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Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade  
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Again congratulations to Pat Karcher, our 2015 Angler of the Year.  Keep trying to top the Big Bass and Pickerel of the Year.  This fish can be caught up until midnight on December 31st.

Last Tournament, Good Finish to the Season

We were on Hammonton Lake with 17 members in some fairly nice weather.  The fish were biting but most were small.  There were bass, pickerel, perch, crappie, and sunnies caught.  Here are the keepers:

1st-  John Reeves  3 bass  3lb 2oz (lunker 1-7)

2nd-  Ed Karcher  3 bass  2lb 12oz

3rd-  Marc Sano  2 bass  1lb 14oz

4th-  Pat Karcher  2 bass  1lb 12oz

5th-  Rick Anderson  2 bass  1lb 10oz

6th-  Ron Ulrich  1 bass  1lb 3oz

7th-  Dittmar Gagnon  1 bass  1lb 1oz

8th-  Sam Godwin  1 bass  12oz 

2015 Final Angler of the Year

1st-  Pat Karcher - 67pts

2nd-  John Reeves - 58pts 

3rd-  Bill Marshall - 46pts

4th- Bill Powell - 40pts 

5th-  Marc Sano - 33pts

6th tie-  Ditmar Gagnon & Rich Moule - 31pts

8th- Ron Ulrich - 30pts 

9th-  Kenny Karcher Jr - 27pts

10th tie- Rick Anderson & John Kenney II - 25

12th-  Rodney Ulrich - 23pts

 13th-  Steve Anderson - 21pts

14th-  Jimmy Gauntt - 20pts

15th- Anthony Devalerio - 19pts 

16th-  Ed Karcher - 18pts 

17th- Sam Godwin - 15pts

18th-  Ken Karcher - 12pts

19th- Chuck Soos - 10pts 

20th- Carl Pacitti - 9pts

21st tie - Paul Brosman & Jim Gauntt - 8pts

23rd tie-  Danny Kidd, John Sullivan & Chris Wiltsey - 7pts

26th tie- Calvin Hoover, Jim McHale, & Jason Wiltsey - 6pts

29th tie- Justin Bennett & Mark Kordes - 5pts 

31st- Tim McCarthy - 4pts

32nd tie- Frank Barr, John Kenny I, Sean McCarthy, Tim & Timmy Miller & Denny Ulrich - 3pts

38th tie- Bill Ingram, John Kenny III, Kate McCarthy & Doug Miller - 2pts

42nd tie- Frank & Timmy McCarthy - 1pt 


Big Bass and Pickerel Awards

BIG BASS -  Jimmy Gauntt 4lb 11oz

BIG PICKEREL - Pat Karcher 3lb 7oz



End of Year/First Meeting of the New Year in January

Catfish Tournament

We had our largest turn out to date, 25 boats and 71 fishermen.  21 of these boats weighed in fish.  Here are the results:

1st- Team John Lutz  20.8

2nd- Team Ken Karcher   18.6 (Lunker 12.2)

3rd- Team Pat Karcher   16.8

4th- Team Jack Marter   16.2

5th-  Team Rich Moule   13.2

6th-  Team Mike Weiszer   12.4

7th-  Team James Bakeoven   11.6

8th-  Team Paul Wright   11.4

9th-  Team John Reeves   11.2

10th-  Team David Goll   10.6 



The Same Ol' Parvin

Two things different about this year's visit to Parvin:  1) The amount of anglers we had fishing that day.  35 members and 2 guests  2) The beginning of the day weather.  It was beautiful.  Sunny, clear and no wind.  But anyone that has fished Parvin this time of year knows that didn't last and no one caught fish.

