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This is a site for players, parents and fans of the Western Sizzlin Pee Wee Basketball Team of Goldtrap/Gardner Boys Club in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Our mission is to teach the kids solid basketball fundamentals that will enable them to improve their skills and enjoyment of the game. Although we will attempt to be competitive in all our games, our number one goal is for the kids to have fun, whether we win or lose. Our second goal is to develop an understanding of the importance of being a TEAM. We want them to know that we win as a team and we lose as a team. Hope you enjoy the site!!

2014 Pee Wee Tourney Bracket


Congrats to Cole Goodman for winning the 2014 FSBGC Pee Wee City Championship tourney. They defeated Western Sizzlin of Goldtrap 31-24 in the championship game. Congrats to both teams for great seasons! 



Handout: 2014 Pee Wee Tourney

Cole Goodman hot shooting downs Sizz in Title game!


Man to say that Cole Goodman was red hot from the field would be an understatement. We used three different defenses to try and slow them down, but nothing worked. We didn't play our best game that's for sure. We seemed to have a lot of nerves and Cole Goodman seemed right at home playing in their own gym. Would have like for this game to be played at Goldtrap. Think it would have been a much different story. But congrats to Cole Goodman on winning the city championship. They are well coached and have a great group of kids. The loss doesn't take away from the great season we had this year. This group of kids went to back-to-back City Final Fours in two years and that's something that doesn't happen out of Goldtrap very often.




Sizz Week 11 - Player of the Week - Noah Ralston



Our player of the week for the final week of the season is Noah Ralston. Noah played great defense all season for us and always gives 100%. He is a great kid and is very willing to learn. Noah had some tough defensive assignments throughout the season but never backed down. He is a big reason we finished the season as the Goldtrap league champs and went to the title game in the city tourney. Great job Noah, we are very proud of you!





Ethan's 3-pointer at buzzer sends Gerber home!


Wow, is all I can say after this one. We all just witnessed the greatest comeback maybe ever in the Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club. We were down 25-10 at the half and things weren't looking good. We made a few adjustments on defense and finally got our offense rollin in the second half. We would outscore a very good Gerber team 27-11 in the 2nd half to punch our ticket to the Pee Wee City Championship.

The opening quarter we came out a little sluggish. We turned the ball over the first couple of trips down the floor and Gerber took and early 4-0 lead. Ethan Arnold finally got us on the board with a jump shot. After a couple more baskets by Gerber, Luke Watson would knock down a couple of free throws to pull us within 9-6 by the end of the quarter. The 2nd quarter the wheels would come off and we fell apart on both ends of the floor. We allowed Gerber to penetrate our zone with ease at times and we turned the ball over on most trips down the floor. They would go on a huge run and this one looked to be over at the half. We found ourself down 25-10 and things weren't looking good. We made a couple of defensive adjustments at the half and on offense we wanted to keep the ball in Ethan's hands as much as possible. He could see over their smaller guards up top and was able to find players cutting to the basket.

The 3rd quarter we would begin our comeback. Ethan would get things started knocking down a 3-pointer. After a basket by Luke Watson, Ethan would drain another three and suddenly the Gerber lead was shrinking. Our defense was doing a much better job stopping their drives and forcing them to take jump shots. Avery Walker made a couple of fanatastic defensive plays in the quarter that really seemed to give us some fire. Ethan would hit yet another three and Avery would do the same at the end of the quarter. Just like that it was a 32-26 Gerber lead. We outscored them 16-7 in the quarter and you could feel the momentum swinging in our favor. Our crowd was up cheering and that seemed to really give the boys a second wind as they started the final quarter.

The final quarter would seem like a blur to me now as I try and write about it. We kept chipping away at their lead. The Gerber kids made a couple of big shots in the quarter and it looked as if we might not have enough in the tank to catch them. We really battled hard on the glass and got some big time rebounds in the quarter. We were holding them to one shot and that was huge for us. They tried to run some clock but our defense forced them into several turnovers. Avery would hit a couple of shots to pull us within 34-30. After a Gerber turnover, Ethan would knock down another jumper to pull us within 34-32. Gerber would score on a basket inside with about one minute left to play. Ethan would hit another shot to pull us within 36-34 with 20 seconds left. Our defense would force Gerber into a turnover and we would get the ball back with 11 seconds left on the clock. We called timeout and set up a play for Ethan to win the game with a 3-pointer. I told Luke to set him a screen and then cut to the free throw line. We told Ethan if he got covered up to look for Luke there, because Gerber was leaving that area wide open the last few possessions. Ethan got trapped and got the ball away to Luke, which drove to the hole but missed the shot. Ty Jones hustled down the rebound in the far corner and saved the ball to Avery just before it went out of bounds. Avery then found an open Ethan, who would drain his fourth three pointer of the game at the buzzer. The crowd went nuts and we had pulled out an unbelieveable 37-36 win.

