Silver Eye Sports & Entertainment: FAQ

Is Silver Eye Sports & Entertainment a volunteer organization?

No, Silver Eye Sports & Entertainment is a privately owned and operated business that strives to provide adults in the Steinbach area with fun, affordable recreational sports and entertainment opportunities.

What value are my Team and I getting from our registration fee?

Silver Eye Sports is dedicated to providing you and your team with 'plug and play' sports and entertainment options. All you and your friends have to do is enter your team and pay your fee; Silver Eye takes care of the rest. Things like league scheduling, organizing, facility rental, game play equipment, game play set-up, statistics, website, and administration... and that's just the boring stuff! Silver Eye is also dedicated to making your overall experience as fun as possible. Our sponsors offer food and drink specials to league participants. At the end of each season we have a season ending wind up with specials, door prizes as well as the ever popular league championship T shirts!

How affordable are Silver Eye Sports Leagues?

Very affordable. Most Silver Eye League fees are around $50-$60/player per season. Most seasons run for 12 weeks, so it averages out to about $5/week. Below I have listed other comparable social/recreational activities and their prices:

New release movie rental: $5

Adult dance class: $96/14 weeks ($6.85/week)

Public swim: $6.50

10 week aerobics package: $60 ($6/week)

Local Cinema Admission: $6.00