49er United Sierra Blitz: Welcome

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Welcome to the 49er United Sierra Blitz u15g Soccer Team!

Our team is guided by experienced coaches and trained by some of the best trainers around.  We strive to keep costs affordable so no gifted player is denied the opportunity to play soccer at a higher level of play.

Our Team Goals Are:

1. Develop Soccer Players (and young ladies)

2. Have Fun! 

3. Develop as a Team


 Norcal State Cup "Sweet Sixteen" (State Bracket)

ARFC Freedom Games 1st Place (Gold Division)

 San Luis Obispo Summer Classic 3rd Place (Premier Division)

Stanford Summer Classic 4th Place (Premier Division)

Norcal State Cup 2013 Semi-Finalist (Premier Division)

Norcal State Cup 2012 Semi-Finalist (Red 1 Premier)

Association Cup u12 2011 Champions ('Select' State Champions) 

District Cup u12g 2011 Champions ("Cup" division) 

District Cup u11g 2010 Champions ("Cup" division) 


                              "The game is a gifted journey to be enjoyed with you and your friends..." -- coach

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." -- John Wooden

"It's the quality of your effort that counts most and offers the greatest and most long-lasting satisfaction." -- John Wooden

"The smile on my face does not mean as much to me as the smile on my teammates faces. It makes it more special when you are not playing for yourself" -- Sergio Romo 

Monday, April 7
State Cup and Season Wrap Up

Top Eight Finish in the Norcal State ...