1st place - John Kenney 2 - largemouth - 1lb 15oz

2nd place - Rodney Ulrich - pickerel - 1lb

3rd place (honorary bc it was only 13.5 inches) - Timmy McCarthy 

Grassy Newton Ends Up Positive

Our first minor didn't look good from the ramp but our 24 anglers caught fish.  11 anglers caught 16 keepers and rumors of several throwbacks by the whole crew.  Here's how it finished:

1st- Ditmar Gagnon  3 bass  5lbs 8oz  (lunker 2lb 8oz)

2nd- Rick Anderson  2 bass  2lbs 5oz

3rd-  Bill Powell  1 bass  2lb 3oz

tie-  John Reeves  2 bass  2lb 3oz

5th-  Pat Karcher  2 bass  2lb 1oz

6th-  Bill Marshall  1 bass  1lb 10oz

7th-  Anthony DeValerio  1 bass  1lb 8oz

8th-  Sam Godwin  1 bass  1lb 5oz

9th-  Marc Sano  1 bass  1lb 4oz

10th-  Carl Pacitti  1 bass  1lb 3oz 

Stewart as Usual

This is our third trip here in 2 years and we always fill our top ten and break records.  We had 32 members fishing with 22 of them catching keepers (record).  There were 41 keepers caught in total.

1st-  Ron Ulrich  3 bass   6lb 2oz (lunker 3lb 6oz)

2nd-  John Reeves   3 bass   3lb 14oz (caught 7 keepers)

tie-   Ditmar Gagnon   3 bass   3lb 14oz (caught 4 keepers)

4th-  Anthony DeValerio   2 bass   3lb 13oz

5th-  Marc Sano   2 bass   3lb 10oz

6th-  Rich Moule   2 bass   3lb 1oz

7th-  Carl Pacitti   1 bass   2lb 15oz

8th-  Chuck Soos   3 bass   2lb 12 oz (caught 7 keepers)

9th-  Jim Gauntt   2 bass   2lb 11oz

10th-  Jimmy Gauntt   2 bass   2lb 6oz 

New Theme for the Year . . . Bad Majors

We had our second major of the year and it was at Union Lake.  The weather was overcast and the temp was bearable but the water was higher than normal and very warm.  We didn't catch a lot of keepers but the results really affected our Angler of the Year standings.  Only one person in or top 10 placed in this tournament, #10 Bill Marshall.  He was our winner for the day which moved him into 1st overall.  Also Rich Moule and Pat Karcher came in 2nd and 3rd which pushed them into the same positions for the year.  Tied for 3rd was Kenny Karcher Jr which moved him into the 8th spot up from 36 to be our biggest mover.  Here are the results:

1st-  Bill Marshall  1 bass  2lbs 9oz (lunker obviously)

2nd- Rich Moule  1 bass  2lbs 3oz

3rd tie-  Kenny Karcher Jr and Pat Karcher  1 bass each  1lb 10oz

5th-  Steve Anderson  1 bass  1lb 4oz 

Karcher Kind of Day at Malaga

We had our lowest turnout in a while with only 18 members at the lake.  As long as your last name was Karcher you had no problem getting into the points.  Pat won and moved into 1st place for the year.  Ron Ulrich and Marc Sano came in 2nd and 3rd to both enter the Top 10.  Here's this tournament's leader board:

1st - Pat Karcher  3 bass  5lbs 12oz (Lunker of 2-5, caught 4 keepers total)

2nd - Ron Ulrich  3 bass  5lbs 4oz

3rd - Marc Sano  2 bass  3lbs 5oz

4th -  Kenny Karcher  1 bass  1lb 11oz

5th - Kenny Karcher Jr  1 bass  1lb 7oz

       - Bill Powell  1 bass  1lb 7oz 

7th - John Reeves  1 bass  1lb 6oz

8th - Ed Karcher  1 bass  1lb 5oz

9th - Justin Bennett  1 bass  1lb 2oz 

Another Major, Another Flop

Our final major of the year was at Salem Canal.  It was still anyone's game with plenty of AOY points still available.  We had 23 anglers but only 5 of them caught keepers.  The one that mattered was Pat Karcher, the current points leader, defending his position and winning it all.

 1st- Pat Karcher  2 bass  5lbs 3oz (3lb 13oz lunker)

2nd- John Reeves  3 bass  4lbs 10oz

3rd- Bill Powell  1 bass  3lbs 8oz

4th- Jimmy Gauntt  3 bass  3lbs 4oz (culled 3 fish)

5th- Bill Marshall  2 bass  1lb 12oz 

Tournament Rules

The full tournament rules are available on the Rules page.

Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
Big Bass Fishing Club of Maple Shade
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