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Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade  
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2018 Season Winding Down

With one tournament left Pat Karcher has clinched at least a share of the Angler of the Year Award.  Bill Marshall is the only other angler that can stake his claim to the annual trophy.  Bill will have to win the tournament and hope Pat doesn't catch anything.  If Pat comes in the top ten then he locks the award for himself.  Good luck to everyone who's goal is to grab a top ten spot for the yearly rankings.



Last tournament:  October 20th 7am-noon at Wilson Lake

Union Ended A Bunch of Angler of the Year Hopes

We had 19 anglers, 10 of which caught keeper bass, 18 total.  It was one of our better tournaments this season.  It locked Pat's spot on top and eliminated all but Bill Marshall's chance to tie him.  We also had a tie in total weight for the first time in a while so we went to tie break of the largest fish.  Both anglers still received first place points.

1st-  Doug Miller  2 bass  4lbs  (2lb4oz lunker and tie break fish)

2nd-  Chris Castineira  3 bass  4lbs

3rd-  Calvin Hoover  2 bass  3lbs4oz

4th-  Pat Karcher  2 bass  3lbs2oz  (2lb4oz lunker)

5th-  Marc Sano  3 bass  2lbs9oz

6th-  Bill Marshall  2 bass  1lb12oz

7th-  Rich Moule  1 bass  1lb1oz

8th tie-  Ditmar Gagnon, Sean McCarthy, & John Sullivan  1 bass, 12oz bass each 

2018 Points Leaders

1st-  Pat Karcher  65

2nd-  Bill Marshall  55

3rd-  Chris Castineira  52

4th-  Sean McCarthy  46

5th tie- Marc Sano & John Sullivan  36

7th- Doug Miller  30

8th- Steve Anderson  28

9th- Calvin Hoover  27

10th tie-  Ditmar Gagnon & Tim McCarthy  23

12th-  Jim McHale  21

13th-  Bill Powell  19

 14th-  Rich Moule  18

15th-  Rick Anderson  16

16th-  Paul Brosman  15

17th-  Chad Devone & Ed Karcher  13

19th-  John Melleady  12

 20th-  Sam Godwin  10

21st- Dougie Miller  8

22nd-  Timmy Miller  7

23rd tie-  Anthony DeValerio, Jim Gauntt & Carl Pacitti  6

26th tie-  Danny Kidd & Joe Riecky  4

28th- Tim Miller  3

29th tie-  6 tied with 2

35th tie-  4 tied with 1 

Big Bass and Pickerel Award Leaders

BIG BASS -  Cullen McClintock 5lbs

BIG PICKEREL - Carl Pacitti 3lbs 3oz

First Tourney Back to Its Old Results

We used to fish Parvin Lake first every year but everyone complained about the lack of fish and the cold.  Well Lake Assunpink didn't help that out as we ahd our first ever Teddy Hartman Tournament with only one person catching anything.  Congratulations to Bill Marshall on his 1lb 12oz largemouth to start off the 2018 season.  He also caught a 1lb 10oz pickerel.  So good job to Ditmar for your net work.

This Month Was Wet But Better Than Last

The tournament was our first minor of 2018.  20 members showed up to fish on a soggy and windy (at times) day.  The results bested last months tournament easily.  This one even brough about a new Big Bass Leader.

1st-  Pat Karcher  3 bass  7lbs 3oz  (4lb 13oz Lunker and new Big Bass & also had 1 other 13oz keeper)

2nd-  John Sullivan  3 bass  5lbs 2oz

3rd-  Ditmar Gagnon  2 bass  3lbs 7oz

4th-  Sean McCarthy  2 bass  3lbs 4oz

5th-  Rick Anderson  1 bass  3lbs 3oz

6th tie- Tim McCarthy  1 bass  1lb 14oz

              Doug Miller  1 bass  1lb 14oz

8th-  Chad Devone  1 bass  1lb 4oz

9th-  Timmy Miller  1 bass  1lb

10th-  Bill Marshall  1 bass  12oz 

Malaga Had A Lot Of Pickerel

This minor had a bunch of fish caught but mostly the wrong species.  Pickerel were easy to catch on our hottest, driest tournament of the year.  Now keeper bass were not as easy.

 1st- Pat Karcher  2 bass  3lbs 13oz (lunker 3lbs)

2nd- John Sullivan  1 bass  2lbs 5oz

3rd- Steve Anderson  1 bass  2lbs 3oz

4th- Ed Karcher  2 bass  1lb 12oz

5th- Sean McCarthy  1 bass  1lb 2oz

6th- Marc Sano  1 bass  1lb 

Midsummer Classic Did Not Disappoint

We fished Salem Canal and 27 anglers showed up to cover all that water.  Overall there were 27 keepers caught and 4 of the guys had limits.  We had a first time winner with Chris Castineira taking it home.

1st-  Chris Castineira  3 bass  5lbs 1oz (lunker 2lbs 13oz)

2nd-  Sean McCarthy  3 bass  4lbs 4oz (4 keepers total)

3rd-  Pat Karcher  3 bass  3lbs 9oz  (4 keepers total)

4th- Bill Marshall  3 bass  3lbs 2oz

5th- Jim McHale  2 bass  2lbs 4oz

6th- Steve Anderson  2 bass  1lb 14oz

7th tie-  Paul Brosman  1 bass  1lb 13oz

               John Melleady  2 bass  1lb 13oz

9th-  Chad Devone  2 bass  1lb 9oz

10th-  Anthony DeValerio  1 bass  1lb 5oz 

So So at the Sand Ponds

Our last summer tournament was a muggy, overcast one at Menantico.  We had 20 members and 1 guest fishing but only 10 keepers.  Luckily for Bill Powell he caught 3 of them himself.  Here are the full results:

1st- Bill Powell  3 bass  4lbs 1oz (lunker 2lb 3oz)

2nd- Marc Sano  1 bass  2lbs

3rd- Tim McCarthy  1 bass  1lb 8oz

4th-  Chris Castineira  1 bass  1lb 4oz

5th-  Pat Karcher  1 bass  1lb 3oz

6th-  Dougie Miller  1 bass  1lb 1oz

7th-  Calvin Hoover  1 bass  1lb

8th- John Sullivan  1 bass  12oz 

Tournament Rules

The full tournament rules are available on the Rules page.

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
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