play as it was the worst quarter we had played all season. The 2nd quarter we got things going a bit but could not keep the much bigger Davis Printing off the offensive glass. They scored numerous baskets off offensive rebounds. Jacob Brown and Blake Forsgren were battling hard, but were overmatched size wise on the glass. Josh Rashidi did give us a lift with 5 boards in the quarter. Josh, Blake, Jacob and Presley would all knock down shots in the quarter to pull us within 19-14 by the half.

The final two quarters we could never really get over the hump. Everytime we would pull within a basket, they would knock down some long, ugly looking shot from downtown Fort Smith. Our kids never gave up and we battled hard to the end, but we just couldn't overcome the refs and Davis too. We would fall for the first time all season 40-35. Now it's on to the City Tourney, were we will face the winner of #3 seed from Stepehens, Tank's Shine versus #2 seed from Evans, Geno's Pizza.




Sizz Game 10 - Player of the Game - Jaxon Cox


Our player of the game for our game versus Arkoma on Saturday was Jaxon Cox. Jaxon played really good defense in the game and had to guard much bigger players for most of the game. He done a great job defending and also grabbed down 4 rebounds in the game. Jaxon did not score in the game but had a couple of assists and helped us get the win in this one for sure. He is a wonderful young man and a joy to coach. He has a great attitude and is very coachable. He has become one of the gys we really look at to set screens for other players, freeing them up for good shots. He is a big part of our offense when he is in the game. Great job Jaxon, we are very proud of you!



Goldtrap Pee Wee Game Scores

*Denotes = Non-conference games

Week 1  (Non-conference Games)

*Western Sizz - 29                    Graduate Sales - 9

*National Family - 30                Preferred Office - 10

*Noon Kiwanis - 36                   Army Surplus - 16

*Forefront Church - 17              Dale Crampton - 16

*Western Sizz - 21                    Arkoma - 17 


Week 2  (Non-conference Games)

*Western Sizz - 19                   Davis Printing - 16 

*Dale Crampton - 24                Army Surplus - 22

*Noon Kiwanis - 34                  National Family - 30

*Preferred Office - 24               Graduate Sales - 19

*Arkoma - 36                           Preferred Office - 12 


Week 3    (Conference Games Begin)

Graduate Sales - 34                 Army Surplus - 20

Noon Kiwanis - 38                   Dale Crampton - 18

Western Sizz - 33                    National Family - 20

*Perferred Office - L                 Tank's Shine - W


 Week 4

*Brew House - 30                   Army Surplus - 14

National Family - 35                Dale Crampton - 19

Western Sizz - 31                    Preferred Office - 11

Noon Kiwanis - 45                   Graduate Sales - 21 


Week 5

*Gerber - W                            Noon Kiwanis - L

National Family - 35                Graduate Sales - 32

Western Sizz - 31                    Dale Crampton - 12

Army Surplus - 34                   Preferred Office - 17

*National Family - W               Arkoma - L 


Week 6

*Precision Fades - W               National Family - L

Dale Crampton - 31                Graduate Sales - 25

Noon Kiwanis - 38                   Preferred Office - 16

Western Sizz - 39                    Army Surplus - 19

*Arkoma - 31                          Graduate Sales - 18


Week 7

*Midwest Sporting - W             Graduate Sales - L

National Family - 33                 Army Surplus - 22

Preferred Office - 24                 Dale Crampton - 22

Western Sizz - 21                     Noon Kiwanis - 12

*Dale Crampton - W                 Arkoma - L 


Week 8

*Dale Crampton - W                 Forefront Church - L

Noon Kiwanis - 37                    Army Surplus - 28

Western Sizz - 42                     Graduate Sales - 18

National Family - 29                 Preferred Office - 25

*Western Sizz - 31                   Arkoma - 18 


Week 9

*Davis Printing - 40                  Western Sizz - 35

Dale Crampton - 34                   Army Surplus - 32

Noon Kiwanis - 34                     National Family - 28

Preferred Office - 30                  Graduate Sales - 22 





Sizz uses 3rd quarter run to blitz Arkoma, 31-18


Man it looked for a while in this one it was going to be a very low scoring game. Both teams came out in the opening quarter and defense dominated the game. Luke Maxwell hit a free throw for us and Alex Flake scored on a jump shot and that would be our only points in the 1st quarter. The good news is that our defense was stellar as usual and held Arkoma to three points as well. We missed at least 5 layus in the quarter and I was hoping that would not come back to cost us in the end of this one.

The 2nd quarter would be an offensive explosion compared to the first 6 minutes of play. Blake Forsgren would score a basket inside and Josh Rashidi knocked down a jumper from the wing to give us a 7-3 lead. After a couple baskets by Arkoma, Presley Chitwood would slice thru the defense to give us a 9-7 lead. Blake would knock down a couple of free throws before the half and we would take a 11-8 lead into the halftime.

The 3rd quarter we really took our defense to another level and Arkoma had no answer for it. We turned them over on most trips down the floor and our guys were running layup drills for much of the 3rd quarter. We had some great passes made by all the guys, setting their teammates up with easy baskets. Luke would score 9 points in the quarter, with several of his baskets coming off nice assists from Alex. Presley would score a couple of baskets off steals and Josh would finish a drive with a basket to give us a 27-10 lead. Another basket by Alex and one by Blake would extend our lead to 31-12 by the end of the quarter. We would outsocre Arkoma 20-4 in the quarter and put this game away.

