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Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Team
Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Team:Team Hall of Fame  
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  Team Hall of Fame  

The Team Hall of Fame was started to honor former players, coaches or people who have made an important contribution to the teams sucesses over the years. All current players and members of this hall vote each year to elect its new members.   
The Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Club established its Hall of Fame in 1999 its 12th year of existence. New members are added each year as we strive to recognize those who excelled and help support the team. Hall of Famer's names are memorialized on this website. There are more players, managers, friends and supportors who have contributed to the success of this team over the years. We expect to see many of these guys selected for membership in future years as we embark on a tradition.

Tony Alibrandi - 2001
Tony took helped revive a team that needed a sponsor to help it survive. Tony not only offered financial support, but he was involved in the getting permits for Trum Field and getting new players who wandered into the shop for a haircut. With his help the team has won 5 YBL Championships.

David Sprague - 2001
David played from 1990-2000 and in that time he was regarded as one of the best all around players the YBL had ever had. He capped off a tremendous career in 1998 with a MVP performance at Fenway Park going 3-3.
David was a key member of 3 YBL Championships( 97, 99, 00 )

Al Chute - 2001
Al played on the team from 1990-1995. He was a dominant force and in 1994 he had a season to remember batting over .400 and being named to the YBL All Star Team at Fenway Park, where he went 1-3. His hit was the first by an Alibrandis player ever at Fenway Park.

Rich Iandoli - 2002
Rich was a key left handed bat with the team helping win the 1997 & 1999 Championsips. He was the starting DH in the 1998 Fenway Park All Star Game going 1-3. Back problems forced Rich to retire, but still works with the team as its CFO

Jim Plunkett - 2002
He may have never picked up a bat or helped the team win any games, but his contribution to its success is immeasurable. His help with fund raisers over the years has aided the team and helped it become a force in the Yawkey Baseball League. The team retired the #16 in his honor last year.

Joe Lotti - 2003
Joe made a name for himself as a mutli time All Star for the Brighton Braves. He joined the Alibrandis team in 1995 and was a huge part of the team that upset the Mahon Cable team in the playoffs that year, batting .519. Joe provided excellent leadership with the team and he was elected to the league Hall of Fame in 2002.

Jim Schaefer - 2003
Jim was the teams first all star in 1990 and he went on to have a great YBL Career. Jim was able to take over games from the leadoff spot in the order with his abiltiy to hit for power and his speed on the bases. He played at Fenway in the 1994 All Star Game and was a member of 4 YBL Championships( MVP of the 1997 YBLCS ).

Erik Weston - 2003
Erik has been both a player and a coach in his 10 year assocaiation with the team. As a player he was the teams first baseman until 1994 when he took over the head coaching duties. He lead the team to its first playoff appearance in 1995. The team upset the top seeded Mahon Cable 3-1 and it was the begining of the team turnig the coner to where it is today. Erik was inducted into the YBL Hall of Fame in 2002.

Chris Banda - 2004
Chris Banda wasa key member of the teams success over the past 12 seasons and was a member of all 6 YBL titles. His best season was 1999 when he was voted to play in the YBL All Star Game at Fenway Park as a shortstop. "Booda" was an important role player, providing depth to the bench as a utility infielder and pinch runner in the later part of his career. He has also proiveded the team tremendous support helping the coaching staff with throwing BP at all home games and serving as first base coach. The ulitimate team player Chris enjoyed a very succesful career in the Yawkey League.

Joe Stanton - 2004
Joe Stanton was the opening day first baseman in the teams first season in 1990.   Joe was a very versitile player providing his services at frist base, catcher, pitcher and DH. Joes best season was 2000, highlighted by being named the starting first baseman for the YBL's Fenway Park All Star Game and for being the MVP of the Game.   

Kevin Doyle - 2005
Kevin Doyle, a member of 6 Yawkey Baseball League Championship teams and who was chosen to play in the YBL All-Star Game at Fenway Park 7 times. Kevin started his career with the McKay Club in 1994 where he established himself as one of the better defensive players at catcher in the league. In his three seasons with the McKay Club he made the All Star Team every season. In 1997 Kevin joined the Somerville Alibrandis Baseball Club where his presence and leadership behind the plate helped the Alibranids team win six YBL Championship in his seven seasons with the team. In that same time playing for Somerville, Kevin made 4 more All Star appearances as his reputation as the best catcher in the Yawkey League grew. Kevin swept the awards for the YBL’s Gold Glove Awards, as the best defensive catcher and Silver Slugger Awards, the leagues best offensive catcher in 2000, 2001 and 2002 solidifying his place among the best catchers to ever play in the Yawkey Baseball League.

Brian Kosta - 2005
Brian Kosta played on 6 Yawkey Baseball League Championship teams, and was a member of 3 All Star teams. Kosta proved to be a very valueable member of the team as he could play all three outfield postions very well , his speed made him a threat on the bases and he could always be called upon to pitch as an emergency starter or as a reliever. Kosta's defense is what made him so good, he was twice nominated for a YBL Gold Glove Award.

Ted DesRoches - 2005
Ted DesRoches has hung up his gear and ended his playing days as a member of the Somerville Alibrandis team. Ted joined the team in 1997 and was a member of 7 YBL Championships. He was also a member of the 2000 All Star Team as a member of the coaching staff at Fenway Park. He was a incredible asset ot the team providing days off and a solid receiver for the pitching staff. His ability to hit off the bench gave the team a reliable left handed hitter as an option at all times.

Paul Wright - 2006
Paul Wright played 4 seasons(94,98-00) and ends his career with a .299 average. His 1994 season earned him the teams Rookie of the Year Award. He went 20-67(.299) and he scored 17 Runs while driving in 10 RBI's. Paul was a member of 2 Yawkey Baseball League Championship teams in 1999 and 2000 and was a member of the Fenway Park All Star Game as a member of the coaching staff in 1999.

