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Simon Kenton Pioneers
Julie Krift
Fax: 859-363-4101
11132 Madison Pike
Independence, Kentucky

Tuesday, July 24
Team History
The team did not have a season over .500 for years before Coach Dianna Neises took over. In 1991, Coach Neises came to SK from Morehead State University. Miss Neises was a math teacher who had played volleyball at Bellevue High School and went on to play at Morehead University. The first season with the Pioneers began a long build of a great thing that is now called a tradition. In Neises' fourth year, 1995, the team made it's first state appearance. Every year since then, the team has returned until 2001, when the Pioneers lost in the regional semi-finals. In 1997, the team won it's first game in the state tournament. That was Dianna's last year as coach. Dianna then moved to Bowling Green where she became a full-time faculty member and assistant coach at Western Kentucky University.

Bill Bromback and Julie Clair took over as coaches the following year and the team won their first Jefferson County Invitational. Also in 1998, the Pioneers took the 1st Annual Kentucky Tournament title at Boone County High School. Tara Bach signed with NKU in 98 after finishing her last season with the Pioneers.

In 1999, the Pioneers finished 30-13 and lost in the state semi-finals to Louisville Presentation. This is the farthest any SK team has ever made it is the state tournament. Julie Clair was named Coach of the Year in 1999 and also seniors, Katie Day and Kendra Hornsby were named to the state All Tournament team.

Katie Day signed with Embry-Riddle in Daytona Beach and Tami Rehkamp signed with Glenville State in West Virginia.

Beginning the 2000 season, the Pioneers went into their first season without Bill Bromback who left the program after several successful years of coaching. Junior Varisty coach, Denise Lewis and Freshman coach, Kendra Hornsby joined the coaching staff with Julie Clair. The team finished the season in the regional tournament with a record of 18-18.

All Northern Kentucky Districts have now been joined into one region. Only 2 teams from the powerful Northern Kentucky region will earn state bids. With all the strong competition this year and in the years to come, a team making it out of districts and into state will be a test in itself.

In 2001, the team was ready to compete again with all N. KY teams. After last year's 18-18 record, and just losing two seniors, the Pioneers were ready to go. Freshman, Katelyn Barbour filled in the shoes of senior setter, Danielle Corbin, and junior Brittany Proffitt filled in as the middle to take Abby Coppage's spot. With all other players returning, including seniors Rachel and Renee Fisk and Jackie Brandner, juniors Niki Piercefield, Shannon Meyer, and sophomores Miranda Morrison, and Krista Burch, the team was very experienced. New faces such as Erika Rawls, Erin Dixon, Amanda Edmondson, and Mollie Neff also joined the varsity squad full-time. The team played very well together and finished the season with an overall record of 25-11. The team won the district tournament beating Holy Cross in a great match.

In 2002, 2001 graduate, Rachel Fisk, joined Clair and Denise Davenport on the coaching staff as the freshman coach. The team had large numbers with 15 freshman, 9 sophomores, 5 juniors, and 4 seniors. The team took the title at the September Slam and finished first in the Cake Classic. The team beat highly ranked teams in the state at the JCIVT. SK defeated South Oldham (#14) and Louisville Brown to make it into the gold division, and then defeated PRP (#7) the next morning. The team lost in the semi-finals of the tournament, finishing 4th. The Pioneers finished 2nd in the district tournament, and lost in the regional tournament. The team ended with a 25-12 record.

In 2003, the region was re-aligned again and now there are 2 regions in Northern Kentucky. SK's team was again, ready to compete. Being led by seniors Erika Rawls, Miranda Morrison, Erin Dixon, and Amanda Edmondson the team is deep with talent. Katelyn Barbour and Brandi Cahill ran the offense setting a 6-2 and hitting also. Amy Holten was also a big threat in the middle. Defenders such as Jennifer Lang, Cassie Schoborg, and Rachel Kloentrup were solid. They finished runner up in the Bluegrass Invitational, losing to PRP- a top team in the state. SK did well at the JCIVT. The JV team finished first at the Conner Invitational. SK once again grabbed the district title beating Holy Cross in the finals in a double match. Katelyn Barbour was named MVP. Amy Holten and Miranda Morrison were selected to the all tournament team. The team finished with a great record.

In 2004, seniors Katelyn Barbour, Jen Lang, and Amy Holten came prepared to lead their team to the top. The team ended the year with an outstanding record and accomplished many goals, including District champs and Regional semi-finalists. Barbour signed with Morehead State University.

