49er United Sierra Blitz: Coaches and Trainers

Our team and club’s philosophy is to provide the absolute best training experience a young player can have in an enthusiastic and supportive environment.

Elaine Sundby
Head Coach: Elaine has coached soccer for close to ten years. She is the first coach in 49er United history to win the Association Cup Championship (top Select team in Northern California). In addition, she is the first 49er United coach to win the District Cup Championship (top Select team in district six 1st place 2011 and again in 2012). She brings a wealth of coaching and playing experience from various sports including: USSSA National Coach of the Year and 2x National Champion (softball), Olympic Trials qualifier (track), “All American” in college etc.

Paco Hernandez
Trainer: Paco Hernandez is an exceptional player who is widely considered one of the best trainers in the region. He is great with the younger kids, full of energy, love for the game, a great teacher and motivator.

Wil Johansen (keepers!)
Keepers: Wil Johansen played professionally in Europe for years and is widely considered one of the best keeper trainers in our area. Wil brings a passion for the position, a love for teaching and a wealth of experience to our area.  

Player Assistants
Player Assistants: Our team is blessed to be assisted by several accomplished players who have moved on to college now or are finishing out their High School careers. Kate (D1-Creighton), Morghan (D2-Simpson), Faith (UOP) and Sara others act as mentors, tutors and great examples of the game for the younger Blitz players.