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Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Team
Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Team:All Stars  
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Somerville Highlander Alumni / ALIBRANDIS
48 Putnam Rd
Somerville, Massachusetts
  All Stars  

YBL ALL STARS 1990-2006
The Yawkey Baseball League All Star Game has been held at Fenway Park for the last 11 seasons. Over the years the Somerville Highlander Alumni / Alibrandis Baseball Club has been well represented and honored with many All Stars being named to the teams. Here is a listing of all of the All Star Games that the local squad has participated in.

1990 - East Boston Stadium
Jim Schaefer(C), Mike Powers(P)

1991 - Healy Field( pre-season )
Al Chute(of), Mike Powers(p), David Treska(ss)

1991 - Rogers Field
Rob Nickerson(of), David Treska(ss), David Sprague(of)

1992 - Towne Field
Jim Dennis(of), David Treska(ss)

1993 - Fenway Park
Kevin White(2b), David Treska(ss), Mike Powers(p)

1994 - Fenway Park
Al Chute(of), Shawn Nadeau(p), Jim Schaefer(of)

1995 - Fenway Park
Brian Kosta(of), Chris Wright(ss), David Treska(3b)

1996 - Fenway Park
Marc DesRoches(p), Chris Wright(ss), Kevin White(2b)

1997 - Fenway Park
Kevin Doyle(c), Marc DesRoches(p), Shawn Nadeau(p), Brian Schofield(p)
Mike Powers( manager ), David Treska and Erik Weston( coaches )

1998 - Fenway Park
David Sprague(of), Chris Wright(ss), Rich Iandoli(DH), Kevin White(2b)
Mike Powers( manager ), David Treska and Chris Banda( coaches )

1999 - Fenway Park
David Treska(1B), Kevin White(2B), Chris Wright(ss), Chris Banda(3B), Brian Kosta(of)
Mike Powers( manager ), Paul Wright and Tom McDonough( coaches )

2000 - Fenway Park
Joe Stanton(1b), David Treska(ss), Shawn Nadeau(of), Derek Bates(p), Kevin Doyle(c)
Mike Powers( manager ), Rob McDonough and Ted DesRoches( coaches )

2001 - Fenway Park
Chris Wright(ss), Derek Bates(P), Kevin Doyle(c), Mike Powers(of), Kevin White(2B)
Shawn Nadeau( mgr ), Rob McDonough( bench coach ), David Treska( 3rd Base Coach ), Ben Fuller( bullpen coach )

2002 - Fenway Park
David Scioli(ss), Marc DesRoches(3B), Kevin Doyle(c), Derek Bates(p), Tom McDonough(of)
Mike Powers( mgr ), Shawn Nadeau( asst coach ) David Treska and Rob McDonough( asst coach ), Sal Mandonca( bullpen catcher )

2003 - Jim Rice Field
Derek Bates( P ), David Scioli( SS ), Kevin White( 2B ), Chris Wright( 1B ), Mike Powers( 3rd Base Coach ), David Treska( coach )

2004 - Fenway Park
Scott Rodgers( P ), Sal Mendonca( CF ), Marc DesRoches( 3B ), Chris Wright( 1B ), Mike Powers( Mgr ), Shawn Nadeau( asst coach ) and David Treska( asst coach )

2005 - Trum Field( game PPD rain )
Steve Szathmary( P ), David Scioli( SS ), Marc DesRoches( 3B ), Kevin White( 2B ), Mike Powers( Mgr ), Shawn Nadeau( asst coach ) Rob McDonough( asst coach )and David Treska( asst coach )

2006 - Adams Field v. US Military All Stars( GAME PPD RAIN )
Kevin White - 2B, David Scioli - SS, Marc DesRoches - 3B, Steve Szathmary - P, Mike Powers - Mgr, David Treska - Asst Mgr

2006 - Trum Field

2007 - Fallon Field v. US Military All Stars
Kevin White(2B), Marc DesRoches(3B) and David Scioli(SS). Mike Powers( Manager )

2007 - Fraiser Field

2008 - Adams Field v. US Military All Stars
David Scioli(SS), Marc DesRoches(3B), Scott Rodgers(1B/P), Jon Morse(P), Mike Powers( Managers ), David Treska( Asst. Coach ), and Bob Morse( staff )

Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Team
Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Team
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