In 2005, again coaches Davenport and Clair started the season with great anticipation. Coach Clair married in August and is now referred to as Julie Krift. The team traveled to Xavier to watch Katelyn Barbour play in a tournament where she tore her ACL. We were all devastated, but Katelyn is back as strong as can be and we wish her all the luck in the world. The teams' seniors took control of every situation. All EIGHT of them: Leslie Fry, Sarah Kloentrup, Emma Moser, Janna Rahe, Taylor Stowers, Cassie Schoborg, Kristine Rust and Jill Schmiade.   In 2005, we won the September Slam, Districts, and finished losing to St. Henry in the finals of the regional tournament. We ended 20-5. Kristine Rust went to Thomas More to play volleyball at the next level, after having surgery on her shoulder. Good luck to Kristine. The tradition lives on at SK!

Here we are now in 2006. We say good-bye to Coach Denise Davenport after many great times. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us. Good luck at Winton Woods! We'll miss you greatly. At the same time, we welcome Coach Rebecca Volpe to our coaching staff. Coach Volpe has been coaching at Summit View for several years prior to this year. We are looking forward to having you at SK.

Our team finished 25-10 this year, winning the First Spike tournament hosting by Louisville Central. We lost in the semi finals in two other tournaments this year at the Cake Classic and the BIVT. We lose four seniors; Andrea Holten, Kayla Knochelman, Lindsey Koufoudakis, and Rachel Kloentrup. Awards won this year: Rachel Kloentrup- NKGVCA 1st team, Region 9 All tournament, District 34 MVP, First Spike All tournament team. Meagan Dunn-NKGVCA 2nd team, Region 9 All tournament team, District 34 All tournament team, Cake Classic All tournament team, First Spike All tournament team. Andrea Holten- NKGVCA Honorable Mention, District 34 All tournament team, First Spike All tournament team. Carly Becker- NKGVCA Honorable Mention, First Spike All tournament team.

Our JV team finished 10-10 and our freshman team finished 12-1. The JV team came in second in the Bellevue Bash and freshman Virginia Lynch was named to the All tournament team.

This year we hosted our first "ALUMNI" match when we played Beechwood at home. We had a great turn out of former players and family members. Once you've played at SK, you'll always be part of the team! Thanks for coming out and making the night special. Hope to see you again next year!

The 2007 has had a crazy start. Of the three seniors, Moriah Penick has torn her ACL and will be out the entire season from the line-up. Lauren Frohlich has had a concussion, and Meagan Dunn is recovering from knee surgery herself. Junior Kayla Morgan has a broken finger, and can not begin to practice until September. Remaining juniors, Carly Becker, Shelby Graham, and Cassie Stamper along with the sophomore class will have to fill out the line-up until injuries subside. Keep her heads up, girls! Hang in there.

Friday, November 24
Current Record Holders
Players holding current records in categories through 2005 graduates in matches consisting of 2 winning games out of 3/SIDEOUT VOLLEYBALL:
Most Kills in One Game: 17- Jessica Dierig, Julie Clair, Kendra Hornsby.
Niki Piercefield had 18 kills in 3 game varsity match which was played 3 games of 5/SIDEOUT.
Most Kills in One Season: 289- Tami Rehkamp, 287-Niki Piercefield.
Total Kills in Career: 854- Kendra Hornsby
Most Points served in one Game: 14- April Chow
Most Aces in One Season: 105- Jodi Burkett
Most Aces in Career: 420- Katie Day
Most Assists in One Game: 43- April Chow, Katie Day
Most Assists in One Season: 734- Katelyn Barbour.
Most Assists in Career: 2251- Katie Day
Most Blocks in Career: 604- Niki Piercefield.
Most Blocks in One Season: 228- Niki Piercefield.
Most Games Played in Career: 393- Katie Day

These categories have only been recorded starting the year of 2000.
Highest Serve Receive Percentage in one year: 83.4%- Shannon Meyer.
Most Service Points in one year: 199, Miranda Morrison.
Most Digs in One Year: 333, Miranda Morrison.



