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Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade  
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2016 Is More Than Halfway Over

Four tournaments have been completed and 26 of our 47 members are eliminated from Angler of the Year contention. The Big Fish Annual awards haven't changed recently.  Good luck! Keep on fishing!

Union Lake With High Temps and Humidity But Low Yields

Union Lake was a bust with 27 anglers only catching 3 keepers.

1st- Bill Powell  1lb 9oz

2nd-  Cullen McClintock  1lb 4oz

3rd-  Pat Karcher  15oz 

2016 Points Leaders

1st-  Bill Powell  51

2nd-  Pat Karcher  30

3rd tie-  Tim McCarthy & Cullen McClintock  29

5th-  John Melleady  26

 6th-  Bill Marshall  22

7th tie-  Chris Wiltsey & John Sullivan  21

9th-  Kenny Karcher Jr  20

10th tie-  Paul Brosman & Ron Ulrich  19

12th- Jim McHale 17

13th-  Rick Anderson 16

14th-  John Reeves  15 

15th-  Danny Kidd  13

16th-  Jason Wiltsey Jr  10

17th tie-  Ditmar Gagnon & Jim Gauntt  9

19th tie-  Jimmy Gauntt & Ken Karcher  8

21st-  Jason Wiltsey  7 



Menatico Sand Ponds on August 20th, 6a.m.

Big Bass and Pickerel Awards

BIG BASS -  Rick Anderson 5lbs 4 oz

BIG PICKEREL - Tim McCarthy 4lbs 2oz

Better Start Then We've Had In A While...

We fished Lake Assunpink this year (not Parvin, Frank and Timmy) on a very cloudy day.  The water temperatures have been higher so, it was a bit different from past tournaments.  37 guys showed up at the right lake and 22 of them weighed in contenders.  Here's the top 10, with a newcomer leading the way:

1st- John Melleady  3-0 bass, Welcome to the club!

2nd-Tim McCarthy  3-1 pickerel

3rd- Kenny Karcher Jr  2-14 bass

4th- Chris Wiltsey  2-11 bass

5th- Bill Powell  2-9 bass

6th- Jim McHale  2-6 pickerel

7th- Bill Marshall  2-5 pickerel

8th- Ron Ulrich  2-4 pickerel

9th tie-  Ken Karcher, Pat Karcher, and Jason Wiltsey Jr  2-3 bass each

First Minor Didn't Get Washed Out As Expected

The day was supposed to be rainy but 21 anglers showed up.  The rain held out long enough for 9 guys to place for points.

1st  John Reeves  3 bass  5lbs 11oz

2nd tie  Paul Brosman  2 bass  4lbs 11oz

             Rick Anderson  3 bass  4lbs 11oz

4th tie  Bill Marshall  1 bass  4lbs 2oz (lunker)

             John Sullivan  3 bass  4lbs 2oz

6th  Bill Powell  3 bass  3lbs 6oz

7th  Tim McCarthy  1 bass  1lb 6oz

8th  Carl Pacitti  1 bass  1lb 1oz

9th  Ditmar Gagnon  1 bass  1lb 

Huge Turnout For Our Second Minor

This Saturday we fished the D.O.D. Lakes and had 35 members on hand.  There were a total of 30 keepers weighed.

 1st-  Ron Ulrich   3 bass   5lbs 9oz

2nd-  John Sullivan   3 bass   3lbs 2oz

3rd tie-   Danny Kidd   1 bass   3lbs (Lunker)

                Bill Powell   2 bass   3lbs

5th-  Pat Karcher   3 bass   2lbs 12oz (culled 1)

6th-  Cullen McClintock   1 bass   2lbs 7oz

7th-  Paul Brosman   2 bass   2lbs 4oz

8th-  Jim Gauntt   2 bass   1lb 11oz

9th-  Jimmy Gauntt   3 bass   1lb 10oz

10th-  Steve Anderson   1 bass   1lb 4oz

Catfish Tournament


1st  Jack Marter  31.4lbs

2nd  Pat Karcher  22lbs

3rd  Bill Powell  19lbs



Pat Karcher  12.21lbs 


Tournament Rules

The full tournament rules are available on the Rules page.

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
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