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Thursday, March 26
Need More Speed?

Do You Want To Run Faster? ...

Tuesday, March 24
Guide to College Admissions

Tuesday, March 24
Scouts See Artwork in Asian Teams’ Workouts - Looks Like We Have To Play Catch-up
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Parent Syndrome
Parent Syndrome Article was written by Keith Madison (University of Kentucky baseball coach) 04/05/1996 Collegiate ...

Making a Videotape
An interview with Jeff Spelman

What to Expect from a Showcase
What To Expect from a Showcase


Walking On
When should a player walk on? By Jeff Spelman / Director of Team One Showcase

When a school and coach ...

More Scout Advice
What do college coaches and pro scouts really look for?
Any baseball player with dreams to play beyond high ...

College Transition
Taking Your Baseball Career to the College Level
by Jamie Siminski, Senior Baseball player at Lynn University, ...

What does YOUR FUTURE in college look like?

Recruiting: The Coaches Tools
Here are some basic recruiting methods used by just about every college coach in the country:
How college coaches ...

Q & A With a Major League Scout
Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau Q&A

Posted May 24, 1999


College Coaches & Recruit Services
Division 1 Baseball Coaches Discuss Recruiting Services & Talent Showcases


Position Specialization
At What Age Should a Baseball Player Start to Specialize in a Specific Position? By Dr. Gene Coleman (Houston Astro ...

Common Pitfalls
Most common pitfalls High School players experience.By Bob McKinney

The 5 Tools
Ever wonder what Major League scouts and college coaches look for in a prospect? Tips from Andy May at Prospect ...

Time Management
Manage Your Time
                  by ...

Recruit Web Questionnaire / Scouting Report
Download a printable info sheet and mail or email the info to this site. Coaches can use it for additional players or to update information. The sheet may get sent to college coaches, depending on their needs.
Handout: Prospect Profile Sheet

Ruining Your Recruiting Chances
As a prospective student-athlete, there are many ways to disrupt or ruin your recruiting process and diminish your ...

Want to Be Scouted?
Why wait to be scouted? It may never happen. In a joint effort with an area MLB scout, we can guarantee a professional scouting report be done on you. He will come to your games or workouts and do a full report and let you know your deficient areas. We can send the report to colleges or pro teams. Don't get lost in the shuffle. Email this site for more info.

Monday, July 30
Need Game Tape or Skills Tape for College Coaches ? Use PLAY PUSHER
NY's sports-video-specialist, covering all 5 boroughs... filming youth, HS, college, and semi-pro level games in 360 viewpoint & editing with digital effects to isolate and enhance each individual on the field. All is made possible by our innovative operation.

I highly recommend PLAY PUSHER to all NY Prospects need a skills tape ...use one of the best.

Tuesday, April 8 College Baseball Recruiting Contact & Information Resource Center offers an online baseball database with the following features: College Contact Database (NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA), College Baseball Recruiting Information, Sample Letter Library, Player Profile Networking Tools, Baseball Scholarship Information, NCAA Baseball Recruiting Process Information & Player Profile Videos.