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Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade  
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Spring is coming to a close.

Three tournaments down and big bass and pickerel leaders have changed a few times.  It seems like almost everyone is catching fish this year, it's just a little harder to get in the top 10.



July 19th at Wilson Lake (major)  6am start

Big Bass and Pickerel Awards

BIG BASS -  **NEW LEADER**  Ditmar Gagnon  5lb 5oz largemouth

BIG PICKEREL - **NEW LEADER**  John Kenney III  3lb 8oz

2014 Angler of the Year Standings

1st-  John Reeves  36pts

2nd-  Tim McCarthy   23pts

3rd-   Denny Ulrich   22pts

tie-   Ron Ulrich   22pts 

5th-  John Kenney I   18pts

tie-  Ed Karcher   18pts

7th - Danny Kidd   17pts

8th-   John Kenney II   11pts

tie-   Sean McCarthy   11pts

tie-   Doug Miller   11pts

tie-   Tim Miller   11pts

12th-   John Kenney III   10pts

13th-   Pat Karcher   9pts

tie-   Bill Marshall   9pts

tie-   Chris Wiltsey   9pts

16th-   Ditmar Gagnon   7pts

tie-   Rich Moule   7pts

18th-   Anthony DeValerio   6pts

tie-   Jim McHale   6pts

20th-   7 anglers tied with 5pts each 

Repeat for Stewart Lake

We went to Stewart for our actual scheduled visit this month and had very similar results.  We had 24 members, 15 of which caught keepers, that chipped in on breaking some of the club records set last month.  New record for keepers caught 36.  New record for total weight of keepers with 59lbs even.  And a new record for limits caught with 6 - Pat Karcher, Ditmar Gagnon, Sean McCarthy, John Reeves, Ron Ulrich, and Chris Wiltsey.  Here's how the leader board finished.

1st-  Ron Ulrich   3   6lbs 4oz

 2nd tie-   Danny Kidd   2   6lbs 2oz (3-3 lunker)

John Reeves   3   6lbs 2oz 

4th-   John Kenney III   2   5lbs 13oz

5th-   Ditmar Gagnon   3   4lbs 7oz

6th-   Pat Karcher   3   4lbs

7th-   Chris Wiltsey   3   3lb 13oz

8th-   Rich Moule   2   3lb 10oz

9th-   Sean McCarthy   3   3lb 8oz

10th tie-   Ed Karcher   2   2lb 11oz

Jim McHale   2   2lb 11oz 

No to Newton

With little notice our tournament was moved from Newton Lake to Stewart Lake.  This is a new lake for us so not many people had even fished it before.  Little did we know that our 26 members fishing that day would see some club records broken.  We tied our most limits caught with 4 - John Reeves, Ron Ulrich, Doug Miller, and Tim Miller.  We set new records for keepers caught total with 32 and total weight for the tournament at 54lb 13oz.  Our eventual winner set the records for heaviest 3 fish total at 7lb 10oz and most keepers caught by one member.  Here's the finishing top ten.

1st-  John Reeves  3 fish  7lb 10oz (caught 7 total for 12lb 7oz)

2nd-  Ron Ulrich  3 fish  6lb 0oz

3rd-  Doug Miller  3 fish  5lb 4oz

4th-  Tim Miller  3 fish  5lb 1oz

5th-  John Kenney II  2 fish  4lb 4oz

6th-  Sean McCarthy  1 fish  3lb 6oz (lunker)

7th tie-  Bill Marshall  1 fish  2lb 12oz

Danny Kidd  2 fish  2lb 2oz

9th-  Anthony DeValerio  2 fish  2lb 9oz

10th-  Rich Moule  1 fish  1lb 14oz 

JINXED!!! Parvin is Back to Starvin' Again

For the first time in tournament history there were no keeper bass caught in the annual season kickoff.  There were 2 short bass and 6 pickerel brought to the scales.  This was the earliest that we have ever started and it showed.

1st   Denny Ulrich   1lb 12oz pickerel


2nd  Tim McCarthy   1lb 11oz pickerel


3rd  John Kenney I   1lb pickerel


4th  Ed Karcher   12oz pickerel


5th  John Reeves   7oz pickerel 

Tournament Rules

The full tournament rules are available on the Rules page.

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
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