Kills in one match: 13, Rachel Kloentrup.
Kills in one season: 221, Rachel Kloentrup.
Assists in one match: 44, Meagan Dunn.
Assists in one season: 598, Meagan Dunn.
Blocks in one match: 6, Andrea Holten.
Blocks in one season: 56, Andrea Holten.
Digs in one match: 26, Rachel Kloentrup.
Digs in one season: 363, Rachel Kloentrup.
Aces in one match: 7, Kayla Knochelman.
Aces in one season: 55, Kayla Knochelman, Rachel Kloentrup.
SR % (total for year): 85%, Rachel Kloentrup.

Freshman Brooke Jackson served all 21 points this year in a freshman game against Walton.

preview Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi

Friday, November 24
Team Records/Individual Player Info
Team Records:
Under Coach Diana Marshall (Neises)
Year             Wins-Losses
91               15-15
92               16-16
93               18-9
94               25-7
95               31-8
96               22-12
97               28-8
Coach Neises' Career Record at SK: 155-75
                                  .674 winning percentage
Under Julie Krift (Clair)
98               27-6
99               30-13 State Semi-Finalists!
00               18-18
01               25-11
02               25-12
03               22-13
05               20-5
06               25-10

Totals          217-101
                .682 winning percentage.

Individual Totals through 2005 graduates(not yet including 2004 stats):

Name          Games-Assists-Aces-Kills-Blocks
Rachel Beach   145-407-142-na-na
Jessica Dierig 124-na-93-264-na
Julie Clair    200-na-124-565-na
Cristie Darrell 135-na-51-156-na
Jodi Burkett   143-na-152-206-na
Amber Unkraut 48-na-7-19-na
April Chow    202-1182-129-na-na
Jamie Swango   117-na-113-109-na
Steph Meyer    125-na-69-253-na
Amy Hammond    91-na-74-281-na
Kambie Thomas 89-na-17-149-na
Mandy Kijinski 181-na-42-63-na
Michelle Lane 96-na-9-47-na   
Tara Bach      296-26-223-490-39
Steph Darrell 276-2-145-477-129
Katie Day      393-2230-420-309-158
Kendra Hornsby 307-6-280-854-152-52      
Jennifer Richardson 28-na-16-3-na
Tricia Green   124-5-36-40-2   
Angie Kijinski 197-7-59-283-22
Heidi Schuman 7-na-2-4-na   
Ai Kaneko      41-na-12-49-na
Tami Rehkamp   186-1-73-388-133         
Angie Clemons 51-3-10-22-1
Amy Sanders    15-1-14-14-na   
C. Armstrong    91-2-26-6-na

Since 2000 (stats categories added)
Name            Games-Assists-Aces-Kills-Blocks-Digs-SR%(100 minimum)-Service Point %
Abby Coppage   101-1-1-123-171-19-na-66.7%
Danielle Corbin    175-836-90-143-96-185-na-52.5%
Amanda Kelsay    18-na-3-10-na-na-na
Desiree Green    222-9-36-201-116-212-60.7%-51.5%
Shannon Meyer    320-4-134-70-0-696-83.4%-57.1%
Niki Piercefield   337-4-63-776-604-257-60.2%-60.7%
Jackie Brandner    16-0-2-0-0-22-na-50%
Krista Burch       122-0-41-115-2-97-64.6%-57.1%
Rachel Fisk       166-16-103-343-30-542-74%-52.9%
Renee Fisk         162-41-44-220-38-485-77.4%-51.3%
Miranda Morrison    255-na-109-169-17-937-74.2%-55.9%
Brittany Proffit    104-0-0-214-235-17-na-na
Katelyn Barbour    326-1739-162-308-298-646-82.9%-55.9%
Erin Dixon          37-3-8-17-6-46-60.9%-44.8%
Amanda Edmondson    97-38-35-7-0-147-73.3%-43.1%
Lindsey Eising      1 game- no stats recorded
Amy Holten          125-1-4-262-204-59-NA-NA
Jennifer Lang       95-1-46-1-0-105-73.8%-65.6%
Mollie Neff         21-0-0-11-25-0-na-na
Erika Rawls         204-8-79-141-137-339-69.9%-53.6%
Brandi Cahill       122-294-41-105-31-305-79.8%-54.5%
Cassie Schoborg    73-NA-5-5-NA-331-78.9%-51.3% FIRST SIMON KENTON LIBERO
Sarah Kloentrup    115-40-6-117-117-123-NA-38.9%
Taylor Stowers      22-33-9-8-12-27-NA-NA
Emma Moser          48-NA-13-87-66-11-NA-NA
Kristine Rust       54-1-12-139-27-324-74.6%-NA
Alyssa Whitson      3-16-1-1-1-2-NA-NA
Sarah Davis         7-4-0-3-5-3-NA-NA
Leslie Fry          14-NA-1-7-20-27-NA-NA
Janna Rahe          35-2-10-2-NA-147-70.9%-NA
Andrea Holten       111-NA-57-203-108-188-NA-NA
Rachel Kloentrup    142-NA-87-357-38-680-91%-46.7%

There will not be any Service Point % stats recorded any longer.

