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If you are not participating in the TNT Showcase and would like to be a Pickup Player (Guest Player) on a team that is participating in the tournament, please email your pertinent information to Patti Shotwell at

Your information will be posted on this site for the teams to view. The teams will contact you directly. Once you are picked up, please let us know so we can mark you as "Picked Up".

Please provide the following information, at the minimum. You can give more information, as you can see some players have, but keep in mind that this is an open access page. We highly recommend that players DO NOT give us their personal cell number or email address or home address, but rather provide the email/cell numbers for a parent/guardian. 

Please provide the following information: 

Name - Positions - Year of Graduation - Email Contact - Cell Phone Contact (optional)

Players can wear their own uniform during the tournament, but it is highly recommended that you wear a uniform with a jersey number on it. Please make sure that you discuss playing time with the team who wants you. Make sure that both you and the team understand your availability for the event, and the amount of playing time you will get during the showcase.



If you are needing an additional player for the tournament, please contact the players below directly. 

Please be sure to discuss playing time with the player so both you and the player have a complete understanding. Please keep in mind that you do have a responsibility to provide the player with a fair amount of playing time. It can be a terrific win-win experience for both player and team as long as the treatment is fair.

Pickup players do not have to have matching uniforms, but if you have a jersey or uniform for them that is nice. They should at least wear their own travel teams uniform with a jersey number on it.

If you do pick up a player, please let us know so we can mark her as "Picked Up".

Thank you.




Gabby Galante, 16 years old

Grad Yr: 2017 (Freshman and Sophomore Varsity)

Positions: LHP, 1st Base, CF

Throws Left; Bats Left; Slap Hitter with Power/Speed


Profiles/Video: CaptainU; Fastpitch Online; YouTube

Father: Michael 516-356-5760 (cell)



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