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The Lystedt Law
The new law (House Bill 1824), known as the Zackery Lystedt Law, prohibits youth athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion from returning to play without a licensed health-care provider’s approval. Please click on the link for important information about concussions.

Northwest Junior Football Association
Our home league with the tradition of great youth football.

Coach 4 Kids Banner
Coach 4 Kids & Value Added Coaching
This website by John Devine (advisor to the Silver Lake Board) shows the back-bone of our mandatory coaches training. Well worth your time!

Center for Sports Parenting
Launched in March of 2001, the Center for Sports Parenting (CSP) is a Web-based initiative that offers immediate and practical guidance to parents, coaches, educators, administrators, officials, and all other individuals involved in youth sports, equipping them with the information needed to handle the psychological and physical challenges faced by young people participating in athletics.

Citizenship Through Sports Alliance
The Citizenship Through Sports Alliance (CTSA) is an alliance committed to promoting positive behavior in youth sports by harnessing the collective resources of major US sports organizations to provide pratical and proven tools for parents and coaches in youth sports.

USA Football
USA Football

Northwest Junior Football League