Victory Express Soccer Club: The Academy

Thursday, November 7

Victory Express Soccer Academy

Winter Training Camp 

Location: Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex

200 Dunn Ave., Washington, Pa., 15301

8 WEEKS -   Boys and Girls ages 8-11. 

TIME - 10:30 A.M. - NOON (Saturday Mornings)

Begins January 4, 2014 and ends February 22, 2014.

Cost:  $150.00

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Please mail or drop off registration by December 20th, 2013 to guarantee a spot in the Camp! Limited to first 30 participants. 

*Make check payable to : Victory Express  

*Mail to: Victory Sports Center, 402 W. Chestnut Street, Washington, PA, 15301 

*Phone: 724-225-6116 / Email:      

Academy Summary

The objective of the Academy is to offer young  area soccer players, between the ages of  7-10 the opportunity to not only develop a solid foundation in the skills of the game, but to also enhance existing skills.  The Academy is the first step for these aspiring young players toward becoming technically proficient and tactically aware soccer players.

Primary emphasis in Academy training will initially be placed upon skill proficiency.  The ability to comfortably control a ball with all appropriate surfaces is crucial to future player development.  Once a fundamental proficiency has been established in this area, players will learn to develop their individual skills and display an increased level of confidence and composure in possession of the ball.      

The Academy is not a game/score-oriented program!  It is a program designed to instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment in all participants through a carefully planned program of skills development.  Participants will be encouraged to incorporate newly-developed skills into every activity, without fear of failure.  Players will learn to be expressive in possession of the ball and to concentrate exclusively on mastering technical skills and maneuvers that will make their individual play much less predictable.  There will be two “games days” during the  program, when participants will have the opportunity to display some of the skills they have been working on in the technical sessions.  During the “game days”, teams will face each other for set time periods; however, no score will be kept and the emphasis will be entirely upon the skills emphasized in the preceding sessions.

As well as simply giving young players the necessary tools to allow for a greater level of success and enjoyment at any level of play, the Academy also has loftier goals.  Confident, technically proficient soccer players will be the future leaders of not only the Victory Express Cup teams, but also the Local High School programs.  It is our goal to develop a group of young players that will go on, with a belief and self-confidence in their skills, to entertain us all during highly productive careers in cup, high school, and college soccer.

For all sessions, participants must bring with them:

1.  An appropriately-sized, fully-inflated soccer ball – (size 4)

2.  A full water bottle

3.  Soccer shoes / cleats

4.  Shin guards