Chris Wright - 2006
One of the best hitters in the history of the Yawkey Baseball League, Chris Wright offically called it a career. A fixture in the middle of the Somerville line up for over 10 seasons was a 4 time All Star, winning the games Most Valueable Player Award, and was honored as the only player in YBL History to win Silver Slugger Awards at 3 different positions( LF, SS, 1B ). His best game was a 3 Home Run performance where he provided all the teams runs in a playoff game at Trum versus the Brighton Mariners.

Shawn Nadeau - 2007
Shawn is considered one of the best left handed if not one of the best pitchers in the history of the Yawkey Baseball League. Shawn became the 8th member of the Somerville Alibrandis Baseball Club to join the Yawkey Baseball League Hall of Fame. Upon Shawn's retirement he held the record for Somerville Alibrandis team victories. To recognize his tremendous career the team had his uniform #23 retired soon after he played his last game in the Yawkey Baseball League. Shawn was a member of 5 Yawkey Baseball League All Star Teams, starting 2 games at Fenway Park and was a member of 8 Yawkey Baseball League Championship Teams.

Chad Feetham - 2007
Chad joined the team after a very successful time wiht the Hyde Park Sherrifs. Chad proved to be a very valueable member of the team being able to play many positions when needed and excelled as a member of the pithcing staff. This was no more evident when he made two key starts in the 2005 Yawkey Baseball Championship Series against AlThomas that helped the team to its 8th Title.

Rob Nickerson - 2007
Rob was the first super utility player during the teams first seasons. He was the starting RF in the teams first game and went on to set a record of playing all 9 positions in one game. His best season was 1991 when he posted 20 hits and was named a Yawkey Baseball League All Star.

Rich Harrington - 2008

Rich enjoyed a sucessful run with the team and his leadership helped lead the team to its first playoff apperance in 1995.  Rich was the teams Most Valueable Player in 1994 and when he has his best season being named a Yawkey Baseball League All Star. 

Brian Schofield - 2008
Brian was part of what at the time was considered the best pitchign staff's in the Yawkey Baseball League's history in 1997.  Brian, Shawn Nadeau and Marc DesRoches were all names YBL All Stars and all pitched at Fenway Park that year and again as a group in a game versus the Womens Professional Colorado Silver Bulletts. 

Kevin White - 2009
Kevin White was the heart and soul of the Somerville Alibrandis team for 18 seasons.  He was the teams first captain, who was named to 5 all star teams during his career.  Kevin holds a unique distinction of being the only player in league history to be named Most Valuable of the Regular Season in 2002, the Playoffs in 2003 and the All Star Game at Fenway Park in 1996.  Among his peers he was voted a winner of 7 consecutive Gold Gloves(2001-2007) for his tremendous defense and won the 2003 Silver Slugger Awards as the best offensive second baseman in the league.  These awards are tributes to his hard work and effort that place him in the conversation of being the best second baseman in the leagues history.  Known as a tough hard nose player, opponents would not be surprised to learn Kevin is the all time YBL leader in hit by pitches as he never gave an inch and would do whatever it would take to help his team win. Kevin’s never give up attitude was stamped in our teams history with a YBLCS series saving home run versus AlThomas in 2005 with 2 outs in the 7th.  That home run saved the series from Somerville going down 3-0, and started us back towards winning the series in seven games.  His hustle, leadership and passion for the game drove the Somerville team be competitive each and every night, leading the Somerville Alibrandis Baseball Team to an extraordinary 10 Yawkey Baseball League Championships during his career.  

David Treska - 2009
The teams founder and President retired from his role as a player and his uniform number 26 was retired by the team.  The 5 time All Star was on the field for 8 of the teams YBL Champisonships, as well as winning 2 Gold Gloves.   

Wally Jones - 2010
The teams first full time coach.  He lead the team during the 1991 season where team competed for a playoff spot, set a record for wins and saw the team win its first of three Stewart Memorial Tournament Championship. 

Joe Doherty - 2010
Joe is the only player in team history to hit a home run in their very first at bat.  Joe went on to be one of the most dependable pitchers on the team during his five years( 1990-1994 ) with the team. 

Derek Bates - 2011
One of the best pitchers in the history of the Yawkey Baseball League, Derek Bates was an impressive young pitcher when he joined the team and soon stand out as one of the best pitchers in the league. This was confirmed when Derek was voted by the league manager's as the Pitcher of the Year in three consecutive seasons( 2002, 2003 and 2004 ) and earning a start at Fenway Park in a YBL All Star Game. Derek suffered an injury in 2006 that took him off the field, but Derek worked hard to get back to be the pitcher he was prior to the injury and did just that and was rewarded with winning the YBL Comeback Player of the Year in 2007. His final performance was one for the ages as he struck out the final 9 batters he ever faced in getting the victory of a must win game 5 versus AlThomas. Derek was a member of 8 Championship Teams during his career.

Scott Rodgers - 2011

Tom McDonough - 2012

Mike Powers - 2013
The starting pitcher for the teams first game and who then went on to manage the team to 10 YBL Championship Mike Powers was inducted into the team Hall of Fame after 20 years in uniform as player and coach. As a player Mike was the teams best pitcher during its early years and a key bat in the middle of the order. In 1997 he was named player coach, won 3 Manger of the Year awards, managed the YBL All Stars at Fenway Park 8 times and lead the Alibrandis to 10 YBL Championships.

Steve Szathmary - 2013

Mike Feetham - 2014

Kenny Jones - 2015

Adjatay Nyadjroh - 2015

Marc DesRoches - 2016

Bernie Driscoll - 2017

Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Team
Somerville Highlander Alumni/Alibrandis Baseball Team
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