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Spring marks the beginning of another year of baseball and softball at Shreveport Little League.   Shreveport Little League offers fun, instruction, good sportsmanship and teamwork to Shreveport youth. In 2013, we had almost 1,000 boys and girls of all ages participate in our baseball and softball programs.   Many of you have been around for years and for several, this will be your first year.  We welcome all of you back and for newcomers, be prepared for some exciting years.  We wanted to send a note of information concerning the upcoming season.  Please forward this information to all of your friends, family and neighbors.   Registration is now open.  Our registration fees are the same as they were last year.  Our fees for Minor, Major, Intermediate and Junior league baseball will go up by $25 on February 10.  Online registration for these leagues will end on February 15.  Those leagues that require tryouts will conduct those tryouts during the week of February 17.  Walk up registrations will be allowed during this time.  All other leagues, T-ball, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch and Softball, fees will go up by $25 on March 1.  Online Registration for these leagues will close on March 14.  Our season is set to open on March 30 and will finish by Memorial Day.  Some leagues may open a little later depending on registration time tables, but all baseball from Minors on up will begin the Monday after Spring Break.  This year we will once again host a preseason tournament.  We will do this in conjunction with the Maggie Lee for Good Foundation.  Coordinators will be getting with the coaches with more details.  This tournament will take place the week before Spring Break. If you wish to manage or assist with a team please acknowledge your desire during the registration process and submit a a volunteer form. A photo ID and the volunteer application form must be completed.  Make contact with the league coordinator for your age group.  Listed below are the leagues we will have available and a brief description of each league: 
 T-ball and Coach Pitch:   Coordinators: Todd Harp
   Todd Harp  ( This league stays the same from last year.  All boys and girls, league age 4 thru 6 can play in this league.  We have filed a waiver that will allow 3 year olds to play.  We received this waiver last year and expect to this year.  The 3, 4 and 5 year olds will play t-ball, while some 5’s and the 6 year olds will play coach pitch.  If any 5 year olds desire to play coach pitch, please let us know.  All teams are organized around schools, neighborhoods or other groups.  However, if you sign up as an individual, we will find a team that fits for you.  
 Baseball: Machine Pitch:   Coordinator: James Mayeaux 
( Machine Pitch is offered for league age 7 and 8 year olds.  As in the past, we separate these groups and have slightly different rules for each.  As with the T-ball and Coach pitch, the teams are formed, but we always find a place for individual sign ups. 
Minor League:   Coordinator: Wyatt Simpson 
( Our Minor League will once again consist of a 9 year old league and a 10 year old league.  Teams from last year that will be 10 year olds this year will stay together in the 10 year old league.  Once all the registrations are in, the coordinator will determine if a tryout is necessary.    
Major League:   Coordinator: Trey Simmons  ( Our Major League will have no changes from last year.  Teams that were in the league last year and are returning will still have their players and will fill any roster spots with the draft.  As we see registrations and determine the number of teams, we will fill those teams with coaches and those teams will fill their rosters thru the draft.
 Intermediate/Advanced League:   Coordinator: Trey Simmons 
( This will be the second year we have offered the Intermediate League.  This League covers ages 11, 12 and 13.  This league plays with open bases, 70 ft bases and 50 ft pitchers mound.  Once all registrations are in, the coordinator will get with the coaches and determine the need for tryouts and draft.   
Junior League:   Coordinator: Chad Deas 
 ( Junior League baseball is offered to all 13, 14 and 15 year olds.   Once all registrations are in the coordinator will determine the need for tryouts and a draft. 
 Softball:   Coordinators: Jeff Monsour
 (    Jeff Monsour will be heading up our softball leagues but is looking for help.  We plan on offering as many leagues as we have players.  There have been discussions with the other Little Leagues in the area about inter league play that would boost play for all softball girls.  As Troy and Paul prepare the groundwork for these leagues, we will get that information out to everyone.  Our Board of Directors and coaches are all volunteers.  In order to provide the best possible experience for the boys and girls in our league it takes all of our efforts.  If you have ideas to help with funding or want to volunteer your time, please contact us. On the financial front, our league continues to watch how it spends its funds and is appreciative of all the corporate sponsors and those that donate to our organization.  We currently receive no funding other than our registrations, corporate donors, sign sells and fundraisers.  We monitor our expenses to make sure we spend no more than we take in, but we do spend every penny we have on making a better park for our kids.  If you have any questions concerning any of these leagues or just want more information about Shreveport Little League, you can contact us a couple of different ways.  You can visit our website at and find registration and general information about our league. 
You can email us at   or to  or you can post a question on our Facebook page.  We will forward your questions to the appropriate coordinator or individual that can get with you and provide you with an answer.   Again thanks for being a part of Shreveport Little League baseball and we look forward to seeing you at the park. 
Shreveport Little League Board of Directors


File:NoSmoking-pn.svgNO SMOKING

anywhere inside the fence. 

If you have any questions, email at and we will get you in touch with the right league coordinator. 



Things to know about coming to the ballpark:
No PETS of any kind are allowed inside the main gates. (Surprising, we have a problem with this.

No tobacco products (of ANY kind) are allowed to be used inside the main gates (The Parking Lot is INSIDE the main gate).

Please no outside food or drinks other than water are allowed in the ballpark.

The concession stand will be open for the duration of the games.


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Things you need to know for Spring ball seasons:

> Local League Rules have been posted on this site under the "Handouts" section.

> A map to our fields can be found by clicking here.

> In order to find out about rain outs, please text the word RAIN to 25827.  This will automatically sign you up to begin receiving text message alerts about rain outs and other urgent SLL information.  

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> Be sure to "Llke" us on our Facebook Fan page at It's by far the best way to get the most up to date information about the league.  Please feel free to post questions there and even upload your favorite baseball pics!

> Contact Michelle Dorris by email at or go to our facebook page with any questions you may have about the business operations of the league.  

District 4 Coordinator website.  District 4 Website is


 If you are new to the area, are planning on moving into our area or new to our League we want to make sure you have all the information you need to become involved. Be sure to look in the "Need to Know" area of this site for great information about the League.  We are excited about the upcoming season.  Let's play ball!

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