Sissonville High School Football: Welcome




This website was created in February 2010 to help promote and generate interest in the current Indian football program as well as celebrate it's past. We hope that you enjoy this website and please let us know if you have any recommendations or problems.


SHS Football Coaches 

Updated 5/5/12:   The following players have been in the weight room every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday since December.  (Red- High School    Black- Incoming 9th)

 Mitchell Nutter             Patrick Messenger          Phillip Sands             

 Austin Crawford            Dominic Walker             Joey Beane

Corey Carpenter            Cameron McLane             Mike Hicks 

Hunter Hissom                Sam Hager                     Tyler Shaffer

Dylan Moore                  Clay Whitney                   Mike Parsons                

Zac Shreve                     Timmy Tavares              James Gibson               

Steven Hairston              Houston Hill                  Austin Moss

Clay Wines                       Jarrett Mowrer            Logan Crain

Trent Stowers                 Nick Lane                     Logan Burford

Shawn Scarberry            Nathan Miller                 JD Shaffer

Chris Durham                  Austin Good                  

Jordan Wehrle              Randy Parsons                JD Bodner

Greg Thaxton                Zac Young                      Tony Pennington

Tanner Moore               Chase Adams                   Justin Fields

Hunter Jones                Aaron Samms                   Daniel Samms

Josh Alls                      Chase Derrick                  Caleb McLane

Austin Burford              Cole Wines                      Phillip Morris

Jared Wilkinson            Roger Gancs                    Josh Landis 

Chase Totten                Ethan Lauchart                Ryan Haynes 

Mark Burdette                  

2009 SHS Player of the Year Awards

Each week the assistant coaches (the Head Coach doesn't participate) vote on which players earned the following awards: Offensive Lineman of the Game, Offensive Player of the Game, Defensive Player of the Game, and Heart & Hustle.

Poca Valley Bank has kindly donated mini footballs to reward the players chosen for the weekly honors. Representatives from PVB then present the awards to the players on Thursday of the following week.

The following players earned the most weekly awards and were chosen as Player of the Year in each category.

 Offensive Lineman of the Year:  Jordan Chevalier

Offensive Player of the Year:      Brad Carpenter

Defensive Player of the Year:      Justin Myers

Heart & Hustle of the Year:         Kyle Parrish