It was the greatest comeback I've ever been a part of. I can not tell you how proud I am of the kids for not backing down at half. We were down 15 and it would have been so easy for them to cash it in and give up. They did not and battled their way back. Says a lot about the character of kids we have on this team. The win moves us to the Pee Wee City Championship against the #1 seed from Evan, Cole Goodman. They are a very good team and are well coached. Should be a fun game. Game starts at 7:00pm on Thursday. See you all there by 6:30.




Sizz Week 10 - Player of the Week - Logan Edwards


Our player of the week for week 10 of the season is Logan Edwards. Logan has really done a good job these last two games playing defense in the 2nd quarter and shutting down his man. This is Logan's first year to play basketball and I have been telling him that every game, I'm gonna give him one job to do and I want him to get it done. These last two games he sure has. His effort has been good and I'm very proud of the way he has accepted the challenge from this ole coach. Great job Logan, we are very proud of you!



Sizz advances to "Final Four" with win over Sertoma


Wow, what a game by our kids today. While we had those first tourney game jitters against Forsgren on Friday night, there were no jitters to start this one. We played a very good Sertoma team and didn't back down from them one inch. We really challenged the kids before the game to come out and punch them in the mouth early and let them know we mean business and that's exactly what our kids did. Sertoma has two AAU players on their team that play for a traveling team out of Little Rock, so we knew this game was going to be a huge challenge for us and our defense.

The opening quarter we came right out and took the fight to them. Our defense was hustling all over the place. Avery Walker and Jayden Brown were making life tough on the Sertoma guards. Ethan Arnold was controlling the paint, while Andrew Buergler did a good job of grabbing three rebounds in the quarter. Noah Ralston was also playing good defense on his side of our zone and was not letting their guards drive past him. It was a very competitive quarter with both teams knocking down a couple of shots and we would take a 6-5 lead after the 1st quarter of play. 

The 2nd quarter I was a little concerned because Sertoma's best player had been on the bench in the opening quarter. Our kids were up to the challenge and continued to battle hard and match them basket for basket. Luke Watson picked up right were he left off on Friday night as he carried us on offense in the 2nd quarter. He would score 8 points in the quarter and helped us tie the game at 14 with just seconds left in the quarter. Sertoma would sink an NBA range 3-pointer at the buzzer and would take a 17-14 lead into the half. 

Despite being down, I was very proud of our kids play in the first half. We had not backed down from them one inch and they knew they were in for a battle. I knew from watching their previous games that they really liked to push the tempo in the 3rd and 4th quarters. I told our kids no long jump shots, because that would lead to long rebounds, which would start their fast breaks. We stressed for them to keep attacking the basket, as Sertoma could not match us on the boards. Our kids came out and played an incredible 3rd quarter and boy was it fun to watch! Ethan would knock down a 3-pointer to tie the game at 17. Luke would drive to the hole for a couple of easy baskets to give us a 21-17 lead. Both teams would exchange a few baskets and we would take a 24-20 lead heading into the final quarter of play. Our defense was so very good in the 3rd quarter. Ty Jones and Ethan Arnold controlled the paint, while Avery, Luke and Samuel kept the Sertoma guards from penetrating our zone. Great job by all the kids.

The final quarter would be as good as we have played all season long. Our offense continued to move well and our guys were cutting to the basket and Sertoma had a hard time keeping up with us. I really challenged Ethan to take over the game in the final 6 minutes of play and man did he respond. He started knocking down shots from all over the floor. At the same time he was attacking the basket and drawing fouls also. Avery and Luke would do a great job of getting him the ball and setting him screens freeing him up for open jumps shots. Sertoma stayed to stay close but their shots quit falling and we were totally controlling the glass. Ethan would reel off 13 points in the quarter and lead us down the home stretch for a 41-33 win in this one.

What a great team effort once again by our kids. I can't say enough by their effort and it was a fun game to be a part of and coach. The win moves us to the City Tourney "Final Four" for the 2nd straight year. We lost last year in the final four to Gerber and guess who we play on Monday night at 6:30. You got it!  



Stong 2nd half leads Sizz past Forsgren 28-23!


The first game of the City Tourney is always a challenge. The tough part for us is we got a 1st round bye and went 12 days without playing. We did get one practice in during that stretch but that's not the same. Forsgren played a 1st round game so they had their first game jitters out of the way. Our kids did not and did it show big time early in this one.

