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Thursday, August 20
Sierra Vista Little League Baseball

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 A Clinic geared to teach the fundamentals once a week. DOES NOT include participation in the Fall Ball League



 Welcome to the Sierra Vista Little League!

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Fall Ball League Registration Begins!!!

Saturday, August 15th and 22nd at Big 5 Sporting Goods from 10 am to 1 pm.

Cost is $40.00

League age 8-12 year olds, INCLUDES the participation in the Ball Till You Fall Clinic once a week. DON'T register for the clinic again if you wish to participate in the clinic.



                                       Congratulations to the 2016 Sierra Vista Little League Board of Directors! 

President:  Jerrod Pralle   
Vice President:  Tom Creech   
Secretary:  Jeremy Venuti
Treasurer:  Mike Russell
Registrar/Scheduler:  Reynaldo Romo

Safety Officer:  Ruben Romero  
Coaching Coordinator:  Dagen Haymore
Team Sponsorship:  Chris Braswell

Fundraising/Info Officer:  Stephanie Kline  
Umpire in Chief:  Robin Murray    
Equipment Manager:  Gus Morales
T Ball Player Agent:  Abel Guerrero   
Coach Pitch Player Agent:  Roy Kline
Minors Player Agent:  Dan Gardner
Majors Player Agent:  Marc Walston
Intermediate Player Agent:  David Aguirre
Jr/Sr Player Agent:  Frank Bojorquez  
All Star Coordinator:  Mike Petrillo 


There are many more volunteer positions open on special committees such as field maintenance, games administration and assistance in the snack bar to name a few.  Specific positions that are always in need of men and women are volunteer umpire, field maintenance supervisor, game announcers and scorekeepers.  All volunteers with the league are required to submit a completed Volunteer Application found in the Handout Tab and be cleared by SVLL prior to beginning duties.




If you want to make a difference in the youth in our community,

come out to our AGM (Annual General Membership) Meeting on Wed, August 19th at 6:00 PM

at the Oscar Yrun Community Center.

2016 SVLL Board Election

**Many positions will need to be filled**



     Please remember........

The Sierra Vista Little League is a tobacco free league. 

If you choose to smoke (to include e-cigarettes) or chew, please do so at least 50 yards away from the fields. 

 Smoking around the dugouts, bleachers or fields will not be tolerated ********************************************************************************************************

SVLL email: 

If you have any questions about our league, that are not answered on this web site, feel free to contact a member of the board.  All inquiries will be addressed as quickly as possible.  Please don't forget that all of the members of SVLL are volunteers and have full-time jobs and families.  Thank you in advance for your patience & respect!



  Remember Baseball Bats for 4-12 year olds can only be 2 1/4 inch in diameter.  The Bat Performance Factor (BPF) for non-wood bats in the divisions for 12 years old and below is 1.15.  Prior to buying a new bat please make sure that it meets the BPF.   Bats for 13-18 year olds can be 2 5/8 in Diameter.   Little League changed the requirements on 2 5/8 Diameter bats for the 2012 season.  Please check with prior to buying any bat for use in Little League baseball.  Bats for Senior and Big League have to be a -3 weight.  Junior League has no weight restriction.


Little League International has banned the use of any Baseball Bat that has not received a waiver which is constructed with a composite barrel for all divisions of play.  For a list of Composite Bats that have received the waiver go to



To remain in compliance with Little League Int'l rules, Sierra Vista Little League is required to obtain new Volunteer Applications & perform background checks on ALL potential volunteers every year, regardless of previous service with SVLL.  If you are interested in volunteering, in any capacity, please complete and turn in your application as soon as possible.  Remember, our league cannot run without your support!



We must have your 2015 Volunteer application no later than the end of February 2015 in order for you to be considered for a position during the Spring 2015 season.  All applications must be fully completed and include the SSN & you will need to provide us with a photocopy of your valid photo I.D.  There will be no exceptions!

No swinging bats or warming up players is permitted outside of the field.  This is a safety rule that must be followed.  We don't want anyone getting hurt out there. :)

Our Umpires are all volunteers and we need MORE of them!  Please, take it easy on them.  They will make mistakes from time to time.  Please treat them with the courtesy and respect that they deserve and that you would expect if you were making the call (even if it's a bad one).  If you are interested in helping them out, please contact Robin Murray, Umpire in Chief @ 234-7160 or by E-Mail

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!  Encourage all of the kids and don't take things too seriously.  This should be a fun time for you and your family.

National Little League has developed an ad addressing yelling parents from the stands.  Could you imagine if the tables were turned?  Keep it positive out there! :)


Thank you all for your continued help and support of our league! 

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