The final quarter we made sure all the kids got some good minutes and we would cruise to a 31-18 win. The win moves us to 10-0 on the season with one final regular season game left on Tuesday at 5:30 versus Davis Printing at Jefrey's.



Sizz Game 9 - Player of the Game - Kenna Dale



Man, did Kenna have a good game tonight or what! She was named our player of the week and man did she earn it. She had 4 points in the game and grabbed down 7 big rebounds. She was also awesome on the defensive end of the floor. Kenna has been a very good player for this team for two years and is a pleasure to coach. She always gives her best and is a great young lady. Congrats Kenna, we are very proud of you!



Sizz completes a perfect league season with 42-18 win!

For the second year in a row, we completed a perfect 6-0 league season with a 42-18 win over Graduate Sales. We came out and wasted little time in putting Graduate Sales away in this one. Our defense in the opening quarter was smoothering and Graduate Sales struggled to even get a shot off. Offensively we had four players score in the quarter. Alex Flake and Luke Maxwell were attacking the basket, as each player scored 4 points in the quarter. Lilly Gilbert and Kenna Dale would both score off offensive rebounds to give us a 12-2 lead by the end of the opening quarter.
The 2nd quarter would be the Jacob Brown show! Blake Forsgren did a great job of finding an open Jacob on several trips down the floor and Jacob would do the rest. He scored 10 points in the quarter by himself and this one was over before the half. Josh Rashidi and Presley Chitwood would also knock down shots in the quarter and we would hold a 26-10 lead at the half.
The 3rd and 4th quarters went by pretty quick as the mercy rule was in effect. We tried getting the ball to some of our kids that have not scored as much as others for the entire second half. It was another game that saw 9 of our 10 players score in the game. Was really glad to see Jaxon Cox get a bucket late in the game and grab down some big rebounds. We would finish the game with the same effort and intensity as we started it with. That's what is so fun about this team, they play so hard. As a coach, that's all you can ask them to do.
Our game Saturday at Goldtrap versus Arkoma has been moved to 12:00, so please be there at 11:30. See ya then!


Sizz game 8 - Player of the Game - Derek Chitwood



Our player of the game for our game on Tuesday night versus Noon Kiwanis was Derek Chitwood. Derek has improved with each and every game and has done what we have asked of him as coaches. In the game on Tuesday he did not score but grabbed a couple of rebounds and did a great job setting screens for Blake at the top of the key. He is the reason Blake scored a couple of the baskets he scored in the 2nd quarter. Derek has had a great attitude and continues to work hard in practice and in the games. Great job Derek, we are very proud of you!




Sizz clinches League Title with DEFENSE!


Man if you are a fan of hard-nosed in your face defense, this was the game for you! We turned it up to another level I did not know this team had on Tuesday night on the defensive end of the floor. We held a Noon Kiwanis team, who had been averaging close to 40 points a game, to just 12 points. And what is even more incredible than that is we held them to 2 points in the entire second half. An incredible effort by a great group of kids on this Sizz team!

The opening quarter was ugly at times but we can win that way as well. Neither team got many shots off in the quarter. Luke Maxwell did knock down a basket for us and Lilly Gilbert hit a free throw to make it a a 4-3 Noon Kiwanis lead after the 1st quarter of play. The 2nd quarter they had their big man in the game, McClane Moody. McClane is a wonderful player and great kid. I have coached him for several years in three different sports and know what a talent he is. Blake Forsgren had the huge task of keeping him in check on this night. It was quite a challenge, but Blake is always up to a challenge! The 2nd quarter was a scoring fest compared to the 1st quarter. Jacob Brown was huge in the quarter as he scored a couple of baskets on the block to give us a 7-4 lead. After a couple of baskets by Noon Kiwanis, Presley Chitwood knocked down a jumper and we had the lead once again. A basket by Blake would give us a 13-10 lead heading into the half.

The final two quarters were as good of a defensive effort as I have ever had one of my teams play in all my years of coaching. Keep in mind we were not playing a bad team here. Noon Kiwanis is very good team and have a lot of very talented players. We made a couple of small adjustments throughout the 3rd quarter that seemed to free up some of our players for some easy looks. Blake would score a couple of baskets and Luke would score on a fast break to give us a 19-10 lead after three quarters of play. Noon Kiwanis did not score a single point in the quarter. Our defense was incredible and they were beyond frustrated.

The final 6 minutes of play saw our defense continue to dominate the game. We got a little tired and that was my fault for not playing enough players in the second half. We really took our time of offense and really went into sort of a passing game offense for a large portion of the quarter. I was surprised that Noon did not put more pressure on the ball and try to cause some turnovers, but it seemed like they had conceded the game. We would cap off the game with a basket from Presley to make the final 21-12. I could not be prouder of this group. If you would have told me before the game that Alex Flake would not score and we would still win by 9 points, I probably would have called you crazy. But that happened tonight. But, Alex did some amazing things on defense the entire game and he ran our offense and really took care of the ball. So he did more than do his part! Our wing players, Luke, Josh, Presley and Lilly were awesome on defense and kept the Noon Kiwanis guards in check the entire game. Our post and low block players battled their hearts out all night. Blake, Kenna, Jacob and Derek were awesome in the paint area and did not let McClane beat us by himself on the offensive glass. 

The win clinches us the league championship for the 2nd year in a row. These kids over the last two years are 21-1, including 11-0 in league play at Goldtrap. It has been an amazing season with these kids and can't wait for the next few games.



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