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Thursday, July 3

In order to improve our urgent, last minute, emergency communications with our teams/players/parents/fans/coaches, we have registered our tournament with a text messaging service called FPAlerts, offered through Fastpitch Headquarters.

This service is FREE for you, and it will allow us to quickly communicate urgent and timely information with you via text messaging to your cell phones and email addresses.

ALL coaches/players/parents/fans MUST register their cell phone numbers and/or email addresses in order to receive text/email communications from our group. We will not be able to make individual phone calls when we have urgent or time-sensitive information to communicate such as weather disruptions, schedule changes or game cancellations.

We will activate this service on 3 days prior to the event, so it is imperative that you register as soon as possible.

To sign up:  

Go to and click on "Subscribe".

You will see our group listed under "Tournament (PA) - TNT Tournament and Events". Select our group to subscribe (and any other groups you wish to subscribe to) and then input your email address to receive email alerts.

To receive text alerts on your cell phone, enter your cell phone number as an email address. If you have more than 2 addresses, you will need to subscribe additional times. You can register as many email addresses and cell phone numbers as you like.

Cell phone numbers MUST be entered as an email address. This is real easy to do. There is a link to instructions on the page on how to convert your cell phone number to an email address. Be sure to read those instructions. To avoid registration errors, please be sure that you DO NOT put a "1" at the beginning of your number, DO NOT put the "DASH" between numbers, and that you use the correct email suffix. For example, put numbers as, NOT, AND make sure that you use the correct @suffix for your cell company. DO NOT guess at the suffix...look it up on the instructions link.

Once you register a number/address, you will receive a confirmation message that you MUST reply to in order to activate that address. If you do not receive the confirmation message within a few minutes, you did not enter your number/address properly so try again.

NOTE: If you are already subscribed to another group, or whenever you add additional subscriptions, you must select ALL groups again when subscribing or you will erase the previous subscription(s).

On the date of activation listed above, we will send a welcome text to all subscribed members so when you receive that text you will know that you are subscribed properly. If you do not receive that welcome text, then you are not subscribed properly and need to follow the subscribe process again more carefully.

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