Kayla Knochelman    93-NA-63-120-65-86-NA
Lindsey Koufoudakis 51-5-18-22-2-120-85.6%
Meagan Dunn         117-1023-55-42-52-403-NA
Lauren Frohlich    58-4-18-94-8-68-76.3%
Moriah Penick       45-NA-6-28-3-120-83.6%
Carly Becker       84-NA-2-5-NA-202-84.1%
Shelby Graham       69-NA-29-109-4-254-89%
Jamie Neumeister    7-NA-4-2-NA-5-NA
Cassie Stamper      3-8-2-NA-5-NA
Stephanie Proffitt 1 game played. No stats recorded.
Catherine Arnold    2-NA-1-1-NA-1-NA
Lisa Kloentrup      1 game played. 2 digs recorded.
Virginia Lynch      2-NA-5-3-NA-5-NA
Kristen Pace       5-NA-NA-4-NA-2-NA
Kathryn Smith       5-NA-14-8-3-4-NA

PLAYER-             Games-Assists-Aces-Kills-Blocks-Digs-SR% (min. of 100 recorded)

Note: All individual statistics were not recorded. Any player graduating before 1995 except for Rachel Beach can not be found. Beach graduated in 1994 along with Maria Lutes, and Michelle Mangle. Your name is listed even if no stats were recorded except game entry.

Saturday, November 4
(Categorized by year of graduation, not volleyball season. All other stats are recorded by year of volleyball season. Players are listed only if they played their senior year of high school).
2007: Andrea Holten, Rachel Kloentrup, Kayla Knochelman, Lindsey Koufoudakis.
2006: Leslie Fry, Sarah Kloentrup, Emma Moser, Janna Rahe, Kristine Rust, Jill Schmiade, Cassie Schoborg, Taylor Stowers.
2005: Katelyn Barbour, Amy Holten, Jennifer Lang.
2004: Erin Dixon, Amanda Edmondson, Miranda Morrisson, Erika Rawls.
2003: Niki Piercefield, Desiree Green, Shannon Meyer, Brittany Proffitt.
2002: Renee Fisk, Rachel Fisk, Jackie Brandner.
2001: Danielle Corbin, Abby Coppage.
2000: Katie Day, Kendra Hornsby, Christin Armstrong, Tami Rehkamp.
1999: Tara Bach, Angie Clemons, Amy Sanders, Stephanie Darrell, Tricia Green.
1998: Mandy Kijinski, Michelle Lane.
1997: Jennifer Richardson.
1996: April Chow, Jamie Swango, Amy Hammond, Stephanie Meyer.
1995: Amber Unkraut, Mary Ann Funke, Cristie Darrell, Jodi Burkett, Jessica Dierig, Julie Clair.
1994: Rachel Beach, Maria Lutes, Michelle Mangle.
1993: Kelly Collins, Shay Risher, Julie Day
1992: Amy Finnell, Barbie Roberts, Julie Buring, Shannon Brown.

Tuesday, July 24
Players that have moved on to play in college
1996 Graduate: Amy Hammond at Midway College in Kentucky in 1997.

1999 Graduate: Tara Bach at Northern Kentucky University in 2000.

2000 Graduate: Katie Day at Embry-Riddle in Daytona Beach, Florida- 4 years.

2000 Graduate: Tami Rehkamp at Glenville State in West Virginia- two years.

2003 Graduate: Brittany Proffitt at Lexington Communtiy College in Lexington, Kentucky for UK club team.

2005 Graduate: Katelyn Barbour at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky.

2006 Graduate: Kristine Rust at Thomas More College in Villa Hills, Kentucky AND Alyssa Whitson at Midway College in Midway, KY.

2007 Graduate: Rachel Kloentrup at Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana.

Simon Kenton Pioneers
Simon Kenton Pioneers
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