The entire 1st quarter we looked like a deer in headlights. Our offense was terrible and our defense wasn't much better. We were lucky that Forsgren missed some easy shots or this one could have been over early. After Forsgren jumped on us 4-0, Ethan Arnold sank a short jumper to finally get us on the scoreboard. After another basket by Forsgren, Jayden Brown scored off an offensive rebound and we had pulled within 6-4 by the end of the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter things got even worse. Forsgren started knocking down shots and we looked as if we had not practiced all season. We could not get anything going and things didn't look good. We were turning the ball over on most trips down the floor. By the end of the 2nd quarter, Forsgren had a 12-4 lead and we had just finished playing the worst half of basketball we had played all season. 

At halftime we had a very inspirational speech by all three coaches and the kids came out in the 3rd quarter and really responded. Luke Watson and Ty Jones really started attacking the basket and making things happen. Ty would score four quick points to pull us within 14-8. After a Forsgren basket, Luke would knock down a short jumper to make it a 16-10 Forsgren lead. Ethan and Luke would each hit shots and Luke would sink a free throw to pull us within 17-16 by the end of the quarter. We were now starting to move on offense and play the way we are capable of playing. We would outscore Forsgren 12-5 in the quarter and you could feel the game changing in our favor.

The final quarter Luke continued to just take over the game for us. Forsgren had no answer for him the entire 2nd half and he would put us on his back the final 12 minutes of this one. We would take our first lead of the game at 22-21 with a jumper from Ethan. Luke then struck again for a couple more baskets and finally we had put this one away at 28-23. Our defense was awesome in the final 6 minutes of this one. Avery Walker, Jayden Brown, Samuel Carlisle, Ty Jones, Luke and Ethan really turned up the heat on Forsgren and they had no answer. We would escape a close call but the bottom line is we won and advanced to the Elite 8 of the tourney.




Sizz Team Party - Tuesday, March 11 @ 6:00pm


Our Western Sizz team party will be held on Tuesday, March 11th @ 6:00pm at the Western Sizzlin on Rogers Ave.

Any questions about the team party, please contact Eden Buergler at 462-8892

Hope to see you all there for a great time to celebrate an awesome season with a fun bunch of kids! 



FINAL 2013-14 Goldtrap Pee Wee Standings

                                    Conference           Overall

Western Sizzlin               5-1                            8-1       (League Champs)

National Family                4-2                            6-3

Graduate Sales                4-2                            6-3  

Preferred Office            3-3                             4-5

Optimist                          3-3                            6-3  

Dale Crampton                2-4                             3-5 

Army Surplus                  0-6                            0-9





2013-14 Goldtrap Pee Wee Basketball Scores

Week 1              *Denotes = Non-conference game

*National Family - 28         Preferred Office - 26

*Optimist - 38                   Army Surplus - 17

*Western Sizzlin - 28        Graduate Sales - 26 

*Arkoma - 32                     Dale Crampton - 24 


Week 2

*Graduate Sales - 33          Preferred Office - 26

*Dale Crampton - 30           Army Surplus - 11

*Optimist - 32                    National Family - 23

*Western Sizzlin - 41         Arkoma - 18   


Week 3

*Preferred Office - 37      Arkoma - 20

Graduate Sales - 40           Army Surplus - 12

Optimist - 36                     Dale Crampton - 29

Western Sizzlin - 34          National Family - 18  


Week 4

*Army Surplus - 31            Arkoma - 35

National Family - 27          Dale Crampton - 25

Western Sizzlin - 31          Preferred Office - 29

Graduate Sales - 20          Optimist - 19 


Week 5

*Optimist - 40                  Arkoma - 28

National Family - 41         Graduate Sales - 36 

Dale Crampton - 34          Western Sizzlin - 26

Preferred Office - 35     Army Surplus - 23


Week 6

*National Family - 41       Arkoma - 26

Preferred Office - 34     Optimist - 28 

Western Sizzlin - 40       Army Surplus - 21 

Graduate Sales - 27        Dale Crampton - 24 


Week 7

*Graduate Sales - 37       Arkoma - 35

National Family - 42         Army Surplus - 21

Preferred Office - 27      Dale Crampton - 24

Western Sizzlin - 34        Optimist - 9 


Week 8

Optimist - 34                   Army Surplus - 15

Western Sizzlin - 36        Graduate Sales - 35

National Family - 40         Preferred Office - 38


Week 9

*Western Sizz - 40         Arkoma - 24

Optimist - 31                   National Family - 30

Graduate Sales - 35        Preferred Office - 19

Dale Crampton - 42         Army Surplus - 23  





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