Sidewinder Little League: General Information

2017 Spring Ball

General Guidelines/Additional Information

Age Calculated (Check out the Little League Age Chart on the Boundary Map and League Age page.):

  • Farm Division (1st level of Coach Pitch):  Ages 6-8; Requires at least 1 season of T-Ball or 1 season of Coach Pitch.
  • AA Division (1st level of Kid Pitch):  Ages 7-9 (and 10 year olds not drafted into Minors); Requires at least 1 season of Coach Pitch, prefers 2.  10 year olds must attend try outs, and if not drafted in Minors will be placed on a AA team.
  • Minor Division (2nd level of Kid Pitch):  Ages 8-10 (and 11 year olds that dont get drafted into majors); Requires at least 1 season of Kid Pitch.  10 year olds must try out, and if not drafted in Minors will be placed on a AA team.  11 year olds not drafted in Majors will be placed on a Minor team.
  • Major Division (3rd level of Kid Pitch):  Ages 10-12; Requires at least 1 season of Kid Pitch, prefers 2.  10 year olds not drafted in Majors will be eligible to be drafted in Minors, and if not drafted in Minors will be placed on a AA Team.  11 year olds not drafted in Majors will be placed on a Minor team.  All 12 year olds will be placed on a Major team.
  • Junior Divison: Ages 13-14
  • Senior Divison: Ages 13-16


*If the player is Little League age 10, you can opt to keep them in Minors via online registration.


Game Schedules: 

  • Farm:  2 games per week, 1 game on Tuesday-Thursday and 1 game on Saturday
  • AA:  2 games per week, Monday-Saturday
  • Minors & Majors:  2 games per week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) and later in the season 3 games per week adding a Friday night. 


Farm and AA Divisions

There are no tryouts or drafts in Farm and AA. Team selection is handled by the Managers (5 picks each), and the league President will assign remaining players by geography/schools. Special requests (team buddies and coach/player) are now handled directly by the Manager. If you have such a request, you must contact the Manager directly prior to the teams being formed. Our privacy rule does not allow us to release their contact information. Please remember, requests are subject to availability and not a demand. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Dates and teams depend on the number of players who register and number of coaches. We will not know when practices and games start until we get all of the registrations. We are a 100% volunteer organization, so please consider volunteering to manage or coach a team. We hope to have teams formed and practices starting the second or third week of February, 2016.


Junior/Senior Divisions (Ages 13+)

The Junior and Senior Divisions are coordinated by Arizona District 2 Little League.  You will register with our Little League.  There may be a tryout and draft, depending on number of registrations.  Games will start towards the end of April and finish up the beginning of June.  All-Star games, if available, will begin around June 27 and finish up after the Fourth of July weekend.

Important Dates (subject to change):

  • Registration will begin January 02, 2017
  • Spring Baseball starts the beginning of March 2017
  • Opening Day Ceremonies: March 04, 2017
  • Little League Day at Peoria Sports Complex: March 05, 2017
  • Spring Break for Peoria & Deer Valley School Districts: March 20-24, 2017


Do you reside within our boundary? Check out the Boundary Map page for more information.

Here are some of the benefits your player will receive when he, or she, plays in our league:

- Jersey and hat

- 2-3 practices per week beginning in mid-February; Junior/Seniors begin in mid-March

- Approximately 20 games per division; the season generally runs from March through mid-June; the Junior/Senior Divisions usually begin games in April, after spring training

- Minimum of 2 games per week

- Tournament at the end of the regular season (except in Farm and Junior/Senior Divisions)

- Chance to play on an All-Star team for players ages 9-12

- Participation in our Opening Day Ceremony including lots of bouncers, games, competitions, food and a parade for all the teams

- Opportunities to give back to the community through our CAPS program (check out the CAPS page for more details)