Shreveport Little League: Welcome


New Age Date is August 31 for 2015

See new age chart in Handouts section to see if it impacts your child

Older children will stay with the 30 Apr Date 

Currently a player’s league age is determined based on what their age is prior to May 1 in any given year. For example in the coming Spring 2015 season any 9 year old player that turns 10 years old on May 1, 2015 or later is considered a league age 9 year old for the entire spring 2015 season. Starting in 2018 the age determination date changes from May 1 to Dec 31. The league age 9 year old in the example above will be considered a league 10 year because that is the age he or she will be by Dec 31.

Example Little Leaguer John Smith, a league age 9 year old for AA division this coming Spring was expected to have 4 years remaining in Little League (the Little League divisions are t-ball through Majors). However, because of the new rule John Smith will only have three years of Little League remaining.


Please keep in mind that this is controlled in Williamsport with Little League International. 

google Little league Age change to see the chart.

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