Display Ideas

Tire Sink
Tire Sink & Mirror

Sink & Mirror

Wall Displays

25 neon
Example: #25 Bobby Hamilton Jr. Marines Ford Taurus
Mount Your Tire On The Wall
And Include A NEON Number
Of Your Favorite Driver To The Center Of The Tire.

You Can Add A Picture Of Your Favorite Driver,
To The Center Of The Tire (like the picture below).

Maybe Even Use Some Imagination,
And Insert A Finished Piece Of Wood,
As A Shelf, And Display Your Dicast Cars Inside.

I Have Many Ideas On Wall Mounting,
E-Mail Me For More Information At:
wall mount
Driver Photos Not Yet Availiable

Tire Tables

table side
Click On Image For Pricing
Want To Be The Talk Of The Neighborhood?
How About A Table That Is Simple To Assemble,
Yet Will Be A Unique Addition To Your Game Room,
Basement, Or Bar!

Plus, This Table Can Be Used As A Game, Sports,
Coffee, Or End Table.

Use Different Design Variations To Make Your Table "One Of A Kind".
Just Add A Round Piece Of Tempered Glass To The Top Of The Tire.

You Can Buy Your Tire Table Base HERE
tire inside
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Tire Table Bases

table stand
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Professionally Welded Steel Tire Table Bases,
Comes Painted Black And Will Fit Any
Nascar 15" Tire And Our Nascar Innerliners.
Click HERE For Pricing On Our Tire Table Stands.

Dart Boards

Dart Boards Not Yet Availiable
Add A Dart Board To Your Winston Cup Tire
And Make A Unique Display Of Your Tire.